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29 September 2016

US Army Places Third Order for JLTV

Oshkosh Defense announced on 26 September the US Army has placed a $42 million order exercising available options for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV), including vehicles and both installed and packaged kits. The order is the third since original contract award in August 2015 and is scheduled for completion by November 2017.

(Photo: Oshkosh Defense)

JLTV will replace 55,000 uparmoured HMMWVs in US Army and USMC service. Designed with growth margin from the outset, the vehicle will be capable of integrating future mission equipment sets as requirements evolve.

Dave Diersen, vice president of Joint Programs, said “The JLTV program is moving forward with a focus on giving Soldiers and Marines the next generation light vehicle they need for their missions.”