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04 October 2016

AUSA 2016: Esterline Exhibits Human-Machine Interface Solutions

Esterline Control & Communication Systems (ECCS), a division of Esterline, is showcasing its expertise in advanced human-machine interface (HMI) solutions on booth #6843.

Four of the key Esterline brands - Korry, Mason, Codis, and Racal Acoustics - are exhibited at the show, providing a range of HMI solutions.

Esterline showcases the Codis GVD-126 display, its new GVA-compliant video display. This latest addition to its lineup of Generic Vehicular Architecture (GVA) displays is a 10.4in rugged touchscreen that provides real-time imaging of network video streams as well as composite-analog and DVI inputs. It combines high-performance imaging in a compact footprint to deliver an ergonomic solution for space-constrained vehicle applications.

Among the broad selection of Codis rugged displays at the show will also be products selected for the UK AJAX programme, including:

  • TX-335S turret crew station displays, which present gunners and commanders with logistics, mission-system and gun-control information.
  • TX-321S triple-head driver's displays to render a near-seamless 120-degree image of the route with selectable front or rear view in day or night vision.

On display from the Korry brand are the Commander Data Entry Tool (CDET) keyboard, featuring area-lit LED dome-switch technology for exceptionally long life, lighting uniformity, color and brightness. Korry products were the first illuminated high-quality cockpit controls in the aerospace industry.

Showcased Mason products include HMI controls engineered for rugged performance, including both rotary-aircraft cockpit controls as well as HaWC hand-held controllers for unmanned systems and ground missions. Mason HaWC controllers have been engineered for air, land and sea environments for both military and civilian applications.

In addition, Esterline displays its Racal Acoustics ELITE in-ear hearing protection system for state-of-the-art hearing protection, advanced local situational awareness and secure communications. Also on show will be Racal Acoustics high-performance Raptor medium-noise headsets, offering premium hearing protection, communication intelligibility and situation awareness. Raptor headsets are already deployed in over 300,000 Humvee vehicles.