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03 October 2016

AUSA 2016: Gore Exhibits High-Performance Products for Military Applications

Showcasing the functionality of ePTFE (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene) technology, W. L. Gore & Associates (Gore) is featuring products from both GORE Military Fabrics and GORE Cables and Materials at booth #2733.

GORE Ethernet Cat6A Cable (Photo: W. L. Gore & Associates)

Gore is featuring the following GORE Military Fabrics technologies: GORE KATANA Fabric: Durably fast drying, comfortable, mechanically-strong fabrics for hot and humid environments; and Stretch GORE-TEX Fabric: “The only flexible-fit WWB (waterproof / windproof / breathable) military jacket available,” according to the company.

Gore also showcases its full portfolio of GORE Cables and Materials engineered to perform reliably for the life of the aircraft and land vehicle. Products that are highlighted include small, lightweight high data rate cables; durable aircraft sealants; and outstanding shielding materials.

GORE SKYFLEX Aerospace Materials provide panel sealing and protect the aircraft from abrasion and corrosion. (Photo: W. L. Gore & Associates)

Throughout the show, Gore conducts live demonstrations using the Cable Installation Simulator they developed to replicate the conditions an assembly experiences, while being routed during installation in an aircraft. Live demos are being done: Tuesday and Wednesday: 1000h and 1300h.

At Gore, we continue to develop leading-edge technologies that meet the challenges of the military and defence industry now and for the future,” the company told MT at AUSA 2016. “This year, we will exhibit our broad range of new and proven products that are engineered to perform reliably over time. We will also be conducting live demonstrations that replicate installation challenges in an airframe.”

This fast-wicking, high-air-permeability fabric delivers optimum comfort and dries significantly faster than the typical NyCo (nylon-cotton) blend apparel used in BDU (Battle Dress Uniforms). (Photo: W. L. Gore & Associates)
Gore’s ACF features soft hand and drape while maintaining the mechanical strength (tear, break) of NyCo at a reduced weight. (Photo: W. L. Gore & Associates)

With new stretch technology, GORE-TEX products allow the user to feel more comfortable in warmer or cooler temperatures while moving without having to compromise on protection from changing weather conditions, fit or style, according to the company. “This revolutionary, form-fitting fabric offers enhanced freedom of movement for static or operational scenarios. Our products maximise comfort and protection with fabrics that are durably waterproof, extremely breathable, and contamination resistant,” the company continued. “GORE KATANA Fabric is different from our other military products because it contains a blend of (ePTFE), nylon and cotton fibers specifically designed for military operations in warm, dry and tropical environments. Our soft, flexible fabric offers the best combination of improved breathability, greater water resistance, faster drying time, and superior strength without melting or dripping during flash-fire incidents. Our high-speed data cables are small, lightweight yet durable solutions that deliver outstanding signal integrity and faster data rates over longer distances while supporting new and standard protocols such as Ethernet Cat5e and Cat6a. These versatile cables deliver failure-free performance in the harshest conditions on land and in the air. Proven by more than 20 years of successful applications, our tapes and gaskets are specified by leading military aircraft OEMs and solve many sealing and surface protection challenges. These lightweight, no-cure materials simplify aircraft assembly with seals that can withstand multiple open-close cycles for reduced life-cycle costs."

Throughout the expo, we will conduct live demonstrations at our booth using a simulator that we developed to evaluate the stress of routing during installation on microwave airframe assemblies.”

GORE-FLIGHT Microwave/RF Assemblies are a lightweight, fit-and-forget solution that delivers, according to Gore, the lowest insertion loss before and after installation, guaranteeing reliable performance for the life of your system. Known as the purple cable, GORE PHASELFEX Microwave/RF Test Assemblies provide excellent phase and amplitude stability with flexure, ensuring consistent performance over time in lab and field test environments.

For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #10/2016, available in the show hall; and frequently check back for more NEWS FROM THE FLOOR.