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03 October 2016

AUSA 2016: Orbital ATK Exhibits New Products and Capabilities

Orbital ATK, a global leader in aerospace and defence technologies, highlights a number of new weapons and munitions as well as its full range of capabilities that support the soldier at booth #6943. Among these are several new products that are either currently supporting or being developed in partnership with the US Army to provide the soldier with future capabilities, including:

  • XM813 BUSHMASTER 30mm Chain Gun, which will “upgun” the 2nd Cavalry Regiment’s STRYKER fleet, along with an advanced family of 30mm ammunition to support the gun, including programmable airburst ammunition;
  • Next generation 120mm tank ammunition to include M829A4, which provides superior armour-penetration;
  • Advanced Multi-Purpose round that will combine the capabilities of multiple rounds in one munition; 
  • The next generation Lethality Enhanced Ordnance for Long Range Precision Fires and M1061 60mm mortar cartridge with Insensitive Munition technology that provides increased effects and, at the same time, greater soldier safety.

The exhibit also features Orbital ATK’s range of special mission aircraft upgrades for weaponisation and protection to include: The AC-208B Armed CARAVAN; the AC-235 Light Gunship, and aircraft survivability products, such as the AAR-47 multi-threat warning system; and the SHOTFINDER acoustic hostile-fire detection technology.

Orbital ATK is also exhibiting its space-based capabilities. As a satellite technology providers, the company offers a broad portfolio of products for military, scientific and commercial customers. Products on display at AUSA include the ORS-1, LEOStar-2, RapidStar 1 and 2, and the Mission Extension Vehicle. Additionally, the KESTREL Eye electro-optical (EO) imagery nanosatellite is displayed (this satellite is designed to be tasked at the tactical unit level providing 1.5m ground resolution to the soldier).

Specialty products showcased include the SWITCHBLADE Tactical Missile System and multiple types of illuminating flares and air-droppable, infrared (IR) countermeasures which include the LUU-2 and 19 (visible and IR) and M257/278 Hydra rocket launched Illuminating flares (visible and IR).

For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #10/2016, available in the show hall; and frequently check back for more NEWS FROM THE FLOOR.