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04 October 2016

AUSA 2016: Rockwell Collins Ensures Mission Readiness

On booth #6442, Rockwell Collins highlights a wide range of solutions for the US Army with a focus on networked mission communications, navigation, joint fires, and soldier helmet-mounted displays.

We continue to offer the US Army solutions that ensure mission readiness, while also introducing new products and capabilities—such as next generation vision systems—that are available today,” Mike Jones, Vice President and General Manager, Navigation and Electronic Warfare Solutions for Rockwell Collins, told MT at AUSA.

Rockwell Collins is also introducing and demonstrating its new combat helmet-mounted Integrated Digital Vision System (IDVS) for soldiers at their booth.

The IDVS is an advanced display system that combines real-time mission data with multispectral vision sensors into one view for greater situational awareness and is a hands-free, helmet-mounted display system that fuses incoming data from various sources, such as a command centre, other soldiers, or drones, with multispectral vision. The system does this while automatically transitioning from dark to light environments in real time, allowing users to have a complete view of everything that is happening around them.

Other capabilities displayed at the Rockwell Collins include:

  • TruNet communications networked solutions: Tailorable to mission requirements, TruNet gives complete control of ground-air networked communications across the entire battlespace.
  • Assured PNT solutions: Reliable and trusted legacy and next-generation PNT solutions meeting the demands of a dynamically changing threat environment.
  • Wearable FIRESTORM integrated targeting system: Enabling JTACs and JFOs to seamlessly integrate with airborne assets, FIRESTORM is a flexible, wearable solution for ground targeting, air support and call-for-fire missions.

For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #10/2016, available in the show hall; and frequently check back for more NEWS FROM THE FLOOR.