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03 October 2016

AUSA 2016: US Army Awards Gentex JSAM-JSF Production

The US Army awarded Gentex a production contract by for the Joint Service Aircrew Mask for the Joint Strike Fighter (JSAM-JSF) programme. During the 10-year period of performance, Gentex will produce JSAM-JSF systems for F-35 aircrew and provide spares, training, and support and sustainment services in the fielding of the systems.

The JSAM-JSF is a lightweight, chemical/biological (CB) protective respirator system that integrates with the JSF airframe (F-35) life support system, and pilot flight equipment (PFE) to provide combined CB, hypoxia, and anti-gravity protection to pilots during flight. The JSAM-JSF integrates with all F-35 aircraft variants.

Gentex is grateful for the leadership the JSAM-JSF Product Office provided during the development phase of the program, and is delighted to have been chosen to continue our involvement with production of the JSAM-JSF,” Robert McCay, Vice President Aircrew Systems, Gentex, told MT at AUSA. "We are confident that the advanced technology in the JSAM-JSF will deliver the capability and protection aircrew have come to expect from our products and excited to offer tailored solutions using this technology for other helmet systems and airframes to our customers worldwide.”

Gentex’s contribution to the F-35 programme now includes the helmet system platform and respiratory protection system for aircrew, and the protective hearing and communications devices for JSF ground crew.

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