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01 October 2016

First RAM Block 2 Missiles Delivered to German Navy

The new RAM Block 2 missile incorporates an evolved radar frequency receiver and a considerably higher manoeuvrability than the previous generations of RAM missiles. This enables the missile to detect and reliably counter manoeuvring hypersonic anti-ship missiles of the latest generation as well as upcoming low-signature threats.
Munich – On 09/29/2016
RAM-System (RAMSYS) has delivered the first lot state-of-the-art RAM Block 2 guided ship self-defence missiles for the German Navy on time. The total procurement contract is about 445 RAM Block 2 missiles.

The new missiles will be delivered to the German Navy between 2016 and 2019 and replace older RAM Block 0 missiles, which will reach their end of lifetime after more than 20 years.

The performance of the new RAM Block 2 missile was demonstrated in extensive flight tests during the development phase and recently in the successful defence against a simulated attack on the US Navy’s Self Defense Test Ship in March 2013.

The RAM weapon system for ship self-defence is developed, produced and marketed by RAMSYS in close cooperation with its parent companies Diehl BGT Defence and MBDA Deutschland together with Raytheon Missile Systems.

Apart from the transatlantic cooperation partners Germany and the US, six further navies worldwide rely on the outstanding capabilities of the RAM missile system in total. The new RAM Block 2 guided missile can be fired from all deployed RAM launching systems.