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04 October 2016

AUSA 2016: Jenoptik Expands Laser Rangefinder Product Family

Jenoptik presents the DLEM 20 at booth #1161. The lightweight weighs less than 33 grams and measures distances up to 5km with an accuracy of half a meter. DLEM 20 is the latest, smallest and lightest product of the previously four-strong DLEM family with its broad range of military applications.

The eye-safe DLEM 20 Class 1 laser is barely higher than a one-euro coin. It is distinguished in operation by low energy consumption and has very high accuracy, even at extreme temperatures of -40 to +80 degrees even with highly reflective targets.

The low beam divergence produces a very small measuring point which greatly improves the accuracy for small targets at large distances. Added to this is a high selectivity when detecting several, overlapping targets. The DLEM 20 measures fixed targets and moving targets at up to 25 Hz. With its compact, robust design and good measuring characteristics, the DLEM 20 is the smallest and lightest unit in its family. These product characteristics enable it to be easily fitted in hand-held surveillance and firing control systems as well as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).