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20 September 2012

AAD 2012 - Photographic Recap of the Show by Irene McCullagh



Irene McCullagh (nee Heinrich) is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and has been shooting Nikons since the 80's.
A freelancer with a wide range of photographic interests including botanic macros, landscapes, performances and live events;  her work has appeared both online and in print; including magazine covers, posters, editorials and brochures.
Aviation holds a special fascination for her and she currently holds the position of (civilian) chief photographer with SA Airforce Museum AFB Ysterplaat, for whom has covered many air shows, both civilian and military.

18 September 2012

AAD 2012 - Rheinmetall at AAD: Competence and Cooperation at the Cape of Good Hope

The Republic of South Africa is the regional superpower of Sub-Saharan Africa. Further reinforcing its role as an influential and responsible player on the global stage, the country is modernizing its armed forces. Every two years, the South African government invites the world to AAD.

As an important partner of the South African Department of Defence and its procurement agency Armscor, Rheinmetall is showcasing a sampling of its products and projects at this leading trade fair held at Waterkloof Air Force Base in Pretoria.

Rheinmetall – Partner to South Africa

Rheinmetall has for many years been a partner of South Africa’s armed forces and defence industry. Founded in 2008, Rheinmetall Denel Munition is a subsidiary of Rheinmetall Waffe Munition (51%) in Germany and the South African company Denel.

(Photo: Rheinmetall)

A global player, Rheinmetall Denel Munition has unique expertise in artillery, mortar and infantry systems, as well as plant design, ranging from development and engineering to production. Its stated goals are to supply the South African National Defence Force, or SANDF, with state-of-the-art effectors; to operate highly efficient, innovative production plants; and to take the lead in setting the technological pace. Besides South Africa, Rheinmetall Denel Munition primarily serves customers in Asia, the Middle East and South America. Rheinmetall and its South African subsidiary are thus able to supply their respective core markets with the Group’s complete, comprehensive array of products.

At Outdoor Stand 3SE/3SW1, Rheinmetall Denel Munition will be on hand at AAD with an extensive range of hardware, including a broad assortment of ammunition for indirect fire applications such as the ballistically matched 155mm Assegai, the 105mm, the latest generation of 60mm patrol mortar bombs, the extended range of 40 x 51mm grenades or the 76/62mm IM PFF (insensitive munition).

Assured Mobility

Whether the task at hand is operational or logistical, conventional or unconventional, reliable wheeled vehicles form the backbone of modern, highly mobile military units. Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) covers the complete spectrum here – from lightweight patrol vehicles and its robust, versatile family of tried-and-tested TG, HX and SX trucks, right through to cutting-edge modular combat vehicles like the BOXER.

(Photo: Rheinmetall)

At AAD 2012 RMMV is displaying several different configurations from its pure military logistical HX series of vehicles. These include the HX60 (4x4), the HX58 (6x6) and the HX77 (8x8). All HX vehicles are “military off the shelf” (MOTS) products specially developed for military applications. Their main priority is extreme mobility and reliability even in the harshest terrain. As such they are the logistical backbone of numerous armies in Afghanistan, where they are put to the test in thousands on a daily basis.
If required, all of these vehicles can be either equipped with a modular armoured cabin (MAC) or a fully integrated armour cabin to meet the highest STANAG or Mil-Standard specifications with regard to ballistic and mine protection. Installation of the MAC takes only six to eight hours, and can be performed by two trained technicians with the help of a forklift.

RMMV has been systematically expanding its portfolio of commercial off the shelf vehicles in the under-3.5-tonne weight class. Prominent examples include the lightweight, highly mobile, all-terrain-capable Amarok M pickup truck (the ‘M’ stands for military) and the Widder van. At AAD, RMMV is showcasing an Amarok M configured as an off-road patrol vehicle, while the Widder version on display is the special “Pilot Rescue Vehicle” which the German Air Force deploys at its bases.

At stand 3SE/3SW1 in the Outdoor Space Hangar 3, RMMV vehicles can be experienced live.

Naval Applications

The South African Navy is among the most advanced in the region. Here, too, Rheinmetall has emerged as an important partner: one of the company’s acclaimed submarine simulators has been in service in South Africa since 2005.

Visitors to AAD can view the company’s Multi Ammunition Softkill System (MASS) and Rapid Obscurant System (ROSY).

The fully computerized MASS decoy system protects from attacks with modern, sensor-guided anti-ship missiles on the high seas and littoral zones as well as from asymmetric, terrorist-type threats. Since its market launch in 2002, eleven nations have contracted a total of 186 MASS launcher systems for no fewer than 22 different types of vessels. The system is thus ideally suited for the combat performance upgrade of South Africa’s Valour-class corvettes, slated to get underway in 2013 with its first of class SAS Amatola.

The 40mm 360° Rapid Obscuring System Naval ROSY countermeasure system protects small craft such as fast attack boats and rigid hull inflatable boats. It enables sailors, coast guards and special forces operating in coastal waters and on rivers to defend themselves from sudden flat trajectory fire.

Air Defence

Modern air defence systems have to be able to ward off attacks by fixed wing and rotary aircraft, cruise missiles and unmanned aerial systems. Rheinmetall has the necessary effectors for this, including the Skyshield and Skyguard air defence systems. Based on the company’s battle-tested Skyguard systems, Skyshield is characterized by a compact design and excellent combat effectiveness – around the clock and in all weathers; it is also impervious to electronic countermeasures.

(Photo: Rheinmetall)

Skyshield can use Oerlikon GDF 007 twin guns as its effectors. Coupling high precision with a high rate of fire – 550 per minute – the GDF 007 is designed to fire conventional 35mm rounds as well as Rheinmetall’s proprietary Ahead ammunition, which features a programmable ejection point of its sub-projectile payload. It is also possible to upgrade the combat effectiveness of older GDF 005 or Mk V gun systems.

At ADD Rheinmetall is displaying its SkyChamp Enhanced Mission Simulator, the training system for the Skyshield and the Skyguard air defence systems. Also on show are cutaway models of the company’s Ahead ammunition.

Optics and Optronics

High-performance optics and optronics help to detect, recognize and identify targets more quickly. Especially at night and in conditions of reduced visibility, they give troops a crucial capabilities edge.

On display at AAD are Rheinmetall’s GN night vision goggles and KN 200/250 night vision device. Visitors can also view the company’s tried-and-tested laser light modules, including the Vario Ray (LLM-VR) and the LLM01. Both devices are currently being tested and evaluated as attachments to the R4 Assault Rifle Upgrade for the South African National Defence Force. In Germany, the Vario-Ray has passed the evaluation phase and is now being procured for the German Army soldier modernization programme “Gladius”. Further points of interest include the Dismounted Soldier Identification Device/DSID and the MultiRay fire control unit/aiming system.

Rheinmetall’s participation in AAD 2012 underscores once again the company’s versatility as a globe-spanning source of defence technology and a reliable partner of armed forces in Africa and around the world.

AAD 2012 - Paramount Group Launches MARAUDER Patrol

Paramount Group has launched its latest trend-setting product, the MARAUDER Patrol at AAD.
The MARAUDER Patrol builds on the proven success of the MARAUDER to set a new standard in protected utility vehicles, combining mobility and high levels of protection into a versatile platform.
The ballistically protected MARAUDER Patrol is aimed at military, police and Special Forces that require an agile and quick response vehicle for use in tough environments.

(Photo: Paramount Group)

The MARAUDER Patrol vehicle is based on COTS driveline components. Maintenance and support are available through commercial dealer networks.

It has a deliberately non-aggressive appearance – making it perfect for police, peacekeepers or Special Forces operating in sensitive environments.

The MARAUDER Patrol is protected to STANAG Level 1 ballistic protection, meaning it can stop shell fragments as well as 7.62mm and 5.56mm bullets. For those customers wanting extra protection, there is the choice to increase ballistic to STANAG Level 2, without impacting the performance of the vehicle.

The vehicle comes in either a five-door SUV version which can carry nine people or a four-door ‘double cab pick-up’ model which can carry a maximum of five people.

In both cases, the vehicle is available with optional extras of run-flat tyre inserts, communications systems, add-on armour, various weapons stations and automatic transmission.

Crew comfort and ergonomics were key design elements and the vehicle is fully air-conditioned with plenty of space for tools, medical supplies and communications equipment.

Miles Chambers, Business Development Director of Paramount Group, said: “MARAUDER Patrol breaks new ground in the utility vehicle market because it offers high levels of protection combined with unprecedented mobility and supportability. This makes it ideal for police and special operations forces conducting patrol-type operations, on or off-road. As governments seek to cope with a range of new security challenges, it is vehicles such as this that give them the flexibility to respond to a variety of threats without having to rely on more expensive or aggressive looking large scale armoured vehicles.  This vehicle proves that when it comes to armoured vehicles South Africa has the heritage and experience to make some of the most innovative solutions in the world.”

(Photo: Paramount Group)

AAD 2012 - Inmarsat and iOra Join Forces in Africa to Help Organisations Deliver Content to the Network Edge

Inmarsat, a leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services, and iOra, a leading provider of data replication solutions, have joined forces to offer Inmarsat distribution partners and customers a new and better way of delivering content to the network edge. Tailored to meet the needs of customers operating in remote locations such as Africa, the combined Inmarsat and iOra BGAN Geo-Replicator offering enables organisations to more efficiently deliver content – whether it be email or bandwidth-hungry files transferred using SharePoint, or other applications – to branch offices, project sites and other remote users. With the BGAN Geo-Replicator, remote users benefit by having access to new applications and web portals that would otherwise only be available at the central or hub office.

The BGAN Geo-Replicator solution is targeted at organisations around the world operating in the construction, oil, gas, offshore, mining, NGO, maritime and defence sectors that require resilient and reliable real-time broadband connectivity allied to a cost effective means to deliver content across online platforms and web portals.

"Our clients can now further benefit from Inmarsat's market-leading BGAN platform by combining it with the capabilities of iOra’s Geo-Replicator,” commented Alastair Bovim, Managing Director, Inmarsat Africa, “Its patented replication and compression technology greatly reduces the volume of content organisations have to send over a given connection and with its unique virtualisation technology, organisations can replicate websites, portals and SharePoint to users in places where communications are disconnected, unreliable and slow. 
For example, for military customers, enabling teams in the field to have access to information is vital. With Geo-Replicator mission-critical information can be easily delivered from HQ to operational and mobile command teams in the field.”

Nick Bradshaw, Director at Complexus, iOra’s reseller in Africa, said: “iOra Geo-Replicator complements Inmarsat’s BGAN platform perfectly. The combined solution is ideal for existing or new BGAN clients who have been grappling with the complexity of delivering content from HQ to their remote branch and project offices. The return on investment of this combined solution is compelling, and with the ease of use of both technologies, companies can quickly deploy it with minimal training and set-up overhead.”

BGAN is delivered over Inmarsat's proven L-band network, guaranteeing that a connection can be maintained even during extreme weather conditions, making it ideally suited for typical office applications.
iOra’s technology is proven in a wide range of deployments for delivery of business and mission critical data in maritime, government and defence sectors.

AAD 2012 - Marshall Land Systems Exhibits for the First Time

Marshall Land Systems  is attending AAD on their local partners, ECM Technologies’ stand in Hangar 6: Stand C12.

The company is bringing its capabilities and expertise in Protected, Deployable Workspaces (Shelters and Vehicles), Vehicle Completion (Loadbeds, Trays and Integration of Ancillary Systems such as cranes, winches and canopies) EOD systems and UGVs, which all have relevance to land sea and air domains, to AAD.  Of particular interest are the medical facilities which include everything required in a modern deployable hospital ranging from CT Scanners to operating theatres and laboratories to high intensity nursing. The vehicle completion capability will cover recently delivered EOD vehicles and load beds for a range of military tactical transport vehicles.  Their UGV capability includes load carriers and surveillance vehicles which work in conjunction with other surveillance systems such as UAVs for which MLS manufactures the ground control and transport systems.

Peter Callaghan CEO of Marshall Land Systems said, “We are delighted to be exhibiting at AAD for the first time. We are especially delighted to be working with ECM Technologies.  We have been approached by several Prime Contractors and OEMs to assist them in pursuit of projects they are involved with and are pleased to be here to support them .  We are also pursuing other projects in our own right.  We look forward to seeing our many friends from industry and SANDF during the course of AAD.”

AAD 2012 - Eurocopter Consolidates its Growing Presence in Africa

The pivotal role played by Eurocopter helicopters in Africa in homeland security, law enforcement, rescue missions and military support is highlighted at AAD. To demonstrate the versatility of its range of aircraft, Eurocopter presents an EC130, an EC145 and an AS350B3 at the EADS static display (chalets 1 to 4), in addition to two 1:10 scale models of the EC725 and AS565 MB.

AS350 NAMPOL (Photo: Eurocopter)

There are more than 650 Eurocopter aircraft in service in Africa – some 31% of the continent’s total helicopter fleet – performing a wide variety of missions every day, including national security and border patrol duties, rescue missions, and corporate and offshore transportation.

Through its significant presence in support of African countries and its commitment to providing them with support they can rely on, Eurocopter intends to remain a preferred supplier of helicopters for civil, parapublic and military applications,” said Olivier Lambert, Eurocopter’s Senior Vice President for Sales and Customer Relations. “Designed and equipped with state-ofthe-art technology, our helicopters are capable of accomplishing missions in the toughest operating conditions and in the most demanding of situations.”
Thanks to its subsidiary Eurocopter Southern Africa, the Group guarantees technical support for the 250 aircraft currently in service in the southern part of the continent. Most of these helicopters are operated by armed forces and police services as well as by companies tapping into natural resources or offering corporate and VIP transportation services. They are also used for utility missions.

In pursuing the development of these activities, Eurocopter also draws on the training center built at Grand Central, near Johannesburg. The center provides technical training and certification to the pilots and mechanics employed by its customers in the region.

This past June, Eurocopter put its first helicopter flight simulator in the region into service at Kempton Park, near Johannesburg. Designed to provide training for pilots and flight engineers on the Super Puma and similar helicopters, such as the ORYX operated by the South African Air Force, the simulator is located at the SimAero training center, next to O.R. Tambo International Airport.

Our investments underscore the determination and desire of Eurocopter Southern Africa to supply its customers with first-class services and to consolidate our long-term commitment to the region,” said Fabrice Cagnat, CEO of Eurocopter Southern Africa.

Prior to the airshow, Eurocopter Southern Africa held two seminars in Centurion, near Pretoria. The first of these, which took law enforcement helicopter missions as its theme, brought together around 100 representatives of agencies and police forces the world over, including the San Francisco Police Department, police services from Namibia and Botswana, and the French Gendarmerie, who have shared their operational experiences and exchanging views on how their missions will evolve in the years to come. The second seminar, which was attended by helicopter operators, customers and the Group’s experts and engineers, focused on flight safety and the latest developments in this field.

AAD 2012 - Paramount Group Demonstrates Latest Innovations

Paramount Group, one of Africa’s largest privately owned defence and aerospace companies, is breaking new ground and showcasing some of the world’s most innovative defence products at AAD.

In the last two years, Paramount Group has experienced significant commercial growth – driven by increased business in Africa and new market entries in the fast-growing markets such as the Middle East, South America and South Asia.

Its solutions have diversified and developed, with new cutting-edge offerings in the areas of aerospace, electronic systems, and land systems as well as peacekeeping and internal security packages.
Customer demand has also increased markedly in the areas of: border integrity, infrastructure security, policing, railway and transport protection, customs safeguards, strategic installation security, and more.
Paramount Group, the company behind AHRLAC, the first African-conceived and African-built aircraft, has also expanded into the Asia-Pacific region.

Its collaboration with Singapore’s ST Kinetics sees its range of armoured vehicles being produced and marketed in the region, bringing to market a family of high-mobility armoured wheeled vehicles, as announced earlier this year.

AAD 2012 is being is being held against a backdrop of a continuing global recession and fierce competition from economic export powerhouses like Germany and China.

Yet Paramount Group, one of Africa’s fastest-growing defence companies, is demonstrating that the South African defence sector is still innovating and producing world-class products, despite the challenging market.
Among the products on show at AAD are: MBOMBE, a revolutionary infantry fighting vehicle offering landmine protection with a flat hull; MARAUDER, a mine-protected armoured vehicle labelled the “world’s most unstoppable vehicle” by the BBC television show Top Gear; and AHRLAC, Africa’s first domestically built aircraft.

Ivor Ichikowitz, Executive Chairman of Paramount Group, said: “As a proudly African company, AAD is the most important trade show we exhibit at and this year we will be making a number of extremely significant announcements that show Paramount Group is ahead of the curve when it comes to defence innovation.
“The defence sector is an absolutely crucial part of the South African economy, generating billions in revenue and employing thousands of people in well paid hi-tech jobs. This helps develop our manufacturing expertise which can then be applied to other industries contributing to further economic growth.
If South Africa is to retain its position as a member of BRICS, and survive during the global downturn, it must continue to innovate with world class products that we can export to the world. 
The days of mass producing low quality goods are over, and I am absolutely confident South Africa has the technical skills to make high quality products, particularly defence equipment, that the world wants to buy from us.
We will be using AAD to not only show-off our latest range of innovations and highlight the commercial growth of the company but demonstrate that the South African defence industry remains buoyant and continues to create new products that challenge any of the world’s dominant manufacturers.”

AAD 2012 - Russian Helicopters is a Major Exhibitor

Russian Helicopters, a subsidiary of UIC Oboronprom, which in turn is a part of Russian Technologies State Corporation, presents an extensive model line-up at AAD.

Russia is one of the largest exhibitors at the event, along with Germany and the US, and Russian Helicopters showcases both civilian and military helicopters (the latter in conjunction with Rosoboronexport).

Russian Helicopters and Denel Aviation are holding a joint conference on new service and maintenance options for African operators of Russian-built helicopters. The conference highlights the Mi-171A2 and ANSAT, two models that offer great possibilities for Africa, and will also include a presentation on the development of a regional after-sales care network for Russian helicopters across the continent. The final section of the conference is a question-and-answer session.

The company demonstrates the new light multirole ANSAT, available in various modifications to suit local operating conditions, and its possibilities for the commercial civil aviation market. The ANSAT is an advanced solution to Africa’s growing demand for light utility helicopters. Versions of the ANSAT can be adapted for the needs of passenger and cargo transportation companies, medical and emergency services, and police and other law-enforcement agencies. The ANSAT’S key advantages are ease of operation and maintenance.

Russian Helicopters is also promoting the medium multirole Ka-32A11BC, which was certificated by the EASA in 2009 and is now being delivered to buyers on all continents (two are already operational in North Africa). Thanks to its coaxial rotor system, the Ka-32A11BC can hover with a high degree of precision and is extremely manoeuvrable – both qualities that are essential for complex construction operations such as installing power lines in remote and challenging terrain. Another competitive advantage is the Ka-32A11BC’s fire-fighting capabilities, also using horizontal water cannon. A helicopter fitted out for fire-fighting operations will be on show in Pretoria.

Also on display is a new model for 2012: the medium multi-role Ka-62, which made its international debut at the Farnborough International Airshow in the UK in July.

Another Russian Helicopters innovation on show at AAD is the Mi-171A2, the latest upgrade to the Mi-8/17 family – traditionally extremely popular in Africa – incorporating the latest advances in helicopter-building technology. Innovations for the Mi-171A2 include a new and improved rotor system with composite blades, a stronger transmission system and an X-shaped tail rotor. The Mi-171A2’s avionics suite has a glass cockpit, with multifunctional LCD displays replacing the traditional analogue instruments and making flight information easier for the pilot to read. The Mi-171A2 can transport both passengers and cargo and carry out medevac and search-and-rescue operations, as well as meet the maritime border monitoring requirements of African countries.

In addition to civilian helicopters, the joint Russian Helicopters/Oboronexport display showcases the Mi-35M – a multipurpose military transport helicopter capable of day/night operation in even the most adverse weather conditions.

Russian Helicopters exposition with all the mentioned models is placed at Hangar 1.

AAD 2012 - Reutech Communications and Cellcrypt to Deploy Secure Voice Solutions to South African Military and Civilian Agencies

Reutech Communications, a trusted provider of secure military communication solutions and Cellcrypt, a global solutions provider of encrypted voice calling for off-the-shelf cell phones using government-certified security in an easy-to-use downloadable application, today announced they will collaborate to deliver a secure telecommunications platform to Southern African Government Agencies.

Under the terms of a recently signed strategic agreement to be celebrated during AAD at AFB Waterkloof, the two companies will jointly market Cellcrypt’s mobile and fixed line voice-encryption solution through a unique prepaid system to military, intelligence and civilian agencies within Southern Africa.

The prepaid service, which is currently available only in South Africa, will enable information technology departments to manage the expanding use of mobile devices and PBX deployments to address the potential risks associated with the interception of sensitive voice communications, and provide a powerful tool to combat cyber attacks on critical national infrastructure.

Traditional investment by end user groups into secure voice and messaging platforms is always in the orders of millions of rands with a very long time to implement, and projects of large magnitude have to contend with the dangers of technology being surpassed before it is even deployed,” said Martin De Beer, CEO of Reutech Communications. “The aim of this new service is to deliver proven secure communications today through current technology platforms, at acceptable market prices, which can operate on any network via a broad range of mobile phones and virtually any PBX.”

The new jointly developed billing system, modelled after mobile prepaid systems, has been in rigorous test mode for the two quarters of 2012 and supports off-the-shelf smartphones and tablets running the widely used mobile operating systems of devices such as Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and Nokia, as well as supporting virtually any PBX infrastructure through the new generation voice gateways from Cellcrypt.
The solution secures mobile voice communications across the public network when private networks are unavailable or untenable. The downloadable software application works over all data-enabled mobile, Wi-Fi™ and satellite networks, making it the most convenient solution for protecting sensitive and confidential telephonic data across government. Cellcrypt uses cryptography certified to the FIPS 140-2 security standard approved by the U.S. government National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Through this partnership with Reutech Communications the delivery of Cellcrypt can now be deployed instantly over a broad spectrum of user groups with minimal capital investment, which is in line with requirements from local Finance and Treasury departments to deliver 1st world technology at affordable prices for the African Market,” said Mornay Walters, Cellcrypt’s Director for Africa. “It is a great initiative taken by Reutech Communications to deliver a carrier class telecommunications solution and achieving Fixed Mobile Convergence that focuses on security without compromising quality and affordability.”

"Mobile phone technology is an integral part of every government’s telecommunications infrastructure. However, as the technology has proliferated, so too have the methods and tools of cyber-attack, offering adversaries easy access to a world of information," said Matthew Cochran, President of Cellcrypt FZE based in Dubai. “Together, Cellcrypt and Reutech Communications intend to further expand the breadth and scope of their cooperation in secure voice solutions to Africa. Cellcrypt recognizes that Reutech Communications has been a strategic supplier to the South African National Defence Force for over 40 years and is honoured to be its selected partner in this global response to a global threat.”

13 September 2012

ILA 2012 – DINGO Protection in the 10-Tonne Class

At ILA Air Show, Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) is demonstrating, in Hall 3, how uncompromising safety can be implemented in the 10t class. As well as the helicopter-transportable vehicles in the MUNGO family, KMW and Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) also offer a highly mobile, armoured vehicle in the 10tclass: the Armoured Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV).

Based on many years of cooperation with the German Army, the two companies have developed a command vehicle that handles the same as a modern SUV and yet perfectly satisfies the varied tasks of a modern Army. Following intensive and extensive qualification tests at the German military service centres WTD 41 in Trier and WTD 91 in Meppen, it is clear that the AMPV sets international standards when it comes to protection and mobility. This makes it one of the new generation of vehicles that are tailoured even more closely to the modified framework conditions of international deployments. With a payload of 2.3t and a total weight of 10t, the AMPV boasts protection against mines, IEDs and ballistics that is comparable with heavier vehicles, such as the DINGO 2 from KMW.

A series of other features add to the particular appeal of this ultra-flexible vehicle: a small turning circle coupled with a 200kW (272HP) engine ensure maximum mobility, even in difficult terrain. The automatic transmission with differential lock management makes life much easier for the driver.

The AMPV patrol vehicle shown here is the first representative of a carefully planned family of vehicles. Other variations such as equipment carriers with fully-protected loading bays or pick-up variants offer potential for development. For users, the vehicle family offers a standardised concept that delivers a variety of benefits, particularly with regard to operation, training and logistics.

The AMPV patrol vehicle on exercises in the uplands of Chile (Photo: KMW)

12 September 2012

ILA 2012 – Airborne Life Savers

At the ILA 2012 Berlin Air Show, Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) is demonstrating in Hall 3 just how uncompromising safety can be combined with air-deployable technology. The manufacturer's airborne MUNGO family offers not only the light NBC defence but also the heavier MUNGO 3 ambulance, a protected vehicle that can be transported quickly by helicopter to the theatre to pick up and care for casualties. The vehicle, which can be load as internal cargo on a type CH-53 or CH-47 transport helicopter, has a protected cell volume of 6.5 cubic metres - at a vehicle weight of just 5.5 tonnes. This means that the MUNGO ambulance can protect its crew in critical situations and provides life-saving first aid to injured troops.

Numerous allied nations already rely on KMW's ambulance expertise. The DINGO 2 ambulance developed for the Belgian Army as part of the Multi-Purpose Protected Vehicle (MPPV) project is a 12.5t vehicle providing protected transport for injured soldiers in the field. The configuration options are plentiful: from four seated casualties and the configuration for two seated and two supine casualties to the transport of three supine patients. With simple folding, sliding and swivelling mechanisms, the configuration is easily switchable without major effort while in active operation. This means that a flexible response can be provided to any situation. The Belgian DINGO 2 ambulance can also be transported by air, allowing it to be relocated quickly in transport aircraft such as the C-160 or C-130 HERCULES. The vehicle has already proven its abilities in the harsh conditions of Afghanistan on the Belgian Army's ISAF mission.

KMW DINGO 2 ambulance vehicle – protection for lifesavers (Photo: KMW)

With the DINGO 2 emergency vehicle for Austria, KWM is providing an ambulance that not only provides excellent protection for crews caring for injured soldiers in its around 13 cubic metre interior, but also allows contaminated casualties to be isolated, treated and transported to safety.

The new DINGO 2 HD heralds the next generation of highly protected, large-volume and ultra-mobile vehicles. Improvements in the performance of the chassis and engine increase the vehicle's mobility and the equipment kit weight has increased to 2.5t without any change in the vehicle's length or width.
A look at the vehicle classes beyond the 20t category also shows that KMW has mastered the conundrum of combining proven safety technologies with superlative mobility in an ambulance series. The three-axle GFF4 ambulance is a vehicle in the 25t class that offers first-class care for injured soldiers - with over 4 tonnes of equipment weight and a protected cell volume of 17 cubic metres. This vehicle is also multi-functional and can be adapted to various configurations with its modular system.
In terms of equipment, protection and mobility, however, the BOXER ambulance is the ultimate benchmark. This "mobile operating theatre" from KMW combines extreme combat mobility with a mission module that, with its 17.5 cubic metre cell volume, can transport even the most seriously wounded and provide space for intensive care support - while at the same time offering a uniquely high level of protection and and weighing in at a total of 35 tonnes.

Insight into KMW`s BOXER ambulance - a protected mobile operating room
for intensive medical care even in mission (Photo: KMW)

ILA 2012 - Photographic Recap of Day Two