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18 April 2012

DSA 2012 - A Photographic Portfolio of the Turkish Hall

DSA 2012 - Malaysian Defence Minister at CamelBak / ESS Booth

DSA 2012 - More Not-Well-Known Unmanned Systems

German Presence at DSA 2012

The German Pavillion at DSA 2012 features exhibits, solutions and systems by AGP Europe, Atlas Elektronik, Carl Walther, Diehl Defence, Kärcher Futuretech, Kraus-Maffei Wegmann (KMW), Lürssen, Northrop Grumman LITEF, Raytheon Anschütz, Schmidt & Bender, Teijin Aramid, and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS).
Rheinmetall is located in hall 4, are located outside of the actual French pavilion, as are EADS, MBDA and Thales, but the latter three are international companies.

DCNS at DSA 2012

The DCNS stand at DSA showcases the SCORPENE medium-size submarines amongst others. Already chosen by the Royal Malaysian Navy and other first rank navies, SCORPENE submarines represent benefits from the latest technologies developed for nuclear-powered classes operated by the French Navy, particularly as regards acoustic discretion and combat system performance. At DSA, the SCORPENE is presented through the SUBTICS combat system.
Furthermore, the company exhibits a wide range of surface ships, such as the MISTRAL-class LHD (the third MISTRAL-class for the French Navy was delivered ahead of schedule and the construction of the first MISTRAL-class LHD for the Russian Navy has started), the FREMM multimission frigate (France’s total order is 11 vessels and the delivery is scheduled from 2012 to 2022; in addition, one FREMM frigate is currently under construction for Morocco) and the innovative GOWIND vessel.

DSA 2012 - Seen and Heard on Day Three

Thales has been awarded a major contract for the integration of an advanced open vehicle electronic architecture system for the 257 new 8x8 armoured-wheeled vehicles of the Malaysian Army. Thales acts as a subcontractor of Deftech, selected by the Malaysian MoD for the design, development and manufacturing of the vehicles.This contract confirms Thales’s position as a leading player in advanced vehicle system integration.
Rheinmetall Nordic has been awarded a contract to supply the Malaysian Armed Forces with the VINGTAQS II long-range surveillance, observation and reconnaissance system. With a total volume of around €36 million, the customer is Deftech and also encompasses training, system integration and documentation.
Malaysia is close to a contract with Russia on the delivery of KORNET anti-tank missile systems, IGLA portable anti-aircraft missiles and is also negotiating a deal on Russian guided missile and patrol boats, Russian state-controlled arms exporter Rosoboronexport said at the show. Furthermore, Rosoboronexport's Viktor Komardin said Russia is ready to sell Malaysia a license to build MOLNIYA-class guided missile boats and MIRAZH-class patrol boats.
Boustead DCNS Naval Corporation (BDNC), a Joint Venture Company between BHIC Defence Technologies and DCNS was awarded by the Malaysian MoD to undertake In Service Support (ISS) for the two Royal Malaysian SCORPENE submarines.

Avon Protection at DSA 2012

At the show Avon Protection is introducing a new respiratory mask tagging system in response to growing concerns over lost or stolen military respirators, so each Avon 50 series of new generation masks now come indelibly bar-coded, permitting a unique ID code, specific to mask, to be scanned and giving the kits source.
Also noteworthy is the NH15 Escape Hood, which the company is showing at the show to first responders and emergency services. Marketed as the world’s smallest NIOSH-certified emergency escape hood, the compact unit protects your face and respiratory system during these occurrences and provides you 15 minutes to evacuate the contaminated site.

DSA 2012 - Gerber Expanding Internationally

Gerber Gear is growing its business in the SE Asian/Pacific market, seeing potential not only in Malysia, but in the whole region.
Gerber is a leading global supplier of personal outdoor, tactical and industrial gear. Founded in 1939 as Gerber Legendary Blades, the trusted brand now includes a diverse portfolio of innovative activity-essential equipment for enthusiasts and professional end users.

(Photo: Gerber)

DSA 2012 - Falk Schmidt Growing its Business in SE Asia / Pacific

Jan Falck-Schmidt, President & CEO of Falck Schmidt Defence Systems explained at DSA today, "we see growth in the SE Asian/Pacific market, and we want to make our business grown," spreading their industrial footprint internationally.
He also sees prospects in the Middle East, with sales coming up.
In recent news, the company is developing a 10kW APU fuel cell running on Diesel for the Danish Armed Forces, which in the end will reduce fuel costs by 2/3.

DSA 2012 - A Photographic Portfolio of Small Arms

DSA 2012 - Rheinmetall's LLM-01 Chosen by Malaysia

Powerful, reliable and easy to operate, Rheinmetall's universally deployable Laser Light Module 01 (LLM-01) target marker and target illuminator, operating in the visible and IR spectrums, has been chosen by Malaysia for use in its Future Soldier programme and for their Navy SEALs.
Laser target marking devices facilitate firing without aiming, i.e. shooting from the hip. The laser light modules feature a special adapter and can thus be easily mounted without tools.