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28 January 2016

Eurofighter and NETMA Adopt EDA Initiative as Four Nations Sign ‘Mutual Recognition’ Process

Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH and NETMA, the NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency, have today signed an agreement to streamline the Type and Airworthiness Certification process and reduce the workload on nations and their military aviation authorities.

The agreement, signed by the General Manager of NETMA, Air Vice–Marshal Graham Farnell and the CEO of Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug, Volker Paltzo, will allow the attribution of privileges to industry to carry out certification work previously done by the customer.

Eurofighter CEO - Volker Paltzo (left) and NETMA GM - AVM Graham Farnell. (Photos: Eurofighter)

Signing of ‘Mutual Recognition’ certificates by the senior officials,  Tte. Gen. Juan Manuel Garcia Montaño, Gen. Isp. Capo Francesco Langella, Maj.Gen. Dr. Ansgar Rieks, and Air Vice-Marshal Martin Clark, representing Spain, Italy, Germany, and the UK respectively, will follow after the agreement to adopt the European Military Airworthiness Requirement 21 (EMAR21), recently approved by the European Defence Agency (EDA).

Eurofighter's Four Partner Nations Sign Mutual Recognition Certificates - (L-R) Germany;Italy;Spain and the UK.

"The idea for adopting EMAR21 into the Eurofighter Programme came from the Ministerial Task Force for Eurofighter TYPHOON," Paltzo said. "It makes a great deal of sense on many levels. Qualification and Certification activity, by its very nature, takes time. Sharing and delegating a common standard of approval will bring new efficiencies into the Programme. This is a significant step forward for a Programme that is already delivering a world-class product."

"Participating Member States have agreed to introduce EMAR21 into national regulations and under that rule to share a common certification process that also includes a delegation capability to other partner nations and industry," Air Vice-Marshal  Farnell explained.  "What this initiative does, is to take a sensible look at where common standards can be mutually agreed, and then put in place the most efficient approval process possible to secure and maintain those standards. It is a powerful step forward for a Programme that is already providing the backbone of European airpower and one which is continuing to grow and develop."”

Prior to the signature of the Agreement, the Eurofighter Programme required a four-nation agreement concerning Type and Airworthiness Certification for any changes to the Weapon System, limitations to, or modification of, the Type Design – in a stepwise approach. In the future, under a phased programme based on using EMAR21 in national regulations, agreed areas of work will be carried out and certified by industry based on the privileges granted by the Nations. Further updates may possibly be introduced at a later stage which will allow the same principles to be applied to repair work.

26 January 2016

IAV 2016: FFG Presents PMMC G5

FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft mbH takes part in the International Armoured Vehicle Conference 2016 (IAV 2016) with a presentation of its PMMC G5. The presentation also provides information on FFG and FFG’s projects.

FFG's PMMC G5 Armoured Combat Support Vehicle

FFG has developed the PMMC G5 to meet the demands for today’s and future missions in any operational scenario. Its design as a multirole platform, suitable for any kind of equipment, offers a broad flexibility for the user and makes the G5 a perfect Armoured Combat Support Vehicle.

The integrated mine protection and a variable concept for ballistic protection guarantee maximum protection for operators and soldiers. The PMMC G5 provides flexible and ergonomic seats for up to 11 soldiers. Three different hatches, a huge ramp at the rear and an additional door in the ramp allow a quick and comfortable access to the vehicle. Due to the huge ramp, the disembarking of an infantry squad will take not more than 10 to 15 seconds.

The spacious, comfortable and flexible crew compartment allows a quick exchange of different mission modules to create new variants always based on the same platform.

Spacious, comfortable, and flexible crew compartment of FFG's PMMC G5

The compact vehicle construction of the PMMC G5, equipped with state of the art video and battle management system, NGVA Standard and the possibility of integration of Vetronics, offers situational awareness that is crucial for missions in urban terrain. The driver benefits from a huge field of view through armour plated glass, with the same level of ballistic protection as the complete vehicle. As a result, the driver always has an excellent view of the environment and can operate the PMMC G5 safely under any condition.

Another advantage of the PMMC G5 is the track system, allowing excellent mobility in any kind of terrain even in areas where wheeled vehicles reach their limits, and perfect maneuverability in urban terrain, as the tracked suspension system allows smallest turning circles and pivot turns. This urban mobility and agility provides additional safety for operators and soldiers.

To convince with firepower any kind of Remote Controlled Weapon Stations (RCWS) like the FLW 200 Plus or the DND Dual FEWAS can be integrated.

Propelled by a reliable and proven drive system kit and equipped with a rubber track system, the PMMC G5 can drive in any terrain, turn on spot and follow modern main battle tanks without any problems.

In addition, the design of the PMMC G5 results in very low Life Cycle Costs (LCC), so that the vehicle meets commercial demands by a maximum cost effectiveness.

The intelligent combination of these features make the PMMC G5 the perfect successor of any ageing APC, both on tracks and on wheels.

22 January 2016

SHOT Show 2016: MINOX tactical riflescopes

Last year, MINOX showed their tactical ZP series of premium line of riflescopes for military and law enforcement for the first time ever. Now they are available, and they were even improved meanwhile, e.g. handling and turrets. MINOX is especially placing value in precision and perfection – up to every detail. The new product line offers the ZP8 1-8x24, ZP3 3-15x50 and ZP5 5-25x56, for all missions the right tool. For fast and accurate aiming in unfavorable light conditions the ZP8 is fitted with an additional illuminated dot and circle at the second focal plane, as a standard there is a fine dimmable reticle at the 1. focal plane. The finely dimmable twilight illuminated reticle at the first focal plane can be adjusted to the ambient light in 11 levels of brightness – this improves the shooter’s ability to find the point of aim in poor light. Each individual step can be preselected and then switched off to save battery power. The digital electronics system automatically deactivates the illuminated reticle after 6 hours without operation. The large field of view also enables the shooter to take aim quickly with reliable target acquisition. The extended eye relief of 90mm ensures a more accurate and faster shot.

The ZP models are watertight up to a depth of 15m and are filled with inert argon gas for excellent protection and durability of the elements on the inside. The high quality optical system and reliable precision mechanics are protected by an extremely shock-resistant body made of anodized special aluminum, commonly found in aerospace engineering. This makes the ZP models well suited for use in extremely tough conditions – such as hot desert areas, sub-tropical climates or regions with arctic low-temperatures.

The MINOX ZP8 is a riflescope of superlative quality and is excellently suited for a wide range of applications featuring an 8x magnification, a high quality optical system, a combination of day-time illuminated red dot and twilight illuminated reticles as well as outstanding operating ergonomics and extreme ruggedness. Also the smooth magnification setting and easy-to-adjust rubber-armored eyepiece permit quick focusing of the object in view. Changing the magnification is done using an ergonomically designed fin. In this way, alterations to the magnification can be made at any time quickly and accurately – in any situation – when wearing gloves for instance.
The new ZP8 also features a Zero Stop. This enables a fast and reliable zero setting at any time – without having a look. With the Single Turn (ST) reticle adjustment, the selected setting can be viewed at any time.

The MINOX ZP8 1-8x24 is available with the following reticle systems: A8-D, MR 10 and MR 10+.
In addition to the ZP8, the ZP line also features the following models: The MINOX ZP5 3-15x50 as an universal riflescope with a 3x magnification and an extremely large field of view for close-up shooting, while the 15x magnification guarantees the necessary long distance range. Elevation adjustment is available as a double-turn turret. The turrets have a quick-release lever for quick and easy zero setting, also when out in the field. The parallax adjustment enables error-free parallax adjustment of the scope from a distance of 50m. This prevents target errors and additionally offers maximum image sharpness. This model is particularly well suited for the long-range hunting and sports shooter. The ZP5 3-15x50 is available with the following reticles: MR5, MR2 und Mildot.

The MINOX ZP5 5-25x56 long-range riflescope has been specially designed for large calibres and extra long ranges. The 25x magnification with a large reticle adjustment range ensures maximum detail recognition and extreme shooting ranges, whereas the 5x magnification with its large field of view provides the necessary overview. Elevation adjustment is available as single or double-turn feature. The turrets are fitted with a quick-release lever for fast and easy zero setting of the turrets, also when out in the field. The parallax adjustment enables error-free parallax adjustment of the scope from a distance of 50 m. This prevents target errors and additionally provides maximum image sharpness. Practical standard features and straightforward operation guarantee maximum reliability, even under extreme conditions. The ZP5 5-25x56 is available with the following reticles: MR5, MR2 und Mildot.

Besides its flagship model – the MINOX ZP8 1-8x24 – this new line of tactical MINOX riflescopes includes the ZP5 3-15x50 and the ZP5 5-25x56.

As one of the first customers a cantonal police in Switzerland have been won. For later this year MINOX will come up with a new ZE Tactical Line, these designated for the law enforcement market, but based on the high quality hunting scopes. So they won´t be as high-end as the ZP line, but on the other hand much more price efficient. 3-15x56 und 5-25x56 scopes are expected.
Andre Forkert

Insitu SCANEAGLE Launch & SKYHOOK Capture Photographic Recap

21 January 2016

SHOT Show 2016: Seen & Heard

SHOT Show 2016: News from Gerber
Last SHOT Show Gerber already showed the pre-production piece of a very small weapon toll. Now the SHORT STACK AR-15 Multi-Tool is Gerber’s answer to your field cleaning and maintenance needs. It offer 15 features and fits in an AR-15 grip, so you have it always available. Weighing in at only 2.8 ounces, this featherweight is heavy on utility but light in hand.
A steep hillside. A crowded bunk. Somewhere in the jungle. When your office could be anywhere, size and weight are top priorities and storage is prime real estate. Enter the Short Stack – compatible with Magpul, MOE, and MIAD pistol grips, this compact tool is literally always on hand to get the job done. Each part of the three-piece design is magnetic, providing easy assembly and ensuring the double-sided bits don’t get lost in the shuffle.
As the bread and butter of the Short Stack’s functionality, the field cleaning options are all-inclusive and serve as a powerful AR-15 cleaning tool. This multi-functional tool is battle tested, created with one vision in mind – your reality out in the field. Taking the place of a bulky toolbox, this interchangeable tool acts as a pull-through handle for Otis cables, as multiple scraping surfaces for your weapon’s firing pin, bolt, and bolt carrier, and as your line of defense against carbon buildup and malfunction. A magnetic system holds it together.
The tools features: Front Sight Adjustment Tool, Firing Pin Scraper, Bolt Carrier & Bolt Scraper, Cleaning Cable Pull-Through Handle, Buffer Tube Wrench, 4mm Wrench / Bit Driver, 7mm Wrench for M-LOK Fasteners, 1/2“ Wrench, 3/8” Wrench, 3/4“ Wrench, Curved Slotted Driver and two Two-Sided Hex Bits (#0 Cross Driver, T10, 1/8” Hex, 4mm Hex). This is really a small but powerful tool.

Also new from Gerber is a very customable pouch for up to four multi-tools or flashlights and knives. The velcro offers the change of the layout and open silently. It is so new, Gerber don’t even have a name for it.

SHOT Show 2016: New hearing protection solution
There are several new hearing protection systems shown at the show.
Howard Leight by Honeywell (booth 2020) is a leading global provider of passive and intelligent hearing protection solutions, and will be introducing some new products and colors in best-selling products, like the Impact Sport in sport pink and black. The Impact Sport series of noise-amplification earmuffs offers a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 22 dB (noise will never exceed 82 dB) and featured directionally-placed stereo microphones to amplify sound for more natural hearing while blocking harmful impulsive noise over 82dB. For law enforcement personnel they offer the Impact Sport Tactical Black, that offer a better headband for more comfort, an external audio jack for any adio sources (MP3, smartphone, CD, scanners, etc.). The two AAA batteries are good for 350+ hrs and the system comes with a 3.5 mm stereo auxillary cable, two additional comfort cushions and a PELICASE hard case.
Silynx (booth 7310) have been working hard during the last year, leveraging their expertise in tactical in-hear headsets for military and law enforcement to develop a headset system for the outdoorsman and recreational shooter. At SHOT Show they will represent their formal entry into the civilian shooting, hunting, and outdoor space with the Silynx CLARUS PRO line of ruggedized electronic hearing protection and noise cancelling headsets. Also on display will be a broad range of Silynx products, including the newly released CLARUS XPR and CLARUS FX2 systems.
CLARUS XPR is according to Silynx the Industry's smallest and lightest tactical headset system. In-ear microphone with Silynx hear-thru technology and sound localization, fixed or modular cable to headset (model dependent), quick disconnect (QDC) on radio down lead (all versions), power and hear-thru volume control on bottom of control box. It supports one radio or one radio and a smartphone and is available in tan.
CLARUS FX2 is a very small, light and price affordable tactical in-ear hearing protection/enhancement system, so Silynx. The IDF (Israel Defence Force) just order ten thousands of it. Its in-ear microphone eliminates the need for an external boom mic, but a boom mic is available as an option. The FX2 also incorporates Silynx’s Hear-thru and sound localization technology. With fixed cables to the headset and to the radio connector the FX2 is very simple to deploy. Power/hear-thru volume control button on front face of the control box. Supports single radio only and is available in black. It is lighter than the FX, because several items were taken out due to customer wishes, like the integrated GPS. The built in battery is good for 90 hours, if the radio offers the energy, the battery will be saved. It is unbelievable how clear the surrounding sound is, visit the booth and try it.
The CLARUS PRO is even lighter and cheaper, SILYNX is targeting the civil market with it, but will also offer it to the building and mining industry as well to the military as a very cost effective solution for all soldiers – not only the SOF who uses high-end similar systems. Weight is only 119 gr.

Hunter Electronics (SRO LCC) will introduce the Hunter SMART, an active hearing protection, wireless connectivity to smartphones, a retractable microphone and 3.5 mm outlet for connecting to hunting radio. This headset allows for use of replaceable AAA batteries, or can be upgraded to rechargeable batteries and charged in the headset. The Hunter SMART also features Individual volume control for the left and right channel, allowing the user to maximize their ability to amplify sound and communications.

SHOT Show 2016: Harris Individual Soldier System
Harris shows the improved Individual Soldier System (ISS). The ISS provides shared intelligence on and off the battlefield with real-time two-way video and voice communications: Command to soldier, soldier to command and soldier to soldier.
The nature of warfare is changing. Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) plays a prominent role in today’s military operations. Equally critical is the mission-specific situational awareness information that supports effective command and control, improves tactical execution, increases soldier safety and likelihood of mission success.
The ISS provides these capabilities in a flexible nighttime situational awareness and intelligence-sharing platform that enables real-time, two-way visual and voice communication between command and deployed forces, as well as soldier to soldier.
System Capabilities: The shared imagery and voice communications that ISS provides are powerful force multipliers on the battlefield, enabling tactical decision making in real-time. Command and deployed forces can:
·         Simultaneously view the same full motion video feed
·         Maintain voice and data links, even in structures like buildings, tunnels and ships
·         Access photos for identifying persons of interest in the field
·         Utilize UAV camera feeds to see beyond/over geographic and man-made barriers
·         Relay GPS to share current location, geographical targets, rendezvous points, etc.
·         Record and store video recorded from soldier-POV for archive and future analysis
The System also uses the integrated Harris radios and F6045 Fused Night Vision Goggle. New is the augmented reality, Harris realised in cooperation with ARA Inc. The augmented reality allows an image overlay in the goggle with icons (red/blue force, ranges, UAVs, waypoints, etc.) and a 360° surround view. Prepared waypoints show the way without the use of a map or GPS, these waypoint can be adapted the section leader or operation base. The augmentation reality system will be fixed at the side of the helmet, size and weight will come down.

SHOT Show 2016: Premiers and News

Dillon Aero is showing for the first time their series version of the Gun Pod Weapon System. A pre series version was first time shown at SOFIC 2015. The Dillon Aero Gun Pod Weapon System is a self-contained M134D-H weapon system that mounts either fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft. It utilizes 7,62x51 mm NATO ammunition with M13 links, with a 3,000 round magazine capacity and a rate of fire of 3,000 rounds per minute. It also has a last round switch if only 100 rounds are left, that the pilot has to override and it mounts to all 14’’ standard NATO and Russian (like Mi-24, Mi-17, etc.) bomb racks. The weight is 158.8 kg fully loaded or 73.5 kg empty.
Armor Express is presenting a whole range of new products, including the versatile TORC (Tactical Operations Response Carrier) and Lighthawk XT 2.0 line of tactical armor carriers. The TORC is a multipurpose and modular plate carrier system, depending on the mission part of the protection can be take away or added, e.g. throat protector, sling catches, upper arm protection. The Molle webbing gives you the option for customisation. Smaller and lighter is the new RAVEN system. The RAVEN was specifically designed with the fast-paced, low-profile operator in mind. The Trilogrid laser cut MOLLE webbing, along with the aggressive structure of the vest make it a high-speed, fully customizable tactical carrier solution. The RAVEN features a single point quick release system that is considered one of the most efficient in our industry. As easy to reassemble as it is to release, this system offers real-world applications, and encourages you to incorporate it into your daily tactical training regimen.
Outdoor Research (OR) is introducing a new glove system kit with 11 modular gloves, to help the operator worldwide with its onion principle. According to OR the system is already in use with the US SOF. The kit consist of a MGS Gore-Tex Shell MITTS, TF MITT Shell, insulated MITT Liner, TF insulated liner MITTS, shell gloves, insulated liner gloves, soft shell gloves, Gen 3 fleece gloves, wool liner, midweight combat gloves and lightweight combat gloves. Not officially part of the kit, but that also can be integrated is a tactical heated glove with three heat setups.
EDGE Tactical Eywear has two new products, the GUARDIAN and ACID Gambit Desert Sand Kits with 2 or 3 lenses kits. Edge promises no fogging (125° F, 80% humidity) and no freezing (up to -44°F).
Surefire has a new weapon light, the SCOUT Light with up to 600 lumens. This lens will automatically adapt the output (between 200 and 600 lm), depending on the distance and reflection. The hand light can be adapted to a weapon by an adapter. On 600 lm it will run 1.5 hrs and is using two 123A batteries. Weight is 176 gr. All VAMPIRE lights are upgraded from 120 to 250 lumen and the bigger versions from 150 to 350 lm.
Leatherman introduced the new SKELETOOL RX (Rescue) with seven tools.
BLACKHAWK introduced the new Leather Tuckable Pancake Holster for a concealed carrying. Also new are the TECGRIP IWB holster, the TECGRIP Pocket holster and the Advanced Concealment Pocket Holster as well as the Vehicle QD MED Pouch.
TRASER Watches are showing for the first time the Red Alert T100 watch, that will be available in April. It has a Ronda 715.6 Li Quartz movement with a black PVD-plated steel case. It is water resistant to 200 m (20 bar) and weights 98 gr. Also new is the SOLDIER, that is the already known Outdoor Pioneer, only in green.
Trijicon is showing the new MRO (Miniature Rifle Optic), that was released by the end of 2015. It over a large field of view with eight adjustable brightness settings (reticle) and can also used with night vision devises. It was designed for ultra compactness and for high eye-relief. Magnifivation is 1x with a 25 mm objective lens and a weight of 116 gr.
HAENEL just won the German contract for a new sniper rifle (G29) with its RS9 weapon. The RS9 comes in the .338 Lapua Magnum calibre, has a length of 1,275 mm (barrel 690 mm) and a standard weight of 7.54 kg. The German Army will get 115 rifles in the first lot. The weapon will come with a B&T suppressor  and a STEINER 5-25x scope. You can see that weapon and the smaller RS8 brother (.308 cal.) at the CARACAL booth.

SHOT Show 2016: Premiers by MEPROLIGHT

MEPORLIGHT brought a whole range of premiers to Las Vegas.
The MEPRO M5 Red-Dot Sight is an energy-efficient, compact sight, that provides thousands of operating hours while utilizing a single “AA” commercial battery (moving sensors shut the system down after 20 minutes of no use, but a first move brings it back). Featuring battle-proven LED technology and rugged MIL-STD design, the sight assures reliability under the harshest environmental conditions. With its large display window and clearly-defined Red-Dot, the MEPRO M5 ensures rapid target acquisition with both eyes open and a big field-of-view. Offering four easily switchable reticle brightness intensities, the MEPRO M5 fits every tactical scenario, even against the sun or bright light. To facilitate night operations and long-range target engagement the MEPRO M5 is compatible with GEN II and GEN III NVGs as well as with Magnifying Scopes (if they have 3x magnification). Its human-engineering allows positioning of NVGs and Magnifiers close to the sight’s optics with no decrease in the field-of-view and without compromising convenient switch
operation. It has a 1x magnification and weight is under 300 gr. The IDF ordered some ten thousands of it.

The MEPRO X4 is a fixed x4 magnification, compact and lightweight, telescopic day sight. Utilizing a quick release Picatinny adaptor, this MIL-STD sight provides five different brightness settings for efficient target acquisition in any tactical situation. Energy efficient, the sight operates on a single battery and features auto shut-off after one hour. The MEPRO X4 is an extremely robust and easy-to-use tool, ideal for modern combat operation. It was improved with a better eyeguard and better 42 mm eye relief.
Meprolight also launched two new families of Tritium night sights for pistols. Both will be available during Q1/2015 (US market from January), and will contribute to agile and precision shooting. According to Meprolight the new MEPRO FT Family of Fiber and Tritium are the brightest day-and-night sights for pistols on the market. They come as a One-Dot and Two-Dot Sight, or Circle Dot Sight that only requires rear sight. The FT sights can also be used as a backup for the Mepro X4 sight. Also there is no change of the holster needed, because they are so small, they fit everywhere. With the One-Dot and Circle-Dot Sight you can shoot with both eyes open.

20 January 2016

SHOT Show 2016: Cubic to Exhibit Realistic and Immersive Training Solutions for Law Enforcement

Cubic Global Defense (CGD), a business unit of Cubic, is showcasing various firearms training solutions at SHOT Show at booth 31506.

At the show, Cubic offers a live simulator demonstration of PRISim Suite, a range of firearms simulators that provide an immersive training environment through the use of interactive video scenarios, allowing trainees to experience stress, fear and threats from the virtual actors on screen. Information on Cubic’s Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (MILES), QuickRange, live-fire range design and Cubic NEK’s live training solutions are also available at the show.

In addition to being a premiere provider of live and simulated training products and services to military forces worldwide, Cubic is dedicated to delivering advanced training solutions to law enforcement and security professionals,” said Brooks Davis, business development manager, CGD. “We are currently in the final testing phases of the next-generation PRISim, one of our key training solutions for marksmanship and judgment skills, and look forward to showcasing its enhanced capabilities at the show.”

Cubic features the following training solutions:

  • PRISim Suite: Leverages high-definition, interactive videos and game-engine technology to create realistic training theatres for all aspects of firearms handling. Realistic and adaptable scenarios are used to develop judgmental and practical skills in a wide range of life threatening situations.
  • QuickRange: A full-service, pre-fabricated shooting range that can be delivered to any location ready-to-use. QuickRange eliminates the challenges associated with building a traditional shooting range (design, construction, installation, etc.) and is the ideal solution for military, law enforcement and security agencies that do not have their own facilities for live-fire training.
  • MILES: A realistic tactical engagement system that accurately replicates both the actual firing capabilities and effects of weapons during training. It is capable of detecting hits from laser “bullets,” and performs damage and/or casualty assessments on targets.
  • Live-Fire Range Design: The development of a shooting range design combining a needs-based design approach with the knowledge of industry-leading subject matter experts to provide safe, efficient, cutting-edge training facilities.

TeraLogics, a subsidiary of Cubic, is also attending the show (booth 13962) as guests of T Worx Ventures. Together, they demonstrate TeraLogics' Unified Video streaming portal, integrated with T Worx's Intelligent Rail at the Beretta USA booth. The demonstration highlights the benefits of using real-time video from first person, gun-mounted cameras, as well as fixed security cameras, in an “Active Shooter” scenario. TeraLogics' cloud-based Unified Video portal provides immediate context and collaboration tools to first responders in "Active Shooter” scenarios.

SHOT Show 2016: Armor Express (AE) Showcases AMP-1 TP VPAM Certified Helmet

Busch PROtective have reached a superior level of ballistic protection for Law Enforcement Officers (LEO). The AMP-1 TP is the lightest and, according to the company, the very first 100% Aramid helmet to achieve VPAM (HVN-2009 - Prüfstufe 3) certification. This helmet is manufactured using
Busch PROtective's patented EBSP process, which gives it elite ballistic capabilities, previously only possible with titanium helmets, said the company. The helmets are shown by Armor Express (AE) at SHOT.

Busch PROtective talked with Special Police Units and found that there is a need for a protective helmet that can offer a unique level of protection, that outweighs the current protective standards, has unique capabilities to counter the specific threats faced during operations and is lightweight and comfortable for long operational periods. The answer to their question was the development of the AMP-1 TP (combined with EBSP technology and VPAM certification). (Photo: Bush PROtective)

The helmets capabilities include being able to stop bullets up to 20mm from the helmet edge, stop multiple shot impacts on a small surface area and seriously limits head trauma. These increased capabilities enhance the helmets protective area by up to 50% compared to standard ballistic helmets!

(Photo: Mönch/AF)

These are very critical features for LEOs. In most situations officers entering the threat area will be exposed from all angles. The probability of multiple shots or edge shots to the head are realistic threats. Another key factor the company seriously considers is the after effect of a shooting. VPAM testing measures back-face deformation, ensuring that when the helmet is hit by a bullet there is minimal energy transfer from the helmet shell to the head. This area is commonly overlooked, as most ballistic helmets on the market claim to stop the bullet but are primarily designed to protect against fragmentation. On impact the bullets kinetic energy causes huge deformations to the helmet shell, leading the helmet to bulge into the users head causing serious head and brain injury. Busch PROtective's EBSP process counters this threat reducing this energy by up to 800%,  according to the company, therefore offering the best tested and certified protection possible. Lastly this helmet has high fragmentation protection capability exceeding 650m/s according to STANAG 2920 and a 25% reduction in weight compared to other VPAM certified helmets, according to the company.

The AMP-1 TP helmet will be ready for delivery Jan 2016 and will be available for all Law Enforcement Agencies who specialise in armed response situations that require a superior level of ballistic protection.  (Photo: Bush PROtective)

Busch Protective and Sestan-Busch are both family owned companies that have been producing protective helmets for over 30 years. Both companies together form the Sestan-Busch Group who operate on two fronts manufacturing Military and Police helmet systems, offering products in both segments and regularly producing large quantities together utilising full production capabilities in the Czech Republic, Croatia, and Germany.

SHOT Show 2016: Andre Forkert Details Premiers and News of Day 1

Crye Precision is showing the new “Compact Alpine Overwhites” that are very lightweight and offer an extremely small package. Multi pass-through zipper openings allow a very good air-flow and access to the gear underneath. Also new is a bagpack serie with the EXP 1500 pack and the EXP 2100 pack. Both are very low profile and come in four colours (multicam, gray, ranger green and black). A fleece line top pocket fits and protect small tablets, there is also a top access laptop storage and an extansion (500 cubic and also in lenght).

EOTech for the first time ever has a range of rifle scopes in their portfolio. The new family consists of three precise rifle scopes:
-          Vudu 1-6x (1st focal plane, 24 mm diameter, single-piece 30 mm tube, illuminated reticle, 560 gr.)
-          Vudu 2.5-10x (1st focal plane, 44 mm diameter, single-piece 30 mm tube, illuminated reticle, zero stop, 780 gr.)
-          Vudu 3.5-18x (1st focal plane, 50 mm diameter, single-piece 34 mm tube, illuminated reticle, parallax adjustment, zero stop, 942 gr.)

All are using a CR2032 battery that is good for 10.000 hrs. EOTech is offering to the civil hunter market as well as the military and law enforcement.
CADEX has two new weapons for long range precision. The CDX-50 TREMOR .50 BMG and the CDX-40 SHADOW 408 CHEYTAC. The new CDX- 50 TREMOR, a .50 calibre Precision rifle built to Military Spec, the rifle is capable of delivering a huge payload accurately while maintaining very manageable recoil. The CDX-50 is a lightweight (10,432 gr.) bolt action rifle that brings new technology to the .50 BMG of years gone by. The effective range is officially 1,800 m, but it can shoot 3,000+ m. And it is the first .50 CADEX ever made. Features: Five rounds bolt action repeater, 29’’ fluted match grade, 8 groove, 1:15 twist barrel. Only five day after it comes out of production CADEX is showing the Ant-Material/-Personnel rifle CDX-40 SHADOW 408 CHEYTAC at SSHOT Show. It weights 8,391 gr. and has an affective range of 1,800 m (can do 3,000+ m).

CONDOR is introducing the new CONDOR Elite bagpack series of products, they come with better materials and other styles. The series consist of the “Fail Safe Pack” (16 ltr., Mil-Spec 500 Denier Codura, black/grey/sand colour), “Sectorf Sling Bag” (black/grey, 19’’x14’’x6.5’’) and the “Draw Down Waist Pack”. Also new is the Elite line of Shoes with two versions, the regular military style and a more sportive/hicking style. At SHOT Show are shown the previews.

Tactical Assault Gear (TAG) is presenting a new “Quick Detach Weapon Hook” with a Molle attachment for the back side of your carrier. The hook should fix your weapon while boarding or fast roping, so it won’t swing around. If you need your weapon the hook has a fast release. Also new by TAG are new different padded belts, slings, Molle tourniquet pouch and the Quick Detachment Vertical Medical Pouch. In the future the Quick Detachment System should be used with more pouches.

Blue Force Gear is introducing a new “Quick Wire Loop”, that is a quick-detach version of the versatile Universal Wire Loop. The ULoop™ brings a level of versatility that is unmatched by any other sling hardware. Code named the “Uber Loop” it is a quick-detach version of our popular Universal Wire Loop, offering even faster and easier installation, especially on smaller eyelets found on HK, SIG and FN weapons. The ULoop can be installed almost anywhere - through eyelets, holes in railed handguards, and on KeyMod rails.  There’s no need to have multiple sling attachments. The ULoop replaces all hooks, clips and connections.
The ULoop can be installed in seconds and does not need to be removed from the sling.  To release the wire, push the wire loop down towards the body.  Then push the exposed crimp ball from the opposite side out of the locking channel.

SHOT Show 2016: Photographic Evidence of Day One

SHOT Show 2016: New Laser Goggles by Revision

Revision Military, has developed and patented a laser dye for a dual-band laser protective lens that blocks 99.9% of green laser energy and over 99% of the most powerful Near-Infrared (NIR) component of commercially available green lasers. Revision’s patented dye is used in the company’s new LazrBloc GF-8 Laser Protective Ballistic Lens. The LazrBloc GF-8 lens is a unique ballistic lens that blocks green laser emissions and the high-risk NIR energy that exists outside the visible spectrum. Importantly, this lens delivers greater visible light transmission and color recognition as compared to other laser lenses on the market, making GF-8 lenses ideal for day or nighttime use.

Around the globe, reports of lasers used against law enforcement officials, military personnel, and pilots have spiked in recent years. Reports indicate that illuminations by handheld lasers are primarily green (91%) in color. The wavelength of most green lasers (532 nm) is close to the eye’s peak sensitivity when they are dark-adapted, and green lasers appear brighter than other laser colors of equal power output. Inexpensive and easy to obtain laser devices may not filter and/or align the optics, or can be maliciously altered, contaminating the green laser with a potentially harmful NIR component at 808 nm. The human eye is highly sensitive and strong emissions of directed light containing hazardous wavelengths can cause permanent ocular injury in an instant. Revision’s LazrBloc GF-8 laser protective lenses are designed to block this NIR wavelength, which is undetectable by the naked eye, while still maintaining superior light transmission, color recognition, and situational awareness as compared to other dye-based laser lenses, according to the company. Revision’s GF-8 lens formulation provides an interchangeable, situation-adaptable solution that can be manufactured for Revision’s StingerHawk Spectacle System and Exoshield Extreme Low-Profile Eyewear, as well as for Revision’s other Rx-compatible military spectacle and goggle lines.

SHOT Show 2016: Andre Forkert's New Introductions for Military and Law Enforcement

Rite in the Rain introduces its new 93 pen, it can write in all weather, under water and upside down. Compared to the older 97 pen (casing of metal, therefore stronger), it is made of plastic and therefore lighter and available in Black, Blue and Red, the “ink” is always black. It is the Rite in the Rain pen with the lowest price ($ 12.95). Pencils use a sturdy 1.1mm lead to prevent breakage in the field.

OAKLEY is introducing the new ALPHA goggle series, they will be available from mid 2016 on. The design offers multiple configurations and consist of three basic parts: APLHA M Frame, a HELO Gasket and a HALO Goggle. Depending on your mission and infiltration you can mix them.
RUAG Ammotec did not show any new products, but there will be a .300 BLK (Black Out) starting the production in July.

Warson Brands, manufacturers of quality military and tactical footwear and exclusive licensee for Reebok military and tactical boots, are showcasing the new line of Reebok branded tactical footwear, the Dauntless Ultra-Light Series. We reported on that yesterday. In April there will be another series of military boots, the NANO Series. Pre-Production pairs are already shown at SHOT Show. NANO boots will come in a mid and high cut, the Dauntless Ultra-Light Series is available in a low and high cut.

Princeton Tec are showing new military lamps based on their civil HELIX series. HELIX Backcountry is a compact, lightweight lantern which puts out a bright beam that’s easy on the eyes - perfect for around a camp or in your tent. It offers up to 150 lumens is dimmable (up to 30 lm), offers two light colours (white and red) and is available in three versions (Bluetooth (rechargeable), Dual Fuel (rechargeable and batteries), or batteries). For direct light you can take the top of. The expanding globe and folding legs help HELIX Backcountry to shine over a wide area or to hang upside down in the tent with several hanging options. Runtime is max. 24 hrs, it weights 155 gr. and water resistant (IPX6), the versions shown at SHOT Show have camouflage pattern. Princeton Tec is checking if there is interest in the market.

Mesa Tactical introduces the LEO Telescoping Stock system for the Beretta 1301 semi-automatic shotgun. The versatile telescoping stock system can be fitted with a standard AR-15 grip and telescoping stock, which enables tactical operators to instantly adjust the length of pull of the telescoping stock in order to accommodate differences in individual body sizes, or when wearing body armor, without compromising the safest shooting position. Since its introduction in 2014 the 1301 Tactical is a semiautomatic shotgun specifically designed to meet the needs of tactical shooters such as law-enforcement professionals. Mesa Tactical’s LEO stock system incorporates those features most frequently asked for by law enforcement and other professional operators who now have a more streamlined solution for adding a telescoping stock and pistol grip to their Beretta 1301 shotguns, which also retains the same high quality materials and workmanship, and the same strength and durability that’s characteristic of all Mesa Tactical products. The concept behind the telescoping stock system is simple: the shotgun’s factory stock is replaced by an adapter, to which standard AR-15 grips and telescoping buttstocks can be reliably attached. All of Mesa Tactical’s stock adapters are investment cast aircraft aluminum, which are then CNC machined before being powdercoated black with a tough, chemical resistant finish. LEO stock adapters provide a lower stock elevation allowing the use of iron sights or the front bead and incorporate an advanced sling attachment method, which accommodates a wide variety of optional sling styles. The LEO adapter is available in two types of kits, adapter kits or complete stock kits. Mesa Tactical’s upgraded versions include a hydraulic recoil buffer which replaces the standard receiver extension tube normally used with AR-15 style telescoping stock assemblies. The recoil buffer is manufactured for Mesa Tactical by Crosshair Recoil Buffers. This adapter is available for a variety of today’s most popular shotgun models including the Remington 870, Mossberg 500, Mossberg 590, Maverick 88 pump-shotguns and the Beretta 1301 semi-automatic.

Also new is an AR-15 buttstock for the FN Herstal SCAR weapons – both calibres. All of these products can be implemented by the user, there is no need armorer.

TPG Tac Pro Gear shows in cooperation with Armour Wear a unique .308 helm concept. It should protect the user against .308 while on missions as door breacher, front men or sniper. It covers 70% of the head, more than any other helmet and part of the ballistic protection is fixed with magnets. There is a battery operated inside ventilation system for anti-fogging of the ballistic glasses from the inside. The helm weights 5 pounds, but the goal is to get that down to 3+ pounds. It is still in its concept phase.