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23 July 2013

Non-Conventional Threat CBRNe Awards

The Non-Conventional Threat (NCT) CBRNe Awards are the new industry prizes for CBRNe products, solutions and developments in the international CBRNe Community. In close cooperation with MILITARY TECHNOLOGY and CBNW, IB Consultancy has initiated the NCT CBRNe Awards in support of an important industry that offers great solutions, excellent products and impressive innovations to back the CBRNe end-user community.

The nominations by an highly esteemed international jury of different stakeholder in the CBRNe community and the cooperation with two leading publications gave the NCT CBRNe Awards and the CBRNe community the attention it deserves,” said Ilja Bonsen, Managing Director of IB Consultancy. "Moreover, the exclusive NCT CBRNe Awards Gala Dinner on 25 September will provide an excellent forum for the CBRNe Community to celebrate the success of the industry, state of the art innovations and personal outstanding efforts.

The Nominations 

The NCT CBRNe Awards Jury chaired by Guy Roberts, (Former) Deputy Assistant Secretary General for WMD Policy at NATO, has selected the nominees for the Product Award, Innovation Award and the Capability Award.

In the Product Award category, the award for the best CBRNe product, service or solutions the DxTerity's REDI-Dx, theTEP90 Decontamination System of Kaercher FutureTech, and the Mask Integrity Test Accessory (MITA) of TSI are nominated.

Nominees for the Innovation Award, the most novel product, service or research paper of the year to reward outstanding achievements in the field of R&D, are the STATIM CBRN Shelter, the FP7 REWARD (Real Time Wide Area Radiation Surveillance System) Project, and the study Future Safety and Security Robotic Tool.

In the category Capability Development Award, the award for a country or organisation that has improved its CBRNe capability or has initiated or executed a capability development programme impacting upon another country or organization the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA), the EU CBRN Centers of Excellence, and the Second Line of Defense Megaports Initiative (DOE/NNSA) are nominated.

Vote for the NCT CBRNe Community Award!

The NCT CBRNe Community Award is the Award for the community and by the community for the best product, company or paper, chosen by the CBRNe community via an online competition.

You, and the rest of the CBRNe Community have voted and the following three nominees have been selected: the Bruker RAID M100 Detector, the European Framework Cooperation (EFC) – EDA/EC, and the Meerkat Decon Vehicle of NBC Sys. Voting for the Community Awards nominees will open again on 1 August!

Visit the NCT CBRNe awards website www.nctawards.com for details on how to vote, the jury, prizes, and much more! Please visit www.cbrneasia.com for more information on attending the NCT CBRNe Awards Gala Dinner and the NCT CBRNe Asia 2013 conference programme.

19 July 2013

RUAG and General Dynamics Land Systems-Mowag (GDELS) Introduce VERO EAGLE IV

RUAG and General Dynamics Land Systems-Mowag (GDELS) have teamed on a project to expand the mission capabilities of the EAGLE IV vehicle by introducing the retrofittable vehicle robotics kit called VERO.

VERO enables vehicle teleoperation and provides operators with the capability to conduct either manned or unmanned operations, depending on the situation and threat. The system includes a Multi Purpose Sensor (MPS) head from Sagem, which provide day and night reconnaissance and surveillance capabilities while manned or unmanned.

 (Photo: RUAG)

03 July 2013

The Added Value of Using the Benefits of a Subscription to MILITARY TECHNOLOGY

As a business owner of a defence supporting company I would strongly recommend that if you currently do not have a subscription to MILITARY TECHNOLOGY, you should!

In a period of reduced funding within the US DOD arena and other international defence budgets, you need timely/up-to-date information on where the opportunities are. Where can you expect the best ROI and who has the authority to buy your product.

Over the years as both an officer in the military (Special Operations) and a senior member of the defence industry team, I've found MILITARY TECHNOLOGY to be the best example of "Who's in-charge," "What are the current and future needs of that office/country" and  is there money to support my product!

What more could you want or ask for?

Best regards,

Bob Codney