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11 April 2013

LAAD 2013 - Astrium Imagery and Earth Observation, Telecommunications and Launchers

Astrium is showcasing its space-based imagery and surveillance solutions along with
its civil and military telecommunications solutions at the EADS booth, Hall 4, H50

Imagery and Earth observation:

  • In-orbit proven’ satellites Pléiades and SPOT 6, which are capable of taking high-resolution and very high-resolution images of a selected point anywhere on Earth every day,
  • Astrium is a world leader in design and manufacture of optical and radar Earth observation satellites, of varying resolution and provides satellite systems to a number of countries for both civil and military needs,
  • GO Monitor, a civil surveillance service for monitoring the daily changes of a selected site anywhere in the world, and Astrium Services’ imagery solutions, which are regularly used to monitor civil engineering structures like football stadiums.


  • Eurostar E3000, the platform exported around the world for communications satellites that have now accumulated 450 years of successful in-orbit operation,
  • Civil and military telecom services, in all frequency bands, already in use by the private sector, NGOs, public bodies and Defence departments worldwide.


  • Ariane 5, one of the most reliable launch vehicles currently in operation in the commercial market, for which Astrium is prime contractor.

LAAD 2013 - Datron World Communications' New CEO Hands On in Brazil

At LAAD 2013, Datron World Communications' new CEO Kevin Kane is hands on with their products RT7700 and PRC7700H Software Defined Radio (SDR) transceivers and the SCOUT quad-rotor, Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) UAS developed for short range, tactical surveillance operations, amongst other communication solutions at Booth L68 of Hall 4.

Kevin Kane, Datron's new CEO (Photo: DPM)

"As Datron is a privately owned company focusing on tactical military and public safety radios, primarily in foreign militaries, we design the products for the markets we serve," he told MILTECH at LAAD.

Datron is able to give Armed Forces that do not really need  the best and newest, technology that they can afford, deploy and use right away.

"Our business with developing militaries, is, we give them a product that they can use, and get deployed quickly, and it can not be expensive. Our products are very easy to use and very affordable," Kane explained.

LAAD 2013 - Seen and Heard at the Show

Saab’s subsidiary Saab Barracuda has signed a partner agreement with Brazilian company Força Delta  Equipamentos Militares. The agreement includes the semi-manufacturing of multispectral camouflage for signature management purposes in Brazil.

Saab Barracuda is a world leader in the field of signature management and has more than 50 years experience in camouflage with customers in over 60 countries. Part of its long term strategy is to increase its signature management business in South America.

(Photo: DPM)

Força Delta and their manufacturing capabilities match the profile of a Brazilian partner that we’ve been looking for,", said Anders Wiman, President of Saab Barracuda to MILTECH at LAAD. “This partnership enables us to leverage Força Delta’s excellent know-how in sewing and quality control, helping us stengthen our competetivness in Brazil and South American market.”

Força Delta Equipamentos Militares is a well-known, experienced company with a long history in the Brazilian military market. The existing product portfolio consists of tents, beds for military use in the field, uniforms etc. With this partnership Força Delta will expand its current production and during 2013 build a new plant of 10,000 sqm, where 2,000 sqm will be dedicated for manufacturing multispectral camouflage.

This agreement with Saab represents a major step in bringing state-of-the-art signature management technology to Brazil”, explained Antônio Velasco Remígio, President of Força Deltato MILTECH at LAAD. Besides expanding our production - which will lead to new recruitments and regional development - we aim with this initiative to further strengthen the Brazilian defence industry.”

Signature Management is the advanced art of detection avoidance. It involves managing your own signature in the field by controlling electromagnetic spectrums to safeguard vehicles, fixed installations and personnel from sensor and radar threats, night vision, thermal target seekers and weapon sights.


Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, and AEL Sistemas, Elbit Systems subsidiary in Brazil, announce they are in the process of negotiating a Joint Venture agreement.At LAAD 2013, the two companies have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) reflecting the progress the two companies are making towards a JV Head of Agreement. The Joint Venture is intended to see the two companies collaborate on a broad range of M-scan airborne radar technologies and products. The JV's launch programme will cover the in-country maintenance of the KC-390 aircraft for which Selex ES is providing its Gabbiano T-20 surveillance radar.

This Joint Venture will establish a support capability in Brazil for the Gabbiano T20 radar for the KC-390 and for Brazilian UAV systems. To support the industrial aspirations of Brazil, the parties anticipate the Joint Venture will expand to develop further critical technologies, both at the product and system level in the areas of radars, avionics and homeland security, for both the Brazilian defence market and South America export markets.

Shlomo Erez President of AEL said to MILTECH at LAAD: “This Joint Venture will bring cutting-edge technology value to Brazil and will enhance AEL’s positioning as an MRO centre of excellence in the territory. Selex ES is a very important player with a distinctive strength in Radars and complex systems. We are confident that in the future we will be able to co-operate in many areas, extending the scope of this Joint Venture to the wider Selex ES portfolio.

Fabrizio Giulianini, CEO of Selex ES continued: “This collaboration will strengthen our presence in Brazil where we are keen to further transfer valuable technologies and create a basis for solid co-development activities. This partnership will sustain enduring growth for both companies.


Tawazun - the strategic investment firm focused on the long-term development of UAE's industrial manufacturing with a specific focus on the defense sector - took part for the first time in the 19th LAAD Defence and Security International Exhibition.

Tawazun's participation came as part of the UAE Pavilion in LAAD which featured a number of UAE defense manufacturing and investment companies.

LAAD 2013 brought together Brazilian and international companies specialized in supplying equipment, services and technology to the Armed Forces, Police and Special Forces, Security Services, consultants and government agencies.

Saif Mohamed Al Hajeri, Chief Executive Officer of Tawazun who led the company's delegation to the exhibition, said to MILTECH that the strong presence of Emirati companies in LAAD for the first time had sent a strong message demonstrating UAE's commitment to further ties of economic and commercial cooperation with Brazil, one of the world's fastest growing economies.

"We are pleased with the success made by Tawazun and other UAE companies in their debut participation at LAAD. Brazil is a vital trade partner of the UAE and could potentially become one of the leading markets for UAE made products," he said.

He went on to say that LAAD 2013 provided an excellent platform for promoting Tawazun group companies and their products.

Between 2010 and 2011, UAE's total exports to Brazil surged by 170.71% to reach AED1.7 billion. Electrical items, machinery parts, plastics and fertilizers form the major share of UAE's current exports to Brazil.

The first five months of 2012 saw UAE import almost AED3.7 billion worth of goods from Brazil, a rise of 47 per cent from the same period of previous year. The main imported products were sugars, meat and ores.

Other Emirati companies taking part within the UAE national pavilion are: Advanced Integrated Systems, Emirates Advanced Investments, Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center and Sofia Trading.

LAAD 2013 - Photographic Recap of Day 2

LAAD 2013 - CeramTec-ETEC PERLUCOR – Transparent, Extremely Durable and Highly Resistant

CeramTec-ETEC has succeeded in becoming, according to the company, Europe’s first to manufacture highly transparent and extremely durable ceramics on a series-production scale and to transfer the advantages of ceramics to a transparent material. The result of this development is PERLUCOR: a mechanically, chemically, thermally and optically perfected solution for transparent applications in extreme conditions. In virtually every area its properties are far superior to conventional glasses.

(Photos: DPM)
PERLUCOR is a highly pure material with a number of extraordinary mechanical, chemical, thermal and optical properties. With a relative transparency of over 90%, CeramTec PERLUCOR opens up new fields of application everywhere glass reaches its limits.

Its high transparency grade – ceramic has an optical grade of > 92% relative transparency (> 80% IT) – opens up fields of application for PERLUCOR everywhere glass reaches its limits. PERLUCOR exhibits three to four times the hardness and strength of conventional glass, making it well suited for use in extreme wear conditions. Further unique properties include the material’s higher (by a factor of three) thermal stability, which makes it suitable for use at temperatures up to 1,600° C, along with its extraordinarily high chemical stability, which means it can also be used with highly concentrated acids and lyes.

PERLUCOR’s high index of refraction (1.72) makes it possible to miniaturize optical lenses and other optical elements. This means that small part sizes can be used to realize powerful magnifying effects that would be extremely difficult to achieve on the basis of polymers or glasses. Moreover, the development of PERLUCOR has enabled CeramTec to achieve a savings in weight of over 30% compared to conventional bullet-proof glass systems.

The possibilities are endless with PERLUCOR: The standard tile size is 90x90mm; however, CeramTec can also manufacture individual contours based on customer specifications from this format. Panel thickness can be individually tailored to a tenth of a millimeter and is generally between 2-10mm, though thinner elements are also conceivable.

Standard tiles can be combined into multi-tile composites to create large surfaces. The edges are processed using a method specially developed by CeramTec: PERLUGLUE gluing technology makes it possible to manufacture an ideally adapted optical surface whose joints and abutting edges are “invisible”. This means that PERLUCOR can also be used to produce large inspection windows.
Superior performance with high-performance ceramics for ballistic protection

Ceramics made by CeramTec-ETEC are applied everywhere where body and asset protection is concerned. Among them, ALOTEC (alumina) and SICADUR (silicon carbide) materials have far the highest share. For instance, military vehicles of the UN and NATO peacekeeping forces are protected by means of add-on armour from direct fire and from artillery and mortar splinters as well as from mines. The vehicles of the German IFOR troops in Bosnia are also equipped with a modular protection concept system, protecting them by means of add-on armour plates which are screwed onto the car body.

In the field of body armour CeramTec-ETEC is offering ceramic monolithic and multi tile components. These plates/tiles can be glued by the means of high performance adhesives to backing materials such as polyaramide or GFK and will be an important part of the total armour composite system. The area weight is less than half than that of armour steel, providing an identical or even better protection effect especially against armour piercing ammunition. This is certainly one of the most important advantages of this type of compound system.

Well-trained specialists and technicians are working with CeramTec-ETEC, but in addition to them, CeramTec-ETEC's production plant is also equipped with the latest machines and equipment (starting from CAD Engineering over Quality Assurance equipment up to high-tech production machinery). In this way, it is possible to ensure the production of high-quality and profitable products, even with extremely tight tolerances. The highly sophisticated Quality Assurance System - certified according to ISO 9001 - guarantees the production of a continuously high quality, thus enabling CeramTec-ETEC to meet the high requirements of international standards of safety engineering.

LAAD 2013 - Paramount Group Wins Brazilian Military Police Internal Security Vehicles

The State of Rio de Janeiro has awarded the tender to procure the MAVERICK Internal Security Vehicle  (ISV), manufactured by Paramount Group, for use by the Special Police Operations Battalion (BOPE) and the Shock Police Battalion (CHOQUE) within the Military Police, as well as by the Co-ordination of Special Resources (CORE) battalion of the Civil Police.

LAAD 2013 - Trotec Laser Engraving to Prevent Illegal Firearms-Trade

To attend the agreement of the OEA for marking weapons and firearms to prevent the illegal trade of firearms in the region of Latin America, signed by 21 countries, Trotec is offering at the LAAD event the laser engraving to attend this regulation.

(Photos: Trotec)

Trotec an Austrian based company is worldwide the leader in the production of laser equipments for cutting, engraving and marking.

With the laser beam registration numbers, matrix-codes ,names,  identification codes  and any kind of images can be easily marked on metal and plastic.

As the laser is changing the molecular structure of metal or the polymer structure of plastic the marking stays permanent and can not be taken off.

This permits an permanent marking for the lifetime use.

Laser Marking is not only used for weapons and munitions but also to mark an most kind of military equipments for identification and security.

Trotec is already supplier of the leading manuifactering companies of arms at their production units  and is offering now this technology for the local registrations.

Trotec is presented in all states of Latin America offering the laser equipment or the service to thelocal military and police.

LAAD 2013 - Theon Sensors at LAAD

Theon Sensors, one of the leading global designer and manufacturer of electro-optics (EO) products, presents and demonstrates its full range of night vision equipment at Pavilion 4, STAND E09a.

The highlight of Theon Sensors at LAAD is the new, light weight Night Vision Monocular NX-122B and Night Vision Binocular NX-222B, one of the most advanced monocular/binoculars available in the market today, providing a great number of important technical and ergonomic advantages.

In addition to its advanced systems, Theon Sensors also displays its range of state of the art night vision weapon sights, as well as its driver viewers and other advance night vision systems.

Theon Sensors is an internationally recognised developer and manufacturer of night vision products that are in service today with a wide number of Armed Forces around the world.

LAAD 2013 - Plasan Introduces SPIDER-SC1 Surveillance Vehicle

Plasan Security Systems, a global leader in the field of customized integrated solutions for tactical mobile platforms, is introducing its SPIDER-SC1 Surveillance Vehicle – a high-survivability modular suite, providing a comprehensive solution for Homeland Security needs, including border protection - on Booth #S-28.

SPIDER-SC1 (Photo: Plasan)

SPIDER-SC1 is a manned, 4x4, armored, high-maneuverability, all-terrain vehicle, with integrated state-of-the-art technologies - including a surveillance system for long-range day-and-night tracking, video analytics, a tactical observation balloon, and a cutting-edge two-way communications system. It is a unique, high-survivability, superior-performance solution that allows the effective handling of today’s Homeland Security needs, including protecting borders; preventing the smuggling of drugs, weapons, and persons; and dealing with terror threats in peripheral areas. This vehicle allows surveillance, and the securing of especially large geographical areas, in a fully autonomous manner, independent of additional systems.

At the show Plasan is showcasing their solution on an Oshkosh vehicle Platform. (Photo: DPM)

Plasan is also proud to announce that it is currently expanding its offerings to include a 360° tailored solution for the protection of critical infrastructures, developed to effectively deal with a broad range of terror threats, natural disasters, and safety hazards. This all-inclusive solution combines advanced physical, electronic, and logical security means and measures, to prevent incidents from occurring or mitigate their consequences - including loss of life, disruption of operations, economic losses, and environmental harm. It was designed to improve resilience, allow uninterrupted operation, and reduce liability.

Plasan places its extensive know-how - gathered during numerous years of experience in providing fully tailored, cost-effective protective solutions - at the service of managers and operators of critical infrastructures. The expertise of the company’s highly skilled R&D team - in ballistics, in the analysis of a broad range of threats, in advanced materials, and in the simulation of disaster scenarios - as well as its hands-on military experience, allows it to conceptualize, develop, and engineer solutions ideally suited to deal with today’s diverse threats.

LAAD 2013:  A Plasan introduz o Veículo de Vigilância Spider-SCI, uma solução completa para segurança interna e proteção de fronteira que inclui sistemas de comando e controle, observação, inteligência e comunicação.

Plasan Security Systems, uma líder mundial no campo de soluções integradas personalizadas para plataformas móveis táticas, está introduzindo o seu Veículo de Vigilância Spider-SC1 - um pacote modular de alta sobrevivência que fornece uma solução abrangente para necessidades de segurança nacional, incluindo proteção de fronteira, na LAAD Defesa e Segurança de 2013 no Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, de 9 a 12 de abril – Hall 3, Estande S-28.
O Spider-SC1 é um veículo tripulado 4x4 com alta capacidade de manobra em todos os terrenos com tecnologias modernas integradas incluindo um sistema de vigilância para rastreio de alto alcance diurno e noturno, análises de vídeo, um balão de observação tática e um sistema de ponta de comunicações de duas vias. É uma solução singular de alta sobrevivência e desempenho superior
que permite lidar de forma eficaz com as necessidades de segurança nacional, incluindo proteção de fronteiras, prevenção de contrabando de drogas, armas e pessoas; e lidar com ameaças terroristas em áreas periféricas. Esse veículo singular permite a fazer a vigilância e a segurança de áreas geográficas especialmente grandes de forma completamente autônoma, independente de sistemas adicionais.
A Plasan também tem orgulho de anunciar que está expandindo as suas ofertas para incluir uma solução de 360o para a proteção de infraestruturas críticas, desenvolvida para lidar de forma eficaz com uma vasta gama de ameaças terroristas, desastres naturais e riscos à segurança. Esta solução de solução que abrange tudo combina meios de segurança física, eletrônica e lógica para evitar a ocorrência de incidentes ou mitigar as suas consequências, incluindo a perda de vida, interrupção de operações, perdas econômicas e danos ambientais. Ela foi projetada para melhorar o poder de recuperação permitir uma operação ininterrupta e reduzir riscos.
A Plasan coloca a sua coleta extensa de know-how, feita durante muitos anos de experiência, para personalizar soluções protetoras de forma completa e de bom custo-benefício - ao serviço dos administradores e dos operadores das infraestruturas críticas. A especialidade da extremamente habilidosa equipe de P&D da empresa em balística, na análise de uma vasta gama de ameaça, em materiais avançados e na simulação de cenários de desastres, além da sua experiência militar prática, a permite conceituar, desenvolver e fazer engenharia de soluções apropriadas da forma ideal para lidar com as diversas ameaças de hoje em dia.
Assaf Baruch, Chefe da Divisão de Segurança da Plasan no Brasil declarou: "A Plasan tem o orgulho de introduzir o seu pioneiro Veículo de Vigilância Spider-SC1 na LAAD 2013. Temos certeza de que está solução singular, junto nosso inovador sistema de comando e controle, ferramentas de mapeamento avançadas e modelos de simulação e a nossa solução 360o para proteção de infraestruturas críticas irão satisfazer completamente as necessidades do mercado brasileiro. Atualmente estamos desenvolvendo um projeto de comando e controle móvel para linhas de frente para aplicações de segurança nacional, a pedido do governo brasileiro, e com nossos novos produtos e serviços procuramos expandir as nossas atividades neste mercado."
A Plasan é uma especialista global e líder mundial no desenvolvimento de soluções de sobrevivência personalizadas para veículos de rodas táticos, aeronaves, plataformas navais, veículos civis blindados e proteção pessoal. A Plasan também fornece uma grande variedade de soluções de segurança nacional, incluindo soluções móveis de segurança, sistemas de observação, segurança de fronteira e proteção a infraestruturas críticas. As soluções da empresa oferecem a melhor combinação de proteção e custo-eficácia combinando P&D in-house, design, prototipagem e extensas capacidades de fabricação.
A Plasan combina uma engenharia inovadora de sobrevivência e design com desenvolvimento de materiais avançados. Ela usa análise gerada por computador e simulações com calibração em tempo real e dados de testes de balística para melhorar a precisão e o desempenho da simulação. A Plasan deve o seu sucesso à sua inovação, às capacidades in-house abrangentes e um alto nível de comprometimento. No papel do fornecedor preferido das Forças de Defesa de Israel, e um fornecedor aprovado de ministérios de defesa pelo mundo, as soluções da Plasan foram provadas e testadas por forças armadas pelo mundo todo nos ambientes e cenários de campos de batalha mais exigentes, incluindo o Iraque e o Afeganistão.

LAAD 2013 - Indra Displays its State-Of-The-Art Defence and Security Systems

Indra attends LAAD as a leader company in the roll-out of coastal surveillance, radar surveillance and simulation systems, and displays state-of-the-art solutions it has developed to back the missions of Armed and Security Forces.

(Photo: DPM)

More than 5,000km of borders throughout the world are controlled using technology of the company that leads the European PERSEUS programme for safeguarding the continent's coasts.

In terms of airspace surveillance, the company offers information from its LANZA 3D radars, which are currently in service in Uruguay and have been guaranteeing south western European airspace for more than 10 years. In this field, Indra is already well-known in Brazil, where in 2012 it delivered two MSSR (Monopulse Secondary Surveillance Radar System) transportable radar stations for DECEA, the MoD entity responsible for air traffic control.

Indra is one of the world's largest consultancy and technology multinationals, a leader in Europe and Latin America and is expanding in other emerging economies. Innovation is the cornerstone of its business, which is highly focussed on the customer and on sustainability. The multinational is one of the leaders in its sector in Europe in terms of investment in R&D and innovation, having invested more than €550 million in the last three years. With sales approaching €3,000 million, it employs 42,000 professional and has customers in 128 countries.

LAAD 2013 - Frequentis in Rio de Janeiro

Frequentis is exhibiting at LAAD 2013 on Booth F70D and is presenting the scalable control centre platform iSecCom with a live demonstration.

Frequentis Defence offers individual solutions for network-enabled operations, addressing military air traffic management, command and control, tactical networks, national and border security, as well as surveillance and reconnaissance. High reliability, innovative human-machine interfaces and proven technologies assure customer satisfaction and a leading market position. As a renowned provider of integrated control centre solutions we promise mission-tailored solutions, flexible scalability, as well as a maximum of cost-effectiveness. Frequentis helps customers to migrate towards future capabilities while preserving existing technology investments. Excellent performance, strong customer orientation and compliance to international standards are their commitment.

Frequentis covers the whole product lifecycle with many services - from system design over production and integration to maintenance services. Innovative technologies, future-oriented human-machine interfaces and a high reliability ensure customer satisfaction and the competitiveness of our company. Frequentis maintains a worldwide network of subsidiaries, offices and local representatives in more than 50 countries, and has long-term relationships with many international military customers as well as with NATO.

LAAD 2013 - Selex ES Showcases Scalable and Integrated Systems and Solutions

Selex ES, a Finmeccanica company, is showcasing its products within the Finmeccanica stands in the aerospace area - Hall 4, Stand G30, in the Army area - Hall 3, Stand P48 , in the naval area - Hall 2, Stand X16, and in the outdoor static exhibition, in Stand 40, by displaying a number of products, which range from airborne to land and naval applications. During the exhibition the company will also introduce a Light ISR system.

A selection of the latest company developments in the airborne ISR and protection domain are displayed and include the MIYSIS DIRCM, the recently launched direct IR counter measure solution for the international markets, the SEASPRAY 5000 multimode AESA surveillance radar, which will be the first E scan surveillance radar to enter into Brazilian Air Force (FAB) operational service and the GABBIANO surveillance radar that has been selected to equip the KC 390, as well as for other customers in the country.

GABBIANO surveillance radar (All Photos: Selex ES)
Selex ES also showcases SkyISTAR, the platform agnostic advanced sensor mission management system that has just been contracted by its launch customer for a MALE (Medium Altitude Long Endurance) aircraft.

In the naval domain the company’s capabilities cover the full spectrum of defence electronics form fully integrated management systems such as ATHENA – that has been integrated on the Italian FREMM frigates, to the showcased operationally proven situational awareness electro-optic (EO) system JANUS N, already in use with two customers.

In the land domain Selex ES offers a range of capabilities guaranteeing a total situational awareness. These capabilities include airborne solutions shown into the Army pavilion by the micro unmanned aerial systems CREX-B and DRAKO for surveillance and situational awareness purposes. Into the same area TETRA solution for mission critical and secure communications, together with the Soldier System Radio (SSR) and the Front Line Soldier Radio for encrypted voice communications are also displayed.

In the static area there is also on show the LYRA on LINCE, a light transportable radar, the LYRA10, developed for homeland protection applications, mounted on-board of a Light Multirole Vehicle (LMV).

Selex ES is also present at the show within the ASI (Agenzia Spaziale Italiana) stand with its AA-STR, an autonomous Star TRACKER, which provides attitude data and motion rates of satellites. Finally, within the UK TI stand, the company showcases its RAVEN radar for the GRIPEN NG, a wide field of regard system, optimised for multi-role and swing role operations.

On display there will be as well videos dedicated to the NATO Computer Incident Response Capability (NCIRC) solution realised by Selex ES and one on a Cyber Security System, developed by the company and in use by several large organizations operating in the energy, finance, aerospace, defense and government sectors.

With a fully owned subsidiary in country, Selex ES do Brazil, the company, relying on its heritage and recent success in Brazil - from the GABBIANO surveillance radar for the KC-390 tanker/transport aircraft to the most recent Sirio Panel subsidiary LED lighting systems for the same aircraft- is committed to build partnerships and collaborations with local industries and target the emerging requirement both in the civil and military domains.

The company solutions across air, land and naval domains can provide Brazil with the highest technologies to meet the future major programmes requirements including SISFRON, PROTEGER, SISGAAZ, PROSUPER, and FX2 as well as other individual Brazilian Armed Forces requirements. Moreover Selex ES, through its long experience in providing integrated defence solutions and high technology products, recognises that this can have many applications in the civil sector such as integrated airports, critical infrastructures, network communications, and Smart cities.

Selex ES wants to fully support the Brazilian aspirations for technology transfer and localised in country support capability and is in active discussion with a number of Brazilian Strategic Defence companies across a whole range of product areas.
Selex ES, as a single unified company and one of the largest defence electronics companies in the world, now brings a number of additional strengths to Brazil through a more focussed organisation that can respond to complex customer requirements and provide a complete range of solutions across the whole Defence and Security domain at all levels. This makes Selex ES a perfect partner, whether for complex integrated turkey solutions, complete subsystems, or just for a single product technology. Selex ES has been in Brazil for over 30 years beginning by working alongside Embraer on the AMX programme and by delivering air traffic control systems for the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), besides working alongside the Brazilian Navy providing fire control systems on their frigates and corvettes together with logistic support. The company’s air domain heritage in Brazil includes a range of airborne radars with over 140 now in service in the country, on the AMX, the F5 and the P95. Selex ES has since also been selected to supply the GABBIANO airborne radar for the FAB’s KC390 programme. The company’s RAVEN E-Scan fire control radar and SKYWARD-G IRST system have been selected by Saab for the GRIPEN NG aircraft which is competing for Brazil’s FX2 new fighter aircraft programme. In the naval domain fire control radars, and surveillance radars are installed on the Niteroi frigates, of the Brazilian Navy’s Naval Unit fleet, for which logistic support has also been delivered. The company’s weapon system has equipped as well the BARROSO-class corvette. In the land domain Selex ES has supplied long range surveillance radars, Precision Approach Radars (PAR), military and civil communication networks such as the SISTAC and TETRA, and Personal Role Radios (PRR) for the Brazilian Army.

LAAD 2013 - Mistral Group Introduces New Capabilities in Detecting and Identifying Drugs and Explosives

Mistral Group, a leading developer and manufacturer of products for military, EOD and law-enforcement is displaying various drug and explosives identification kits at Hall 4, Stand #H - 26.

Mistral Group subsidiary, Mistral Detection highlights various drug detection and identification kits, including aerosol and Pentest capable of identifying over 20 various drug types or other illicit substances. Mistral’s kits can detect drug residues that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Similar kits used for the detection and identification of explosives are Expray and ExPens. Used extensively by coalition forces during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, Mistral Detection’s Expray is recognised as one of the most widely used field test kits in the world. These simple to use products are designed for pre or post blast investigations; they can detect and identify 99% of the explosives on the FBI threat list, including home-made explosives.

At LAAD 2013, the Mistral Group is also displaying the range of blast containment vessels, designed for transportation and mitigation of explosive devices, and CBRNE threats developed by its subsidiary Karil Protective Systems (KPS).

KPS's products and solutions are being used worldwide, including US military and PSA of Argentina and recently were delivered to Brazilian security groups in support to the security efforts of the 2013 Confederation cup and 2014 world cup.

 “At LAAD 2013 we are displaying our unique explosives, drugs and forensic detection products," said Eyal Banai, Mistral Group's CEO. "For many years our solutions are being used successfully worldwide and have recently delivered on increasing orders received from Latin America. We invite you to visit our booth and to see the company's extensive range of solutions on display.

Established in 1988, Mistral Group is a leading developer and manufacturer of blast management tools, forensic, explosive and drug detection and identification products for military, EOD, security agencies, airports, and other critical infrastructure requiring protection. Mistral Group is a team of independent companies, each operating in different segment of the Defence and Law Enforcement markets, offering a wide range of innovative, technologically mature and operationally proven solutions. Mistral Group also includes WaterGen Company producing and generating of water-from-air for vehicles and bases, and portable water treatment units for the individual soldier.

LAAD 2013: O Grupo Mistral Introduz Novas Capacidades

para a Detecção e a Identificação de Drogas e Explosivos
As soluções da Mistral são capazes de identificar mais de 20 tipos variados de drogas e 99% dos explosivos, tendo sido extensamente usadas pelas forças de coalizão durante as guerras no Iraque e no Afeganistão
Herzeliya Pituach, Israel, April 4, 2103 - O Grupo Mistral, uma desenvolvedora e produtora líder de produtos para aplicações militares, de remoção de explosivos e para forças de imposição da lei estará apresentando vários conjuntos de identificação de drogas e explosivos na Feira LAAD 2013, no Rio de Janeiro, no Pavilhão de Israel, Hall 4, Stand H-26.
Uma subsidiária do Grupo Mistral, a Mistral Detection mostrará no evento vários conjuntos de detecção e identificação de drogas, incluindo aerossol e Pentest capazes de identificar mais de 20 tipos variados de drogas e outras substâncias ilícitas. Os conjuntos da Mistral podem detectar resíduos de drogas que não podem ser vistos a olho nu.
Conjuntos similares para a detecção e identificação de explosivos são Expray e ExPens. Usado extensamente pelas forças de coalizão durante as guerras no Iraque e no Afeganistão, o Expray da Mistral é reconhecido como o conjunto de teste de campo mais utilizado no mundo. Estes produtos simples de usar são desenhados para investigações antes e depois de explosões, e podem detectar e identificar 99% dos explosivos incluídos na lista de ameaças da FBI, incluindo explosivos caseiros.
Na LAAD 2013, o Grupo Mistral estará também apresentando um alcance de vasilhas contentoras de explosivos, desenhadas para transporte e mitigação de equipamento explosivo, e ameaças CBRNE (químicas, biológicas, radiológicas, nucleares e altamente explosivas) desenvolvidas pela sua subsidiária Karil Protective Systems (KPS). Os produtos e as soluções da KPS estão sendo usados em todo o mundo, incluindo o Exército americano e a PSA da Argentina e recentemente eles foram entregues a grupos brasileiros de segurança em suporte aos esforços de segurança na Copa das Confederações de 2013 e a Copa do Mundo de 2014.
Na LAAD 2013 estaremos apresentando nossos únicos produtos de detecção legal de drogas”, disse o Sr. Eyal Banai, CEO do Grupo Mistral. “Por muitos anos nossas soluções têm sido utilizadas com sucesso em todo o mundo e recentemente entregamos crescentes pedidos recebidos da América Latina. Convidamos você a visitar nosso stand e ver de perto o extenso alcance de soluções que nossa companhia estará apresentando.”
Estabelecido em 1988, o Grupo Mistral é um líder no desenvolvimento e na produção de ferramentas de gestão de explosões, perícia forense, e produtos de detecção e identificação de explosivos e drogas para militares, remoção de explosivos, agências de segurança, aeroportos e outras infraestruturas críticas que necessitam de proteção.
O Grupo Mistral é um grupo de companhias independentes, cada uma operando em segmento diferente nos mercados de Defesa e Imposição da Lei, oferecendo um largo leque de soluções inovadoras, maturas tecnologicamente e provadas em operações.
O Grupo Mistral também inclui a WaterGen Company que produz e gera água de ar para veículos e bases, e unidades portáteis de tratamento de água para o soldado individual.

LAAD 2013 – Innovation at the Israeli Pavilion

Gilat Satellite Networks, a worldwide leader in satellite networking technology, solutions, and services, showcases its new lightweight integrated airborne satellite communications solution for UAVs at Hall 4, Stand I.30a.
Gilat Terminal for UAV (Photo: Gilat)
Weighing only 22lbs (10.5kg) and capable of transmitting 1Mbps of IP-based data, Gilat's UAV solution is comprised of a ruggedized spread spectrum satellite modem; a two-way, on-the-move, flat panel tracking antenna; and a compact 40W Ku-band block up-converter (BUC) and power amplifier. The tightly integrated solution provides a lightweight, compact and low-power terminal that is ideal for airborne applications - and can be tailored to meet varied end-user specifications and requirements. The miniature dimensions of the solution allow BLoS (Beyond Line of Sight) operations for very small UAV platforms.

According to Gidi Talmor, RVP Defense International Sales at Gilat, "The UAVs being used for Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), as well as Customs and Border Protection (CBP),  are becoming increasingly smaller in order to enable easier navigation and longer flight times. As such, they require the smallest, lightest, and lowest possible power consuming communications solutions. In response to this need, we developed our system featuring one of the industry’s smallest and most compact aerial solutions in its category. The system will be on display at the upcoming LAAD exhibition, and we invite everyone to visit our booth for a closer look at this unique solution."

Additional Gilat products being presented are,

  • Gilat's RaySat series of low-profile, in-motion, two-way antennas for mobile communications-on-the-move (COTM). Compact, aerodynamic, and vehicle-mounted, RaySat antennas deliver mission-critical data, voice, and video for secure, real-time information flow.
  • Gilat’s Wavestream power amplifiers and BUCs: including airborne qualified military and commercial AeroStream Transceiver; 80W and 200W X-band BUCs, 25W and 40W Ka-band Matchbox BUCs, and Ku-band Deck Power Amplifier.


DSIT Solutions, a leader in the development and production of sonar applications for the defence, commercial, energy, and homeland security markets - presents its family of operational underwater fully automatic diver detection systems, designed for a variety of defence and HLS applications, at the Israeli Pavilion, on Booth # H24. The AQUA SHIELD provides long range detection of even the weakest underwater targets, thus enabling the protection of coastal and offshore sites; the portable POINT SHIELD covers medium ranges with highly accurate diver detection for protection of ships and smaller zones.

DSIT's diver detection systems are built to operate 24/7/365 in all weather and water conditions. Providing very early warning and sufficient time for response, the systems allow the investigation of targets using a special zoom display.

AQUA SHIELD is a 5th generation Diver Detection Sonar (DDS) system, currently operational in-the-water, protecting naval bases, energy terminals, commercial ports, and other high-value assets from underwater intrusion. The system detects divers with closed and open circuit breathing apparatus, Swimmer Delivery Vehicles (SDVs), Diver Propulsion Devices (DPD), and small submersibles.

POINT SHIELD is DSIT’s Portable Diver Detection Sonar (PDDS). It is a highly accurate, portable system for covering medium ranges. The system protects specific and well-defined zones, such as a section of a narrow river, a water intake channel, an anchored ship, or a constricted area.


Beit-Alfa Technologies (BAT), a leading designer and manufacturer of special-purpose vehicles, highlights its family of RIOT CONTROL VEHICLES (RCVs) that use proprietary non-lethal jet pulse water cannon systems, which enable accurate pulse firing as well as significant water savings, at Hall 4, Israel Pavilion, Booth #J32. The RCVs are available in various sizes for a wide range of defence, law enforcement and Homeland Security (HLS) missions.

(Photo: BAT)
Beit-Alfa's rugged, highly effective RCVs are based on the company's over 40 years of experience in specialised vehicle design and production. In addition to the water cannon systems, the vehicles also include advanced Command & Control capabilities that allow the operator to mix accurate amounts of additives to the water pulses, including tear gas (CS), skunk, or dye, according to operational needs.

Reliable, efficient, and easy to operate, Beit-Alfa's line of RCVs provides full self-protection from fire, approaching rioters, and ballistics - and incorporates a bulldozer blade and front water/foam cannon which clear away and extinguish any obstacles in the vehicle's path. A filtration system is included for the driver and cabin crew. Also integrated are a front CCTV and video system, rear camera, and monitor.
The vehicles are built on a variety of chassis sizes to meet the needs of a wide range of operational scenarios. A complete line of over 15 RCV models are available, all custom-built per customer specifications. These vehicles are in use worldwide, and have been extensively field-proven during intensive action.

Beit-Alfa also offers a complete, turn-key package with fully-equipped vehicles that integrate all necessary tools - including an advanced robot - to perform almost any type of EOD & IEDD intervention mission. Enabling rapid deployment and response by EOD teams, the vehicles are internally customized so that all equipment is safely and easily stowed. Designed for convenient accessibility, Beit-Alfa's EOD/IEDD vehicles are deployed by military and police bomb disposal units around the globe. The vehicles are designed according to customer specifications, based on a variety of standard chassis.

(Photo: BAT)


Ness Technologies, a global provider of information technology services and solutions, introduces its advanced, integrated crisis management solution spanning the national, regional, municipal and field levels – at Booth # J 39.

(Photo: Ness)
Ness' integrated crisis preparedness and management system enables all levels – from municipal up to regional and national levels – to prepare effectively for disasters and to manage them optimally after they have happened. Disasters may include earthquakes, floods, large-scale fires, hazardous material leakage, air pollution and other natural and man-made catastrophes, as well as atomic, biological and chemical attacks.

The Ness Crisis Management System minimises damage and losses by allowing real-time, central management and tightly coordinated efforts between various rescue teams. The system interfaces with numerous warning systems that alert the public through media such as radio, TV, cellular networks and the Internet, interfaces with information and other command and control systems, and supports the national and regional levels.

In large-scale emergencies, coordinated management of the crisis at all levels is critical. Decision makers require an integrated situation picture of both field operations and upper levels, reflecting the joint coordinated efforts to cope with the situation," said Michael Zinderman, President, Technologies & Systems Group (TSG), Ness Technologies.  "In addition, severe disasters often require not only the intervention of local emergency forces, but the involvement of national/regional resources, including military forces, to assist the population and prevent terror attacks. Our integrated crisis management system meet these challenges, enabling full control of national, regional, municipal and field efforts."

(Photo: Ness)


Netcom Malam Team International, a leader in strategic communication networks, critical infrastructures, for the military, security-related organizations, strategic facilities, governments and governmental organizations, presents its Master System, a unique and sophisticated integrated C3 solution from the tactical Level to the strategic Level for Public Safety missions, at the Israeli Pavilion, Booth J-37a.

The Master System is a concept for C4I solutions that was specifically developed to assist governments or large organisations to manage, command and control any Public Security related situation - from the local, tactical scene to the national, strategic level. The system is designed to integrate the systems and resources of the Nation, State or Organization, to create an integrated, accurate and updated picture of the situation of the entire network at all levels - the armed forces, the police, the security and intelligence agencies, ministries and the national strategic infrastructures.

According to Ron Brenner, the company's CEO, "We are pleased to present our unique capabilities in the area of integrated command and control at the upcoming LAAD exhibition. The Master System has been successfully developed in Israel, and now - due to its unique capabilities, advanced operational concepts, and cutting-edge technology - it is being offered to foreign countries and public administrations under specific authorization from the State of Israel. We invite everyone to visit our booth and experience the system's exceptional capabilities first-hand."


UVision, a leader in the design, development and manufacturing of UAVs, has rolled out modernised versions of the HERO-30 expendable reconnaissance UAV, and the HERO-400 Loitering Attack Munition, responding to market demand. Through the recent modernization the systems received upgrade in the propulsion, power generation, avionics and datalinks systems, as well as improved payloads.

HERO-400 Loitering Attack Munition (Photos: UVision)
The company will also introduce a common C2 system to be shared by all HERO family UAS. Sharing command and control infrastructure across the family maximizes the commander’s flexibility in deploying these assets in response to rapidly evolving combat scenarios.

HERO-30 expendable reconnaissance UAV
We are excited to launch the UVision Unified Command and Control system at LAAD 2013. This system is an important foundation supporting the future family of HERO UAS as well as the newly modernized HERO-30 and HERO-400 systems,” said UVision CEO Yair Dubester. “UVision has worked relentlessly to maximize the cost-effectiveness of unmanned systems while offering highly specialized mission capabilities and expanding the range of unmanned systems’ roles on the battlefield.

UVision is currently offering two versions of expendable UAS for reconnaissance and precision attack applications:

The HERO-30 (formerly designated WASP) is a small (3kg) expendable unmanned reconnaissance asset supporting small tactical units and Special Forces. HERO-30 is a zero-maintenance personal reconnaissance asset, which is launched from a small canister and is electrically powered, resulting in a minimal tactical footprint and extreme ease of deployment on the battlefield. It provides a full half hour of mission time to accommodate the needs of front line units, as they are engaged combat and potentially under fire.

The HERO-400 (formerly designated BLADE ARROW) is a medium-size (40kg) loitering munition powered by a gasoline engine. The payload comprises an advanced electro-optical day/night imaging sensor and an 8kg warhead. HERO-400 can loiter for four hours, for engaging fixed or moving high-value targets. Supporting missions at ranges up to 150km, HERO-400 provides the tactical commander an affordable, quick-reaction precision strike capability.

The company’s HERO-400 and HERO-30 also share a common architecture that supports full interoperability and complementary mission capability.

10 April 2013

LAAD 2013 - Thales Presents its Wide Array of Capabilities

Thales,  with a historic presence of more than 40 years in Latin America, is participating in the 9th edition of LAAD.

"Thales has been consolidating its presence in Latin America for a long time. Our strategy to transfer technology, establish a local industrial base and develop industrial and R&D partnerships is in line with national investment policies. Thales is already transferring technology in the region: it's a reality, not a promise. Our investment aims to have the right skills locally to further expand the technology base and the export market. Sharing key technologies is the Thales way: in the past, now and in the future," states Cesar Kuberek, Thales's Vice President in Latin America.

In the various markets that the Group addresses, Thales is showcasing its capabilities in:

Defence Aerospace - As a leading provider of cutting edge equipment and systems to customers worldwide, Thales is showcasing its air mission system capabilities, as well as its know-how in secure communications, secure identification and its training solutions for airborne platforms.
With its positioning in Advanced Air Defence, Thales is one of the only groups in Europe able to offer the entire integrated capability from air defence radars and C2 through to effectors and their respective fire control systems. ThalesRaytheonSystems (TRS), the joint-venture between Raytheon and Thales, presents the Ground Master 400, air defence radar model. TRS is a world leader in tactical radars for the battlefield with more than 600 systems in service worldwide.

With 140 operational radars, 250 Navaids and 26 TopSky-ATC solutions, Thales covers 50% of the Latin American airspace. At the stand, Thales presents how radars and non-radar technologies can be combined to offer an optimized surveillance coverage, its high-end solution TopSky-Safety Nets to improve airspace safety and the state of the art TopSky-Tower to improve safety on the ground.

Land Defence - Thales is a key player in the land systems domain with capabilities including system of systems, protected mobility (vehicle and soldier systems), secure and interoperable information and communications systems. LAAD is the perfect place to illustrate this, showing training solutions for Land forces, radio-products covering the spectrum from HF to SATCOM and draw on solid expertise in secure mobile radio, datalink technology, identification. Thales is also be exhibiting its comprehensive range of optronic equipment dedicated for vehicle or soldier protection.

Naval Defence - As a global leader in naval solutions and a first rate partner to over 50 Navies worldwide, Thales provides maritime solutions enabling commanders to reach decisions that deliver better outcomes. At LAAD, Thales is exhibiting its expertise in both Above and Underwater warfare: from surveillance, identification, communications, command and combat systems to support for weapons systems, as well as acoustic systems for anti-submarine warfare and anti-mine warfare for all types of platforms.

Space - Thales Alenia Space, as a worldwide key player in the space industry for telecommunications, optical and radar Earth observation, meteorology and navigation is highlighting in particular its know-how for dual use applications as well as its strong heritage in multibeam Ka-band technologies and products ranging from end-to-end systems to advanced equipment. Thales Alenia Space has an impressive track record in cooperating around the World both with industry and government including in setting up ambitious technology transfer programmes.

Thales is a global technology leader for the Defence & Security and the Aerospace & Transportation markets. In 2012, the company generated revenues of €14.2 billion with 67,000 employees in 56 countries. With its 25,000 engineers and researchers, Thales has a unique capability to design, develop and deploy equipment, systems and services that meet the most complex security requirements. Thales has an exceptional international footprint, with operations around the world working with customers and local partners. 

LAAD 2013 - ST Kinetics Brings Low Velocity Extended Range (LV-ER) Munitions

ST Kinetics is one of the world’s leading 40mm solutions providers, offering a comprehensive range of 40mm weapons and ammunition from high velocity, low velocity, less than lethal to special purpose.

Through experience and innovation, ST Kinetics delivers consistently high quality and superior performance products qualified to the most stringent safety and environmental standards.
The nature of attacks faced by soldiers today highlights the need for the infantry squad to be self sufficient to deal with these immediate and varied threats. The ability to see ahead, respond effectively in urban and populated environments will enhance the survivability and effectiveness of the infantryman.

Without adding significant load and logistical burden to the squad, ST Kinetics’ family of 40mm low velocity ammunition provides the best existing medium to deliver various types of payloads and effects. With advances in technology, ST Kinetics is able to equip the infantry squad with a comprehensive suite of solutions to deal with new threats.

ST Kinetics’ low velocity extended range (LV-ER) munitions can be fired from existing grenade launchers without further modifications. According to the compaby, they have 30% shorter flight time compared to conventional LV munitions; with a flatter trajectory, the munitions’ hit probability and accuracy increases by 60% and the munitions have a 50% longer range of 600m compare to the conventional LV munitions.

LAAD 2013 - ST Kinetics Showcasing STK 40GL

ST Kinetics is showcasing its newest single-shot grenade launcher - the STK 40GL - at LAAD 2013, designed to maximise soldier-level firepower in a lightweight, compact and flexible package. The STK 40GL is modular in design and fully ambidextrous in operation. It is designed to be compatible with both 40mm Low Velocity and ST Kinetics' Extended Range grenades, and can be easily adapted in standalone or underbarrel configurations. In standalone operation, the STK 40GL's modular buttstock allows for stable handling of the STK 40GL, enhancing the warfighter's accuracy in the delivery of 40mm projectiles. As an underbarrel greande launcher, the STK 40GL can be attached to ST Kinetics' indigenously designed SAR21 assault rifle, or flexibly adapted to almost any other rifle system.


STK CIS 40AGL Mk2 (Photo: STK)

STK  CIS40GL Mk1 on show at LAAD (Photo: DPM)

ST Kinetics is also showcasing its new automatic grenade launcher, the STK 40AGL MK2, which improves upon its highly successful CIS 40AGL. The STK 40AGL MK2 retains the proven strengths of the CIS 40AGL - simple to operate, modular in design, and easy to maintain - and features major improvements including weight reduction, a removable barrel and enhanced safety. The STK 40AGL MK2 can be broken down into 5 modular parts for ease of maintainability and transportation, with its barrel easily disassembled in the field without the use of any tools. The STK 40 AGL MK2 futher enhances safety for the user with new safety features in its design. One of these new safety features include a mechanism to prevent the accidental firing of rounds if the charging handle is released during charging. Designed to fire a wide range of 40mm High Velocity grenades, the STK 40AGL MK2 can also be flexibly integrated into many platforms according to mission requirements.