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05 June 2013

ISDEF: See and Heard by Andre Forkert at ISDEF Day 2

SNAKE Offers More Fire Power

The SNAKE rifle hast two barrels to bring more fire power to the target. On the other side the constructors say that there are many more advantages. The percentage of hitting the target is higher, the balance of the weapon during firing is better and if one weapon jams, the second one is still working. So this is a rifle for critical situations.


Save Time and Costs With the Right Body Training

The US Company Athletes Performance provides a training solution and promises to to save you time and money during military training and selection courses. After a three week course the drafties have 60% less injuries and during normal selection courses. After six weeks these numbers can be reduced even down to 90%. All US Special Forces units are using this method as well as professional sports clubs around the world. The DFB German Nation Soccer Team is using it since 2004 as well as the ones from Japan, US and many more. Each training is customized to the user, so the military is slightly different from the one for the soccer teams.

It all starts with several test to show up the weakness of each person or to allow to return to service after a career threatening injury/wound. This benchmark evaluation of a person or a unit will provide an in-depth analysis of the human performance training system, medical support and nutrition strategies. After the identification the most critical assets are addressed: mind set, movement, nutrition’s and recovery. The movement is the part that is easily recognized, but the others are very important two. To look into the method, founder Mark Verstegen, wrote five books about the “Core Performance”, the first one is the most important ones for professionals from the military.

At USSOCOM the Athletes Performance staff is embedded into the units training. Courses can last from three days to three month, depending on the goal or injury.

This method helps to increase the numbers of absolvent of selection and training courses, it increase the operational availability of units and is extending the career length of Special Forces soldiers.
The train the trainer’s first seminar for example last four days and costs USD 1,800.


Upgrades for Dismounted Soldiers

Today the soldier is a system, modular like his equipment. So he has different needs and requires different solutions for all of his missions. CAA from Israel are showing their solutions to upgrade the equipment and weapons.

There is for example the RONI G2 pistol carbine conversion. The CAA product has a lot of small features that makes the product smarter than others on the market. All the CAA staff are current or ex-Specialists from the military, police or sport shooters. The system is very light weight and allows the shooter to react even if the weapon is jammed. The look like an MP have big influence on the mindset of the opponent, it not just a pistol. It is available for different pistols like GLOCK, H&K, Baretta, Sig Sauer, CZ, JERICHO and many more.

Brand new is the 5.56 mm polymer indicative magazine (MAG17). It is the new stanrad magazine for IDF troops and was just introduced there. Over 1 Mio. were delivered in the last four month.
New in stock is also a slim side-folding butt stock for VZ58, AK47, AK100 and GALIL, an AKSU Picatinny Rail System and a 5.56 mm magazine coupler.

Also standard IDF new standard IDF equipment is the BPP Grip with an integrated bipod. Over 24,000 have been delivered in the last two years. The BPP grip has a weight of 250 g, the BPP Grip HD has legs with reinforced extremely strong steel legs, so it also can be used with machine guns (weight 340 g). Both have the same strong and solid spring mechanism. It can be easily fitted to the Picatinny rail. It is released by a thumb push.


Catch Your Fixed-Wing UAV and Bring it Back to the Boat

Navies around the world are trying to push up the abilities and ranges of their ship sensors by putting UAVs on board. So fare most of the solutions are VTOL UAVs. To bring fixed-wing UAVs onto the vessel and ships would boost the range, flying time and possibilities. The US Navy has the TERN (Tactically Exploited Reconnaissance Node) program. They would like to put an UAV on a LCS-2 ship with the help of a containerized system. The UAV should fly for 900 nm, from a vessel based 100 nm off-shores. With that range the US Navy could cover 95% of the world land mass. The UAV should operate in heights between 10-25,000 ft with an ISR payload of 600 lb. The vessel should be possible to offer continuous reconnaissance (24/7). That would mean you must operate several UAVs from one ship and with one ground station. To reach these goals DARPA plans to invest USD 8.9 Mio. for phase I and USD 42 Mio. for phase II and III. All should be completed in 40 month.

At ISDEF M. Yoffe Aero are showing their solution for getting fixed-wing UAVs back to the ship or on land. This point recovery solution finally catches and hauls down the UAV by a cable-pull (cable of up to 400 m)nand put it with a robotic arm directly onto a heli pad, hangar or into a box. For that solution no runway or flight deck is needs. The UAV only need a trailed hook and maybe a special parachute to bring the stall speed further down. This solution should be good for UAVs up to MALE size (HERON 1, PREDATOR, HERMES 900). The start is done with the help of a add-on rocket motor.


Look and Fight Around the Corner – Save Lives

Since some year the CORNER SHOT guns are on the market. This rifle is enabling soldiers and police forces to observe and engage targets from “around the corner” without exposing themselves and stay behind the cover. The system is so modified that it can host a lot of different weapons, like pistols, M16, AK47, 40 mm grenade launcher, paint weapons and others. The US Marines used the weapons in Irak and Afghanistan and said it saved lives on both side. Insurgents gave up if they saw the weapon and not the soldier, so a deadly fight was prevented. Or children and normal persons could be seen before entering a room.

One of the newest innovations is the integration a “toy weapon” to use it as a less than lethal weapon to shoot at insurgents and give them the chance to give up. Very helpful is the CORNER SHOT to look under or over vehicles, boxes, etc.

                                                                                                                                      Andre Forkert


There are only small numbers of UAVs shown at ISDEF. All of them are tactical ones.

Aeronautics is presenting their fixed wing ORBITRER 3 small tactical UAS. One of the main key features is the high performance with a radical reduced logistics. ORBITER 3 takes off by a catapult mounted on a SUV vehicle platform. It offers static and on the move operations with its stabilized tri-sensor EO/IR un-/cooled sensors from FLIR and an optional laser pointer. The flight is fully autonomous and guided by a camera. The ORBITER with a wingspan of 4.2 m and a max. T/O weight of 28 kg is ready after a 20 min. assembly. The range is up to 100 km with a speed of 30-70 knots and a service ceiling of 18.000 feet.

Another one is the VTOL SENTINEL 800 Defence from Aero-Sentinel Ltd. This is a fully autonomous ultra light VTOL UAV for day/night video streaming. The payload of 1.5 kg consist of colour TV/IR and it operates in 10-1,000 feet with a flight time of 1 hour and a mission radius of 10 km. Because of its weight, size (800 mm diameter) and the assembly under 2 min. it is highly mobile and rapidly deployable. It has an automatic take off and landing and Aero-Sentinel promises user friendly operations and very low life cycle costs.

                                                                                                                                      Andre Forkert

ISDEF 2013: New VERSIA Military Design Rifles and Knifes

VERSIA Military Design from Israel is presenting their newest upgrades on rifles and knifes. Their goal is to make things better and smarter.

The MURPHY II is a pistol convertable with three Picatinny rails and a 2nd reserve magazine in the fore grip. That makes the change of magazine really fast. The outside make it look like a machine pistol that has big effects on the mind of your opponent. He reacts different if the thinks that is an MP and not just a pistol. The weapon also has a integrated butt stock and according to VERSIA it is offered for a low price compared to other solutions.

The MERON is an update of the TAVOR 5.56 mm rifle with new ergonomics. For example the butt stock is adjustable in height and length, the for grip is on an axes of 45° for a better handling in urban environments and on short distances. The weapon can be used by left/right hander equally. And it has an integrated bipod.
VERSIA together with ISAK are doing an upgraded on the Army SWAT knife. There are two versions, a fixed and a folding one with each two different lengths. The SWAT Teams asked for a very solid knife with the function as a tactical hammer. You can break glass, bring walls down and use it as a digging tool.
Therefore 440C stele with a thickness of 6 mm (folding 5 mm) is used. All the developments are done together with the SWAT units. The German GSG 9 Special Police Force and Poland will have them on trial. The first knives are operational since two years now and they will get an upgrade on the handles. There are also starting to develop Tantum SWAT knifes. Retail price is USD 149.

                                                                                                                                      Andre Forkert

ISDEF 2013: AVON Protective Masks

AVON Protection is showing their latest developments of protecting masks. The HMK150 is a cooperation with Schubert Helmet from Germany for an upcoming tender by the German Police. With the new mask the soldier/police men do not have to take his helmet off to put his mask on. That is very important because it is one of the weakest moments in a riot or combat situation. At the moment it is only done for Police forces, but it could for combat helmet so during a fight and CBRN alarm you just put your mask on and not the helmet off.

The other solution is the NH15, a onetime use mask that is good for 15 min. After the CBRN alarm in Japan it was used right at the atomic facility and worked for up to three days, before it had to be replaced. It offers protection against all CBRN threats. You just put it over your head and you are ready to go.
                                                                                                                                      Andre Forkert

ISDEF 2013: SOF Vehicle for Fast Interception

Automotive Industries Ltd. from Israel is showing their STORM 3 R-Type vehicle at ISDEF. This is a high intervention vehicle for surveillance, base patrol and rapid offensive action. It is designed to carry modular systems and weapons.
                                                                                                                                      Andre Forkert

ISDEF 2013: iNav - Smallest UAV at the Show

The iNav is the smallest UAV on ISDEF. The development was sponsored by the UK Mod and is in operations in Afghanistan now. The Dutch Army has it on trials with five Systems (one control pad, two UAVs). The iNav series has two different Nano UAVs (one for military, one for civilian applications) to provide user with extra eyes and ears for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance. It can be deployed in seconds and is not bigger than a hand (150mm). It only weight 60g and offer a flight duration of up to 30min. iNav is fully stabilised and can hover in position until instructed to move or given GPS waypoints. It can fly up to the height of 1km and at a distance of 1km. Streaming video from day/low light or night cameras can be received by the ground station, a rugged 7in tablet. Developed by scientists and engineers with true “end user” input by SME,s from Providence that can be utilized in the intelligence , GSA, and confirmation roles of the future IED Operator.
                                                                                                                                     Andre Forkert

ISDEF 2013: IAI's RAM Mk III Light Armoured Multi Mission Vehicle

The RAM Mk III Light Armoured Multi Mission Vehicle by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is a light weight armoured vehicle as a platform for different missions. The combat weight is 6,500kg with a payload of 1,200kg. Max. Speed is 9 km/h and it can be mounted with remote weapon stations.
                                                                                                                                     Andre Forkert

ISDEF 2013: BAT Beit-Alfa Technologies Riot Control Vehicles

BAT Beit-Alfa Technologies Ltd. is a producer of Riot Control vehicles. All lorries can be used as a platform and all systems come with jet-pulse technology and highly accurate non-lethal weapons. BAT delivered tailored made vehicles to more than 40 countries. The pulse water cannon can also be filled with gas/colour. The vehicle outside can be protected against fire and Molotov cocktails by an fire extinguishing system.

New (operational with IDF and Israel National police since 2008) is SKUNK, a non-lethal riot control solution. SKUNK is foul-smelling, non-toxic, liquid spray. It is not inflammable and is using 100% food-grade ingredients. It is produced by Odortec Ltd. in Israel.
                                                                                                                                     Andre Forkert

ISDEF 2013: Vehicle Mounted Remote Weapons Stations by Rafael

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is presenting two remote controlled weapon stations. The SAMSON Mini 14.5 mm KPVT has a high-precision fire power for day/night with an optional ballistic protection multi-sensor sight pod.

The SAMSON Non Lethal offers a range of effectors to decrease the situation. It comes with a 22’’ low calibre rifle for rubber bullets, a sound blaster acoustic device with 140 dB, a tear/smoke gas grenade launcher, a xenon-based dazzler, a 40 mm impuls grenade launcher and a sighting system. The sensors on the outside are protected against stones, Molotov cocktails, etc.

                                                                                                                                        Andre Forkert

ISDEF2013: Speed Up Your Navy Diver with OPCON Marine's BLACKACE

BLACK ACE is a diver propulsion transporter (DPT) from OPCON Marine PTE Ltd. from Singapore. The producer quotes that the BLACK ACE is the new generation of  underwater transporter with a high trust-to-weight ratio that should increase the diver speed and performance. The system is made of lightweight composite materials that should also reduce the detection signature. It can speed up a diver up to 5 knots with a system weight of 15 kg. The system can be packed and transported in a normal back pack. The controller for the system is designed to be mounted on the rifle’s rail, so the diver is always ready to fight. All system components can be changed under water, also the batteries. At cruising speed the batteries are good for an operation of up to 60 min., a recharge takes max. 90 min. It can be used up to a depth of 100 m. Right now it is in trials with the Special Forces of Singapore and the Indian Navy.
Black ACE comes in two versions, a leg mount/rebreather configuration (depth 40 m/15 kg/60 min.) and a scuba tank mounted configuration (100 m).
                                                                                                                                        Andre Forkert

IDEF 2013: Clear Mines, Be Safe with Way Industry's BOZENA

Mines are still a problem worldwide. For example in Croatia or Bosnia they can be found by the millions. It will take centuries to clear them up and a lot of money.

Polish Way Industry A.S. is presenting their BOZENA 4+ Mini and 5+ Midi Mine Clearance System. Both are remotely controlled and can resist standards 9 kg antitank mines. The Mini offers a mine clearance width of 2,225 mm with a depth penetration of max. 250 mm. So an area of 2,500 m2 can be cleaned in one hour. The BOZENA 4+ has a total weight of 6,983 kg. The Midi 5+ has a clearance width of 2,655 mm and a depth of max. 300 mm and is good for an area of 6,000 m2/h.
                                                                                                                                        Andre Forkert

ISDEF 2013: See More with LITEEYE Systems

LITEEYE Systems Inc. is presenting their thermal imaging surveillance system AQUILA MMTI (miniature multi-role thermal imager (mini)) and the LE-720A head up display. The AQUILA MMTI is a rugged, miniature short-range uncooled 17ym 320x240 thermal imager that comes in two lens versions. The housing is constructed of aluminium and confirms IP67. It is water resistant. The system has a weight of 182 g and the 7.5 mm lens is good for the man detection of up to 350 m and the identification of 100 m. The 19 mm lens is good for 900/200 m.

The LE-720A head up display is also rugged and waterproofed for a depth of 20 m. It is a patented non pupil forming, colour corrected optic with large eye relief. It can be used as a see through device.


                                                                                                                                        Andre Forkert

ISDEF 2013: Automotive Robotic Industry's AMSTAF - The Ultimate UGV Platform

Automotive Robotic Industry Ltd. (Nazareth/Israel) shows the amphibious UGV (unmanned ground vehicle) AMSTAF in two versions, the 6x6 ODG ARGO and the 8x8 ODG CENTUAR. AMSTAF is a platform for different application in the area of civilian security & rescue, missions, logistics and rescue in critical infrastructure and hostile environment, under all weather conditions. AMSTAF works fully autonomous (on patrol, flow, go to point, respond, pursue, observe & verify) with collaboration abilities, path planning and obstacle avoidance. It is driven by two silent electric engines with batteries (72kv 60 amp) running up to 6s hrs before recharging. AMSTAF has a driving camera and a research camera as a standard. Many other sensors can be added. The 6x6 offers a payload of 350 kg, the 8x8 of 800 kg with a towing capacity of 650 kg/1,000 kg. The max. speed is 42 km/h. The AMSTAF is controlles by a Toshiba tough-book.

The AMSTAF at ISDEF is presented as an logistic CBRN rescue platform with the Beth-El Industries/IsoArk N 36-2 Isolation Chamber.

The Beth-El Industries/IsoArk N 36-2 Isolation Chamber is an temporary solution to rapidly isolate a person or item that is thought to be contained. In the chamber it can be safely moved to an isolated area or treatment. The isolation chamber is equipped with its own negative pressure filtration system (>6 Pa) to provide maximum protection and operational safety for the contaminated person and the operational team outside. The stretcher system can be carried by two persons or a platform like the AMSTAF, there two chambers would be possible. The IsoArk N 36-2 is ready to use in minutes and has a system weight of 27 kg.
                                                                                                                                        Andre Forkert

ISDEF 2013: Photographic Recap of Day One



ISDEF 2013: 100% Waterproof for Phones, GPS and Tablets - PASKAL

PASKAL zippers & fasteners of Israel is presenting a 100% waterproof magnetic self-sealing pouch. Two magnets are sealing the pouch and protecting the equipment inside for up to 30 m depth (testes up to 50 m). Outdoors company are using the magnets to log back packs. At the moment three sizes are available, but many more can be done if requested. Even touch screens are still operable. The retail price is USD 30.
                                                                                                                                         Andre Forkert

ISDEF 2013: SYS Technologies CBRN Protection Tent for In- and Outdoors

CRBN protection is a big issue in Israel, so there are a lot of products at ISDEF. One of them is the MediT mobile clean medical unit by SYS Technologies Ltd. The tent is ready to use in 2 minutes and is in use with doctors in Syria, Africa and around the world. It is a sterile clean room ISO 6 with a 26 HEPA filter with an air change ratio volume of 16.23 m3. The supply air flow is 1,140 m3/h. The tent structure is of PVC Coated Tarpaulins and weights 93 kg packed in two transportable bags. The modularity offers the combination of many tents. The MediT was released last year and the IDF has it in stock.
                                                                                                                                         Andre Forkert

ISDEF 2013: ATK Reaches Milestone C

ATK is presenting their range of ammunition. The PGK (precision guidance kit) for artillery ammunition passed milestone C in March and was fielded in Afghanistan. The next step would be a bigger contract and full series production. The PGK transforms 155 mm artillery ammunition into affordable, GPS-guided precision weapons, usable in all weather conditions. With a circular error probable (CEP) of less than 50 m, PGK fills an effectiveness gap between conventional artillery and smart ammunition.

The low-cost PGK is a highly reliable, fuze-sized guidance kit is installed in the projectile fuze and functions as height-of-burst and point detonation.

For 120 mm mortar ammunition ATK offers the XM395 120 mm precision mortar. Like the PGK it transform a normal mortar into a GPS-guided ones.

Another product by ATK is the XM25 rifle. The XM25 Counter Defilade Target engagement System (CDTE) is the latest US Army design of rifles to engage enemies behind cover. In parts this weapon can replace the normal assault rifle, because it combines the advantages of an assault rifle with the advantages of a 40 mm air burst ammunition. The rifle will have a of 12 -12.5 pounds, a length of 29.5 inches and a magazine of 4 rounds. The full integrated day/night optics is produced by L3, the rifle by Heckler & Koch. ATK is responsible for the integration and the ammunition. 25 mm high explosive air bursting, armor piercing and training is under current development. Later less-than-lethal (blunt), less-than-lethal (airburst9 and door breaching could be part of future development. At the moment the XM25 is in the finalization with the US Army. Series production could start by the end of the year.

                                                                                                                                         Andre Forkert

ISDEF 2013: No. 1 RIB Supplier of the US Navy

Brunswick Inc. is presenting their latest upgrades on vessels. Very new is the LRI (Long Range Interceptor), which was developed for the US Coast Guard. The first was just delivered, all eight will be delivered until 2015. The 12m vessel has a new joystick control where power and control are separated in two sticks. In the last years Brunswick became the biggest supplier of RIBs for the US Navy. The LRI has a beam of 3.43 m and a draft of 0.64m, total weight is 8,165kg. The vessel offers a person capacity of 20 soldiers and is powered by a 820kW (max.) engine.

Brunswick also offers a 12m IMPACT vessel. The Dutch Navy just got upgrades of that vessel. The 12 m outboard offers a narrow and width bridge. The Beam is 3.25 m, is powered by a 745 kW (max.) engine of can transport up to 20 persons.

                                                                                                                                         Andre Forkert

ISDEF 2013: Combat & Patrol Vessel

Armstrong Marine Inc. is presenting its 21st century high speed combat & patrol 15m vessel. It was developed within the last 1.5 years with a former UK Royal Marine. The STORM has a BDA of 3.85 m and a draft of 0.9 m, it offers a ballistic protection and the waterjet propulsion with 1,500-2,000 hp can speed the vessel up to 50+ knots.
                                                                                                                                         Andre Forkert

ISDEF 2013: High Accuracy Remote Weapon Station TALON

Paradigm SRP from the US is presenting a electronically gyro-stabilized marksman platform for vehicles (helicopter, boats and land vehicles). The TALON can be carried by one man (54 lbs) and offers unpreceded accuracy (6 inches) while the vehicle is on the move. The weapon can be hand controlled by a HD video hand controller (2x 720p HD daylight cameras and a 2km laser range finder). The pinpoint precision is achieved by incorporating state of the art mil-specs gyros with high speed servos and advanced circuitry. It is rapidly installed and secured by two cargo straps. All kind of rifles can be used with the TALON, from 5.56 mm up to .300 WM.

The TALON is presented for the first time at a show. Right now USSOCOM and the Texas Rangers have it in trials.
                                                                                                                                         Andre Forkert

ISDEF 2013: ISDEF is Presenting the Latest Technologies and Innovations from Israel and Around the World

ISDEF (International Defence & HLS Expo), the biggest military and defence show in Israel started today. The organisers are expecting more than 15,000 visitors from over 60 countries. At the first ISDEF 2007 only 200 visitors came and last time in 2011 ISDEF were visited by 5,000 people. 250 exhibitors from around the globe are presenting their products and solutions at 5,000 sqm. Live demonstrations and product workshops are showing the latest and available technologies.

Poland and the US are presenting their companies in a national pavilion. One of the main topics here is CBRN and C-IED, therefore ISDEF offers a NCT CBRN & C-IED pavilion and lectures on that topic.
ISDEF was opened with a short ceremony and welcome remarks by Tomer Avnon (Organizer), Inspector General Yohanan Danino, Director of the Israel National Police, Udi Shani, Director General of the MoD and Mrs. Irit Ben-Abba, Deputy General Director for Economic Affairs at the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Market potential

ISDEF brings together the International and Israeli Defence and Homeland Security communities creating the optimum platform for international companies to exhibit their innovations to a worldwide audience”, so the ISDEF organization.
All of the visitors at ISDEF are industry professionals, key figures & decision makers from Israel and abroad. From Israel visitors include: IDF, MOD, Police, Prison Authority, Israel Emergency Services & SAR.
At the first day there seems not to be the quantity everybody was expecting, but at least the quality of the visitors was very high. High ranking officers from Israel, Poland and Olaf Lindner, commander of the GSG9 German Special Forces Police Unit have been seen.
Companies are presenting a lot of new systems and equipment at ISDEF.
                                                                                                                                         Andre Forkert

04 June 2013

ISDEF 2013: Emergency Drinking Water Solutions

AquaLife Systems are showcasing their all-in-one emergency drinking water solution at IDSEF.
AquaLife is a joint venture between Israel’s Upgrade Solutions, storage product specialists, and Spanish company Azud WaterTech, experts in water purification systems. Their emergency clean water supply system is compact, long-lasting, and easy to transport, distribute and operate, simply and cheaply.
Being prepared for a national crisis involves planning to provide clean water for your people in any emergency situation. Drinking water is usually top of the list of priorities for civilian populations in a disaster zone, and not answering this need can cause unnecessary deaths and epidemics.

Many disaster recovery solutions rely on transport methods that stop in their tracks when local roads have been affected by the disaster. Air-transport solutions are usually expensive and utilize single-use bladders for water transportation. In many recent disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and the Haiti Earthquake, it took days or weeks for clean water to arrive. The AquaLife System is designed to be easily air-lifted and parachute-dropped to reach even inaccessible locations.

Using the AquaLife mobile solar-powered water purification plant, you can generate high-quality drinking water from fresh, brackish or contaminated groundwater, surface or sea water – whatever is available. Instead of fuel, it uses solar panels and batteries to operate around the clock, reducing its running costs and avoiding dependence on fuel availability.

The purified drinking water can be transported to population centers and refugee camps by turning regular trucks into tankers. The same water pillows used for transportation, with taps attached, facilitate rapid distribution to the people, and the pillows can be refilled and reused repeatedly.

AquaLife’s personal water pouches are collapsible clean containers that can ensure equal distribution and are more practical and ecological than plastic bottles. For longer-term solutions, there are compact, easy set-up buffer tanks for storing purified water. Because AquaLife is a flexible modular system designed for compact stowing, you can easily deploy the optimum combination of water purification, transportation, storage and distribution utensils to the disaster zone.

Guaranteeing the supply of high quality drinking water in a disaster zone saves lives and prevents epidemic outbreaks. Whether you see it as an investment or an insurance policy, buying an AquaLife System now will save many lives in the future. We recommend branding the system with your organization’s logo in advance, so that millions of grateful people will know who brought them clean drinking water when they needed it!

For further information visit them at their booth.

ISDEF 2013: New Tools for the Dismounted Soldier

FAB Defense from Israel is presenting a whole range of upgrades and tools for the infantry soldier.
For example the new FAB GL-MAG. This is a buttstock for M16, M4, HK416, and all AR15 rifles with Mil-spec Tube and commercial tubes. The GL-MAG ‘Survival’ buttstock with built–in magazine carrier offers you a last option of a 10 round magazine. You can place also bigger magazines inside, but they will stand out even more. The GL-MAG keeps all of the characteristics of the M4 buttstock, while incorporating a state of the art magazine carrier.

In this buttstock the soldier always has a spare magazine on hand, as a last option (Photo: FAB)

The new FAB Defense TS-BB (Tactical Safety Barrel blockers) is a blocking cartridge for handgun calibre 9 mm with an outer bracket, which is simply inserted into the chamber of the gun. The new TS-BB Tactical Safety Blocker is the latest addition to their line of safety and training products. In the Israeli military, it is a standard requirement to use it in every barracks. The soldiers are required to carry their weapons with this lock cartridge and can always have a full magazine inserted. By the striking red colour and the light bar everyone can already see from afar that the soldier has introduced this security blocker. The bright red colour enhances the firearms visual safety. Should now an unexpected emergency arise, the soldier by simply rehearse the safety of the weapon and work on the slide is immediately ready to fire. The big advantage: it does not interfere with normal use cocking ejects barrel blocker allowing a live round to chamber.

The striking red colour and the bracket indicate the safety of the weapon, but the soldier is ready to shoot in seconds. (Photo: FAB)

The new FAB Defense KPOS G2 Carbine conversion kit for certain handgun models (eg SigSauer 226 17/19/21/22/23/30/34/35 Glock, CZ Duty, JERICHO, FN 5.7) can transform the service pistol in a few seconds into a PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) and thus achieve better hit accuracy on average distances between 25-100 m. Since the KPOS is a normal object without a weapon, it can be carried safely without problems in any vehicle and remain there without be dangerous or having to be included into the armoury at night.

By KPOS G2 conversion kit, the precision of service pistol can be increased in seconds. (Photo: FAB)

The new FAB Defense Ergonomic Pointing Grip PTK was especially developed for tactical use where the weapon needs to be worked very close to the body, such as warfare, where entrances must be opened and cleared or building corners. It provides an absolutely secure proximal handle and provides on the back just a little additional compartment in which a spare battery, cleaning kit or a light module can be placed. The 'PTK'- Ergonomic Pointing Grip conceptualizes within its design a unique Special Forces combat proven instinctive shooting method incorporating natural pointing positioning which enhances accuracy, speed and overall tactical performance. It fits on all 1913 Picatinny rails. FAB PTK is almost always used in conjunction with the new VTS Versatile Tactical Support, this serves as a thumb rest. The VTS provides versatile solutions for various forward grip positioning enhancing comfort and increasing accuracy. This ergonomic support may be set to accommodate a wide variety of tactical locations for ideal operational superiority taking in mind ideal compact configuration. Fits also on all 1913 Picatinny rails while improving the weapon control and ergonomics.
Many of the FAB Defense products are presented in YouTube videos. In Europe the FAB Defense products can be ordered through ISS International Security School & Services GmbH in Germany.

The PTK ergonomic handle improves the weapon control and can contribute to better accuracy at short distances without using optics. (Photo: FAB)

                                                                                                                                Andre Forkert