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31 March 2016

FIDAE 2016: Diamond Aircraft Showcases Multipurpose Platform

Diamond Aircraft, manufacturer of special aircraft for flight schools, private operators as well as international gouvernemental organisations, showcases its DA42 MPP multipurpose platform as static display at FIDAE. Based on Diamond’s DA42 NR Modell this special mission aircraft according to its manufacturer combines long endurance (up to 12 hours) with low full consumption of its two turbocharged 168hp engines made by Austroengines, subsidiary of Diamond (35 litres of Jet A1 per hour). DA42 MPP is equipped with a Garmin G1000 Glas cockpit and has a maximum takeoff-weight of 1999kg with a max. payload of 634kg, including a 85kg nosepod and a 80kg belly pod. Further features include max. speed of 344km/h and a max. altitude of 5486 metres.

The system according to Diamond can be equipped with a large variety of sensors. It can be delivered as DA42 MPP GUARDIAN version (ISR platform) and a GEOSTAR version for surveillance cities, landscapes or critical infrastructures. Also an optionally piloted version (OPPV) augmented by Aeronautics is available. In Latin America the aircraft for example is used by the Armed Forces of Venezuela (6 units). After FIDAE the aircraft will go on tour: stations e.g. will be in Chile, Argentine,  Bolivia and Equador.
Alexander Kolberg

FIDAE 2016: Chile is Very Important Market for Rohde & Schwarz

At FIDAE, Daniel Nussbaum V., Executive Director Dymeq, and Robert Fröhler, President Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) Latin America (pictured left to right), explained that Dymeq is the main partner for all R&S systems in Chile, with the Chilean Navy being the biggest customer, fitting all Chilean OPVs. Fröhler disclosed that Chile is a very important market for R&S.

R&S offers modular and scalable systems for, e.g. smaller boats, offering attractive pricing for complete solutions, thereby creating extra value for the customer. Also, Nussbaum explained, that, e.g., the Air Force can integrate R&S solutions into existing platforms, in its MLU programmes.

FIDAE 2016: Embraer Implementing Border Control System in Brazil

Savis Tecnologias e Sistemas, subsidiary of EMBRAER Defence & Security, is currently step by step implementing the SISFRON border control system alongside 16000km of the land borders of Brasil. The integrated system, mainly basing on platforms and solutions provided by EMBRAER and its subsidiaries, mainly aims at providing Brazil with the ability to make a better use of their security forces (armed forces, environments police,...) for example in the fight against drug trafficking and contraband activities, often conducted in regions with low population density.

SISFRON uses a variety of mobil and fixed surveillance systems, including the SENTIR M20 radar made by BRADAR, infrared (IR) cameras, and unmanned aereal vehicles (UAV). Findings are reported to command & control centres automatically for example by the TRONCAL communication system, allowing decision makers to directly send forces to the respective area. SISFRON also comprises a library, which allows the sensors to “learn” new signatures, thus minimising the number of false positives. The initial implementation at selected border sections in the state of Mato Grosso da Sul produced promising results, the company assured during FIDAE.

SISFRON already aroused interest in other regions, for example a delegation of several Arab states inspected the solution in February this year.
Alexander Kolberg

FIDAE 2016: Saab Presents GLOBALEYE Surveillance System

During the FIDAE airshow, taking place in Santiago de Chile this week, defence and security company Saab explained how it is going to extend its airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) portfolio with the introduction of the GLOBALEYE multi-role airborne surveillance system. The solution combines Saab’s all-new ERIEYE ER (Extended Range) radar and mission system with the GLOBAL 6000 jet aircraft from Bombardier, which has an operational time of more than 11 hours.

GLOBALEYE automatically detects and tracks air and surface (land and sea) targets. Ground surveillance of moving vehicles can be conducted through long-range, wide-area ground moving target indication (GMTI) radar modes. With the enhanced ERIEYE ER radar (range >450km), the system according to Saab can track very low-observable air and sea targets, including “stealthy” aircraft, cruise missiles or submarine periscopes, even in heavy clutter and jamming environments.

GLOBALEYE’s features also include amongst others EO/IR sensors, ESM/ELINT, and a selfprotection system. “With GLOBALEYE we expand and sharpen our offering in Latina America, targeting customers looking to maximise their return on investment in extended AEW&C capabilities as a national asset to benefit their country,” Fredrik Gustafson, Country Manager for Spanish-speaking Latina America with SAAB, stated.

The first customer for GLOBALEYE is the United Arab Emirates, which ordered the system as Swing Role Surveillance System (SRSS), in November 2015.
Alexander Kolberg

Graphic depicts general overview of the sensors and further features of GLOBALEYE. (Image: SAAB)

FIDAE 2016: DND Showcases Handheld Weapons Systems

Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND) is presenting its RGW 90 (recoilless grenade weapon) series at FIDAE, booth E69. The handheld weapons systems are designed for single use and according to DND their multipurpose warheads with adjustable effects provide soldiers with the possibility to escalate according to the respective situation, from a minimum to a maximum effect.

The RGW 90 (calibre 90mm, weight 8,7kg) standard version has a range of 20-300m and can be operated in HEAT (high explosive anti-tank) and HESH (high explosive sqash head) mode. Its penetration performance according to DND exceeds 500mm rolled homogenous armour (RHA), 300mm tripple brick wall and 250mm reinforced concrete.

In cooperation with the German Army, DND also developed the RGW 90-LRMP (long range multi purpose) system, according to the manufacturer much more than an enhanced version of RGB 90. Having a range of up to 1200m the weapon (weight <10kg) provides soldiers with selectable modes of operation in one round, including air burst at programmable distance, detonation on impact, and delayed detonation after impact.
Alexander Kolberg

Picture shows a 7.62mm small calibre training weapon (SCTW) and the above mentioned RGW 90-LRMP and RGW 90 (from top to bottom), produced by DND. (Photo: Alexander Kolberg)

DEFEXPO 2016: IAI Concludes a Successful Show

At the conclusion of India’s defence exhibition ‘Defexpo’ 2016 that took place in Goa, India this week, IAI announced that it has finalised new sales worth hundreds of millions of dollars in the past quarter. Those sales covered Unmanned aerial systems (UAS), air defence and radar systems, among others.

IAI top executives that participated at the event have met many of India’s senior leadership of India’s defence and security organisations. Joseph Weiss, President and CEO of IAI opened the Israeli pavilion at Defexpo 2016 on behalf of Israel’s defense companies.

The sales signed in the past months strengthen India’s position as a major partner of IAI.” Weiss said. “India has unique operational requirements, and IAI is dedicating its best talents, technologies and capabilities to meet those challenges. We will continue our long-term, strategic partnership with India, meet our customers expectations and implement ‘Make In India’ policy lead by India’s Prime Minister.”

At the event IAI displayed advanced systems of interest to the Indian customers, many of them operationally proven in India. Among the new systems introduced here were radar systems providing early warning against mortar attacks and improvised explosive charges (IEDs).

IAI has been operating and selling advanced defence products to the Indian ministry of Defense and other government organizations for the past 25 years, through a strategic partnership that span many areas. Through the years IAI established subcontracting, cooperation agreements and joint ventures with numerous Indian companies and expanded its operation and cooperation with military branches, navy and air force, coast guard, border security and other agencies.
This cooperation also spans to joint research and development, for example in the Barak-8 air defense system, in its naval and land-based configurations, various radar systems, unmanned systems and more.

Pictures show:
*Joseph Weiss, President and CEO of IAI opening the Israeli pavilion at Defexpo 2016 on behalf of Israel’s defence companies.
*Barak 8 System
* Heron-1 UAS

DIMDEX 2016: Photographic Recap of Day 3

DIMDEX 2016: Patria NEMO Navy

Patria showcased a naval version of its remotely-controlled 120mm turreted smoothbore mortar system, named Patria Nemo Navy. It can be mounted on fast moving patrol/attack craft and landing boats, including the WATERCAT M12 Nemo and WATERCAT M18 AMC from Finland's boatbuilder Marine Alutech. Patria expects a clear tendency whereby the success of small boat operations, also including High-Speed Interceptor Craft (HSIC), will be dependent upon their own means of firepower and superior accuracy. A significantly increased range means that the mortar unit is able to provide indirect fire support to engage a "more distant target without the need to change the firing position", Patria explained.
Stefan Nitscke

FIDAE 2016: Rafael Showcases SPIKE Family

At FIDAE 2016 Rafael presents its SPIKE family of multi-purpose, tactical missiles. With over 24 customers and 22,000 missiles sold around the world, the SPIKE family consists of missiles suited for land, air and naval platforms, multiple ranges and a variety of targets. The missiles in this family have a tandem warhead and sophisticated electro-optic (EO) CCD and IIR sensors for day/night all-weather operation. The missiles' lofted trajectories enable the warhead to strike the target at its most vulnerable location with pinpoint precision. The SPIKE family members have a low life-cycle cost due to their high reliability, operational and logistic support and production commonality between members.

SPIKE NLOS is an EO guided multipurpose missile for ranges of up to 30km with pinpoint accuracy and midcourse navigation. The weapon system can be launched from land, air and naval platforms.
With high reliability and ease of use, SPIKE NLOS delivers maximum operational flexibility with minimal life-cycle cost, according to the company.
The SPIKE-ER Multi-Purpose Missile System for Combat Vehicles, Helicopters and Naval Vessels is an extended-range, multi-purpose anti-armour missile system designed for operation from various platforms, including helicopters, fast boats and combat vehicles. It can also be mounted on a tripod for ground operation. SPIKE-ER is capable of defeating targets at a range of up to eight kilometers. SPIKE-ER features a day and night seeker, tandem warhead, and retains the dual operation modes of SPIKE - Fire and Forget, as well as Fire and Observe and Update. This enables the gunner to switch between targets after launch, avoid friendly fire, conduct surveillance/damage assessment and attack hidden targets. SPIKE-ER additionally features a Fire and Steer mode, in which the gunner can launch the missile without pre-locking onto the target and manually steer it to the target (LOAL). SPIKE-ER can be equipped with a variety of warheads for a broad range of combat scenarios including, urban settings, anti-terror missions and low-intensity conflicts.

SPIKE-MR and SPIKE-LR are lightweight, 4th generation, man-portable missile systems that share many of the same features that combine to meet the challenges presented by enemy forces. High hit probability against stationary and moving targets is provided by a state-of-the-art CCD / IIR seeker, for operation during day and night and in adverse weather conditions, and an advanced tracker and precision guidance system. Their lofted trajectories for top attack enable the warhead to strike the target at its most vulnerable location with pinpoint precision. SPIKE-MR and SPIKE-LR deliver maximum performance for urban combat, traditional battlefields, ground support and special missions. SPIKE-MR operates in Fire and Forget mode with autonomous medium-range target engagement up to 2500m. SPIKE-LR has Fire and Forget and Fire and Update capability, and can engage targets at up to 5000m. Both missiles can be fired from an enclosure. SPIKE-MR and SPIKE-LR feature a fiber optic data communication link that provides the gunner with the unique ability to attack hidden targets, update or switch to a more valuable target after launch, achieve pinpoint precision, avoid friendly fire, conduct surveillance/damage assessment, and obtain real-time tactical intelligence. SPIKE-MR and SPIKE-LR share the same command launch unit (CLU), thermal sight (TS) and identical missile technology. Both systems offer many of the same benefits, including high survivability, pinpoint accuracy and low life-cycle costs.

Rafael also presents these systems at the Israel Pavilion, Stand D09:
TROPHY HV combat-proven Active Protection System for armoured vehicles.
SPIKE Family - Multi-Purpose, Tactical, Guided-Missile Systems for ranges of up to 30 kilometres.
SPYDER SR/MR – Family of Short and Medium Range Air Defence systems using the i-DERBY and PYTHON-5 missiles.
PYTHON-5 - Full sphere air-to-air IR missile and air defence missile.
I-DERBY - Beyond-Visual-Range, SDR seeker, air-to-air and air defence missile.
I-DERBY ER - Innovative active radar air-to-air missile. The missile incorporates the innovative I-DERBY software-defined RF seeker, combined with a unique increase of kinematic performance, with ranges of up to 100 kilometres.
C-DOME - Active Air Defence for ships and other naval and land assets.
SEA SPOTTER - Naval IR Staring and Tracking system (IRST).
LITENING 5 - New generation navigation and targeting pod featuring advanced high-resolution sensors for effective stand-off identification and targeting.
SPICE 250 - Stand-off air-to-ground gliding bomb based on Rafael's unique scene-matching technology for precise hits at ranges of up to 100 kilometres.
WISDOM STONE - an intelligence analysis support system for automatic analysis of enormous amounts of data.
CYBER DOME - End-to-end holistic Cyber defense solution.

For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #03/2016, available at the show at Pavilion E, Stand 13; and frequently check back for more NEWS FROM THE FLOOR.

DIMDEX 2016: MBDA Signs a MoU to Supply Coastal Missile Sustems to Qatar

MBDA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the supply of a coastal defence system for the Qatar Emiri Naval Force (QENF). This MoU will pave the way in the short term for a contract with the value of 2.64 billion Qatari riyals (in the region of €640 million).

The supply of these coastal missile systems will allow the QENF to monitor maritime coastal traffic and prevent hostile ships from reaching and threatening their territorial waters. These coastal missile systems can deploy two different munitions, Exocet MM40 Block 3 and Marte ER (the Extended Range version of the Marte missile), reflecting the maturity and excellence of these munitions. The system can work in autonomous mode with its own radar, or alternatively by data-linking to a higher level within a wider coastal surveillance network.

Antoine Bouvier, CEO of MBDA, commented: “This MoU represents the first step towards the signing of a contract for this new and innovative coastal missile system. This is a further confirmation of the trust placed by the Qatar Armed Forces in MBDA for its defence requirements.”

“With this MoU, MBDA confirms its success in proposing systems that deliver advanced operational capabilities to its customers with a high degree of affordability”, said Antonio Perfetti, Executive Group Director Sales and Business Development and Managing Director MBDA Italia. “This agreement between MBDA and the QENF also shows another important aspect: a great multinational team spirit that allows MBDA to face any challenge.”

At DIMDEX 2016, where the MoU was signed, MBDA is displaying a full-size model of this coastal missile system.

DIMDEX 2016: Photographic Recap Day Two

FIDAE 2016: Photographic Recap of Day Two