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09 April 2015

Sikorsky-Boeing Announces JMR Defiant Team

During US Army Aviation’s Mission Solutions Summit (29-31 March 2015), Nashville, TN/USA, Sikorsky-Boeing announced the industry team of selected suppliers that will partner the two OEMs to develop, build and field the SB>1 DEFIANT. This is their version of the Joint Multi Role Technology Demonstrator  that the US Army hopes will blaze a trail for the development of the Future Vertical Lift (FVL) (Medium) requirement which is intended to be fielded during the 2030s.

Sikorsky-Boeing SB>1 DEFIANT, their version of the Joint Multi Role Technology Demonstrator  that the US Army hopes will blaze a trail for the development of the Future Vertical Lift (FVL) (Medium) requirement which is intended to be fielded during the 2030s.

Doug Shidler, Sikorsky programme director and Pat Donnelly, Boeing programme director took turns to announce the team members in seven categories.

Swift Engineering will contribute by designing and manufacturing "a major portion of the rotorcraft’s airframe." Honeywell’s contribution will initially be a current Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS), which will be used up to the end of 2016, leading to a next-generation version for the flight testing phase. Mike Madsen, president, Honeywell Defense and Space, said that this new version, “will bring an innovative modular design, a compact footprint, and advanced diagnostic and prognostic functionality,” to the demonstrator aircraft.

Robertson Fuel Systems/Liquid Measurement Systems (RFS/LMS) will provide the crashworthy fuel system. RFS/LMS is a joint venture organisation which was created in 2012 to develop a fuel system for the DEFIANT technology demonstrator.

Other organisations detailed in the announcement include the LORD Corporation which is responsible for active vibration control systems and tension-torsion rotor head components, while East/West will provide the troop seating.

The full list of Sikorsky-Boeing DEFIANT team members announced at Quad-A are:

  • Airframe: Triumph Group, Swift Engineering, PPG Aerospace, Martin-Baker, East/West.
  • Avionics: L-3, Raytheon, Garmin, Amrel, Northrop Grumman, Esterline, SCI, AiTech.
  • Blades: RCT, Technology Marketing, Hexcel, Galaxy, Models & Tools, Janicki, Smart Tooling, Visioneering.
  • Rotors: Taylor Devices, Wyman Gordon, Weber Metals, RTI International, FAG Aerospace, SKF.
  • Drive: Triumph.
  • Propulsion: RFS/LMS, Pratt & Whitney, Ducommun, Mass Systems, Enviro Systems, Arrowhead, Honeywell, Triumph.
  • VMS: Woodward, BAE Systems, United Technologies Aerospace Systems, Esterline-BVR, Avionic Instruments, LMCO, Arwkwin, Honeywell, Meggitt-Oeco, Esterine-Mason, Northrop, Whelen Eng, Anaheim Precision, Eaton, LORD, Parker, Triumph, Safran.

Andrew Drwiega, Mission Solutions Summit (Quad-A), Nashville, TN

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