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29 February 2012

RUAG Defence’s ROBOSCOUT Landrobot System

RUAG Defence’s landrobot system ROBOSCOUT comprises of the vehicle GECKO, a modular payload and the command post. In the basic configuration the vehicle is in the position to extend a sensor arm with integrated optical reconnaissance components and a platform to mount different payloads.The vehicle features hybrid diesel/electric vehicle power train with electrical hub wheel motors and integrated immobilisation brake; low noise driving to an observation point using lithium-ion batteries with a nominal capacity of 15kWh; high manoeuvrability due to 4-wheel steering, including full turn on the spot; optimal acceleration, no gear shifting required; and optimal traction, each wheel controlled separately. The vehicle can be operated remotely from the ROBOSCOUT Communication Center (RCC) in a command post via satellite or terrestrial communication link or via WLAN. It is able to communicate with other vehicles and to act as a relay station. A laser scanner system and a vision system provide the capability of autonomous or semi autonomous driving. 

(Photo: RUAG Defence)

For more information about this technology, please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY 4/2012, available at DSA 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, LAAD Security in Rio De Janeiro, Counter Terror London, and AAAA in Nashville.

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