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21 February 2012

Schott's 180° Viewing Angle Tank Periscope

The field of vision inside protected vehicles is quite limited, and of nuisance to soldiers. Schott, with its 180° Viewing Angle Tank Periscope, has expanded the field of vision by increasing the normal field of view of 28° by 8°. TO achieve this effect, three lenses are put to use in such a way that they deliver a panorama view of 180° by 360° when their images are aligned adjacent to one another.

The images are transmitted with the help of fibre optic rods, a mature technology that Schott has been supplying for use in a wide range for many years already.
This technology is being presented at International Armoured Vehicles in Farnborough this week.

For more information about this very innovative technology, please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY IAV Special Issue, available at IAV 2012.

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