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16 November 2011

The Critical Need for Location and Situational Awareness for Dismounted Soldiers

Elbit Systems offers a new smart infantry location and tracking device called S-NAV (Soldier Navigation), providing accurate, continuous 3D location awareness for dismounted soldiers in GPS denied combat scenarios.
There is a critical need for location and situational awareness for dismounted soldiers in many combat scenarios, such as subterranean, urban and covered areas, where GPS reception is unavailable, weak or even blocked. Furthermore, in many cases the GPS signal is highly susceptible to interference and jamming. This is where Elbit Systems’ S-NAV steps in, enabling infantry to effectively operate in dense, obstructed warfare environments. Using advanced sensors it provides continuous, accurate and real-time location awareness, even when GPS reception is unavailable.

S-NAV performs continuous tracking during all types of combat action, whether the soldier is running, walking, crawling, jumping or firing. Based on advanced algorithms, the system measures the soldier’s footsteps, walking speed, stride length and direction, and then calculates his/her exact location. Additionally, S-NAV measures accurate altitude and enables recognition of elevation changes, such as those occurring between floors.
Incorporating Elbit Systems’ proprietary technology, S-NAV sensors positioned close to the body “learn” the soldier’s movements. All this being extremely compact (about the size of a cellphone) and lightweight (155g), S-NAV’s low power consumption enables operation for extended periods.

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