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28 November 2011

I/ITSEC 2011: Seen and Heard at the Show

Quantum3D announced its Mantis Real- Time Scene Management software platform will be available as a standalone, software-only product. Previously sold with Quantum3D’s renowned INDEPENDENCE® IDX series of image generators, Mantis is now available on the desktop for a wide range of PC hardware configurations to match any simulation application, including fixed- and rotary-wing flight simulation, ground vehicle simulation, tank simulation, mission rehearsal, sensor simulation, and more.
The US Army PEO STRI has awarded Lockheed Martin a $6.7 million contract to support live manoeuvre training. In addition to the base year, the programme includes four one-year options. Through the initiative, Lockheed Martin will provide up to 20 variants of its Instrumentable Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System Shoulder Launched Munitions (I-MILES SLM) training devices.
CAE announced that Boeing has ordered six additional P-8A POSEIDON operational flight trainers (OFTs) for the US Navy. CAE will manufacture the simulators, as well as develop a suite of P-8A Aircraft Equipment enhanced Desktop Environment (AeDTE) trainers, which will be used as role playing stations during training of P-8A aircrews. The P-8A OFTs and AeDTEs are part of a recent contract awarded to Boeing to support low rate initial production lot two (LRIP-II) of the P-8A multi-mission maritime aircraft.
Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS) announced that it received a five year contract from the NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT) to develop its Immersive Learning Environment. In partnership with Bohemia Interactive Simulations, ECS will develop a series of training scenarios to be used by NATO ACT Joint Force Trainer. Potentially, these will include Counter IED and Security training.
NGRAIN unveiled the 40 new features in its flagship development software PRODUCER 5.0 and its new Production Suite that empowers users to create NGRAIN-powered solutions taking advantage of the company’s 3KO technology. Customers, that have realised the ROI of using NGRAIN solutions to improve training again selected NGRAIN to develop Virtual Task Trainers, these include: US Coast Guard, US Army (Fort Benning), the Royal Canadian Air Force, and the Canadian Army.
Presagis announced its Presagis SEGen Server, a cost-effective, server-based software solution for the run-time generation of high-fidelity, highly realistic synthetic environments based on the Common Database (CDB) specification.

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