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24 November 2011

I/ITSEC 2011: Russian Army Orders Rheinmetall State-of-the-art Training Centre

In the run-up to I/ITSEC, Rheinmetall Group and its Russian partner JSCo Oboronservis were contracted by the Russian MoD to build a major army training centre in Mulino, Russia, worth well over €100 million including further options. Located in the Volga region, by 2014 this simulation-supported training centre will be able to train 30,000 troops a year. JSCo Oboronservis will serve as general contractor and subsequently operate the facility on behalf of the Russian Armed Forces. Rheinmetall is tasked with developing and supplying the live combat simulation system, as well as technical implementation of all aspects of the project, including commissioning and quality assurance.

 Photo: Rheinmetall

The Russian Army training facility is designed to train a reinforced mechanised infantry or armoured brigade. An innovative rotation principle will enable training to take place simultaneously at a variety of stations, with the training system tracking and recording the activities of each participant via an electronic identification badge, helping to assure successful results throughout a training process lasting several weeks.

For more information about Rheinmetall's simulation and training solutions, please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY 12/2011, available at the show.

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