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29 November 2011

I/ITSEC 2011: Boeing Innovative as Ever

Boeing is showcasing extensive training and simulation solutions during I/ITSEC, including its Virtual Mission Board, a multi-touch table for mission planning and rehearsal, exercise control and after-action reviews for military ground forces, with sales to an undisclosed US customer, and the APACHE Multi-Role Trainer, which allows students to train on APACHE cockpit procedures, maintenance operational checks, weapons systems communications and crew coordination.
In the virtual training arena, Boeing demonstrated the Australian Super HORNET Integrated Visual Environment Maintenance Trainer, and the APACHE/CHINOOK Virtual Maintenance Training demonstrator. The Boeing booth also featured training and mission planning solutions from Boeing subsidiaries Argon ST and Tapestry Solutions, as well as a Boeing Flight Services kiosk that showcased a comprehensive portfolio of pilot, crew and maintenance training products, services and support for the commercial, business and general aviation markets.
On Tuesday 29 November, Mark McGraw, Vice President of Boeing Training Systems & Services, provided an update on current training programmes and future opportunities, including KC-46, P-8A POSEIDON, Ground Forces Training, and international opportunities. 
According to Mark E. McGraw, VP Boeing Training Systems & Services, Boeing "had a great 2011," referring to sales in the last few months. McGraw also mentioned that the company is growing internationally, with the UK Flight Crew Training, in India, and are expecting the Tanker Trainer RfP shortly. "We think we're the best choice for it," he explained at a press round table.
For more information about Boeing Simulation and Training, please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY 12/2011, available at I/ITSEC 2011.

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