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20 June 2014

Eurosatory 2014: Diehl HPEMcarStop system at the Show

Diehl is introducing its new HPEM (High-Power-Electro-Magnetic) carStop system to an international audience at Eurosatoryfor the first time. The HPEM effector add-on kit, which can be integrated in different off-road vehicle vehicles, allows stopping escape cars in moving traffic without harming individuals and affecting material objects. The impulse-emitting HPEMcarStop disrupts engine electronics without damaging the target car or affecting its passengers. The effector is capable of reliably preventing passing maneuvers of target cars at distances of up to eight meters. Successful tests have been conducted with 60 different vehicles of various manufacturers.

Based on the new HPEMcarStop system, Diehl is implementing additional applications of HPEM technology for protection of security and law enforcement personnel. Development of a mobile, trailer-integrated HPEMcheckPoint has been completed. Traffic is redirected around a trailer enabling targeted stopping of suspicious vehicles by activating an HPEM impulse. Applications of HPEM effectors not only include stopping speed boats or disrupting small, flying reconnaissance systems, but countering IEDs as well. A HPEM counter-IED system for convoy protection on the basis of a military transport vehicle was successfully tested in Afghanistan. (Photos: Diehl)


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