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13 October 2015

AUSA 2015: Elbit Systems of America Showcases FIREFLY Family of Modular Power Amplifiers

Elbit Systems of America showcases its new family of lightweight modular radio communications power amplifiers, FIREFLY.

The FIREFLY product line is a modular, lightweight, high power communications amplifier product with swappable, stackable modules that will enable the Army to operate the next generation of software-defined networking radios over greater distances.  Providing a clearer signal while lightening the load onboard weight constrained rotary wing and UAS platforms, the FIREFLY power amplifiers enable simultaneous operation of the legacy SINCGARS waveform with modern Soldier Radio Waveform and Wideband Networking Waveform, extending tactical communications from 30MHz up to 2GHz.  Elbit Systems of America FIREFLY communications amplifiers, which are available in a single channel, dual channel, and four channel models, are interchangeable and weigh less than 6 lbs. per channel. With the modular design, aviators can now mix and match the modules to meet the requirements of their unique missions, while saving space and weight and creating a low cost approach for future incorporation of new capabilities via simple module replacements in the field.

We have over twenty years of experience integrating advanced radio communication amplifiers on U.S. Military platforms such as the MH-60 Blackhawk, MH-47 Chinook, and MH-6 Little Bird,” stated Raanan Horowitz, President and CEO, Elbit Systems of America in an interview with MT. Our cutting-edge modular design, in addition to its small weight and size, provides customer flexibility and accelerates the fielding of next generation tactical communications while simplifying maintenance. Furthermore, while supporting both new and legacy waveforms, the FIREFLY communications amplifiers include advanced Receive/Transmit cosite filtering that is proven to improve the overall radio system performance giving aviators clearer communications over greater ranges.”

The new modular communications power amplifiers are built on a rich heritage that includes the TC-150M Broadband PA, Dual SINCGARS PA, TC-100L SATCOM PA, and the JSF UHF/VHF PA. The Dual SINCGARS PA and TC-100L SATCOM PA are currently available on Army Ground Vehicles and Rotary Wing aircraft. 

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