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12 October 2015

AUSA 2015: Invisio Details New Contracts and Wins

On 28 July, Rheinmetall Canada has been awarded the Canadian Integrated Soldier System (ISS) programme, which includes the Invisio communication and hearing protection solution (control unit and headset). After an initial qualification phase, it is expected that the first 1,632 systems will be ordered and delivered during 2016, with an estimated order value of SEK20-25 million for Invisio. The award includes an option for 2,512 additional systems.

Invisio will equip the Canadian Integrated Soldier System (ISS) programme with a state-of-the art communications system based on the INVISIO V60 control unit (shown) and the INVISIO X5 headset. (All Photos: Invisio)

The Canadian government has contracted Rheinmetall Canada to supply ISS over an approx. period of four years. After the successful qualification of the system, Rheinmetall Canada will provide a total of 1,632 units along with the associated preliminary integrated logistic support including technical documentation, training, and provisioning of spares. The ISS will increase the soldiers' situational awareness and provide them with modernised and secure communication and navigation capabilities. The ISS offers the potential for future integration into Canada's Land Command Support System.

Invisio is proud to equip the Canadian ISS programme with a state-of-the art communications system based on the INVISIO V60 control unit and the INVISIO X5 headset,Lars Højgård Hansen, CEO Invisio, recently told MT. “Invisio will play a significant role providing efficient communications and certified hearing protection while enhancing the users auditory situational awareness capabilities.”

Furthermore, on 13 August, Invisio has, through its partner Marlborough Communications (MCL), been awarded a contract for supplying the UK MoD with a tactical hearing protection system for dismounted close combat users (or THPS DCCU). The contract has been awarded for four years, with the option to extend it for a further three years. The initial order is expected to be approximately SEK130 million. Invisio and MCL were awarded the contract to supply the UK MoD with the INVISIO S10 Hearing Protection System, which will be deployed across the British Army and further orders are expected over the life time of the contract to support the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.

The INVISIO S10 is a hearing protection and communication system for use on a single radio and consists of an in-ear hearing protection headset with a control unit housing the electronics for situational awareness and impulse noise protection. As part of the tender process the INVISIO S10 has undergone rigorous testing and user trials and is proven to best meet the MoD's requirements for a simple yet advanced solution that fully addresses the key issues surrounding hearing protection, situational awareness, clear communications, ease of use and comfort.

"We are of course very proud to have been awarded this contract together with MCL. We have worked tirelessly together over the last three years to create the best possible solution and win this important program that we believe, will serve as reference for other countries.  The INVISIO S10 provides unrivalled hearing protection, situational awareness and crystal clear communications. We look forward to working with MCL and the UK MoD over the next four years to deliver this product to UK soldiers," Hansen explained.

Recently, Invisio has received a follow-up order from a military customer in the US. The order is for headsets, control units and accessories. The total order value is approximately SEK9 million and the products will be delivered during the fourth quarter of 2015. Also, Invisio has received an order for communication and hearing protection systems from the American military programme Tactical Communication and Protective System (TCAPS). The order is the latest in a series of orders from TCAPS and is this time worth SEK10.9 million.

The US Army's Tactical Communication and Protective System (TCAPS) - INVISIO X50.

TCAPS provides concurrent hearing protection and auditory situational awareness. Historically, Soldiers have had to choose between hearing protection and force protection. TCAPS maintains hearing protection while enabling Soldiers to use existing tactical radios, resulting in increased mission effectiveness, safety, and survivability.

All the while, Nasdaq announced that Invisio Communications has started trading of its shares on the main market of Nasdaq Stockholm. Invisio was previously listed on Nasdaq First North’s Premier segment and is the 35th company to list at Nasdaq’s Nordic markets in 2015.

For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #10/2015, available at the show at the German pavillion on booth 2115; and frequently check back for more NEWS FROM THE FLOOR.

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