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12 October 2015

AUSA 2015: Meggitt Training Systems Demonstrates FATS® M100 + Live-Fire Training Solutions

Meggitt Training Systems, a global leader in simulation and live-fire training systems, demonstrates the latest in small arms simulation and live-fire training at booth 6732.

With the major contracts we’ve been awarded during the past 18 months, we’re thrilled to demonstrate some of the Meggitt systems and solutions the US Army, US Marine Corps and US Army National Guard will rely on for their training and simulation needs,” Phyllis Pearce, senior vice president of strategy, sales and marketing, Meggitt Training Systems, explained.

Meggitt solutions on display include:

  • _The FATS® M100 small arms training system – showcasing open architecture that frees customers to readily integrate Meggitt and third-party training modules into their training programmes. The FATS M100 accommodates evolutions in fidelity and graphic complexity for greater realism, integrating enhanced 3-D marksmanship, revolutionary intelligent coaching applications using wireless tablets, and VBS3-based collective training. 
  • _BlueFire wireless weapon simulators – provides the highest level of virtual realism while maintaining the same form, fit and function of live weapon counterparts. BlueFire weapons are excellent choices for collective and judgmental training, operating via wireless Bluetooth technology to communicate with the FATS M100 system, without cords or tethered operations hindering actions. Weapons available for demonstration at AUSA include the BlueFire M4, BlueFire M9 and tethered M240 machine gun.
  • _Live fire products – including a fully-functional MF-SIT pop-up infantry live fire target. Both the US Army and the US Army National Guard use a variety of Meggitt’s indoor and outdoor live fire range products for comprehensive weapons training. 

In June 2014, Meggitt Training Systems was awarded an Engagement Skills Trainer II (EST II) five-year IDIQ contract by the US Army’s Program Executive Office for Simulation and Training (PEO STRI). The contract covers more than 1,000 new and upgraded systems and simulated weapons for US Army facilities worldwide.

Within the past year, Meggitt also won a five-year contract from the US Marine Corps Systems Command Program Manager for Training Systems to develop and deliver the Indoor Simulated Marksmanship Trainers (ISMT) system. The ISMT contract covers installation and support of more than 670 systems at US Marine Corps facilities both domestically and worldwide.

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