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12 October 2015

AUSA 2015: Orbital ATK Displays Multiple Products Supporting US Army Today

The Orbital ATK exhibit is located at booth 1113, Hall A on the lower level. Orbital ATK displays multiple products that support the US Army today as well as future capabilities being developed in partnership with the Army. These include the BUSHMASTER family of medium-caliber cannons, precision guidance kits (PGK) for artillery and mortars, the XM25 Counter Defilade Target Engagement (CDTE) System, small-, medium- and large-caliber ammunition and command guided ammunition concepts. The company also exhibits its next generation warheads and propulsion systems to include Lethality Enhanced Ordnance (LEO) and rocket motors for the Insensitive Munition (IM) HELLFIRE missile.

The exhibit also features Orbital ATK’s range of  special mission aircraft upgrades to include the AC-208B Armed CARAVAN, the AC-235 Light Gunship and aircraft survivability products AAR-47, Multi-threat Warners, Helicopter Active Protection System (HAPS) as well as the acoustic hostile fire detection technology; SHOTFINDER.

Orbital ATK also exhibits its expanded communications satellites and remote sensing capabilities. As one of the world’s preeminent satellite technology providers, the company offers a broad portfolio of products for military, scientific and commercial customers. Products on display at AUSA include the ORS-1, LEO Star-2, RapidStar 1and 2, GEOStar-3 and the Kestrel Eye an electro-optical nanosatellite- class imagery satellite that is designed to be tasked at the tactical unit level providing 1.5m ground resolution to the soldier.

Specialty products showcased include the SWITCHBLADE Tactical Missile System and multiple types of illuminating flares, including groundbreaking infrared countermeasures the new MJU-73/B and the MJU-62/B, as well as the developmental infrared countermeasures XS1100 and XS1200. Also on display are the air droppable LUU-2 and 19 (visible and infrared) and the M257/278 HYDRA rocket launched Illuminating flares (visible and infrared).

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