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12 October 2015

AUSA 2015: Rafael Showcasing New Products

Rafael is displaying its TROPHY-LV active protection system on an Oshkosh M-ATV. This light version of the TROPHY APS is a lighter derivative of TROPHY HV, the world's only combat-proven APS for armored vehicles. In addition to TROPHY LV, the Oshkosh M-ATV will be fitted with a Rafael SAMSON Remote Controlled Weapon station (RWS), elevating M-ATV's capabilities not only in survivability, but affording it with greater lethality derived from TROPHY-LV's hostile fire detection (HFD) capabilities, coupled the with world's top-of-the-line RWS.

Among its other advanced defence systems, Rafael, on booth 2825, is displaying:

  • GREM - Rifle-launched breaching device for of all types of doors, eliminating risk to the operator and reducing blast injury to personnel near the door. 
  • Door Breaching 40mm Bullet - With similar performance to GREM, the Door Breaching 40mm Bullet is a new generation of light, easy to use system, with the benefit of being fired from an M203 rifle launcher.
  • MAULER90 AS (Anti-Structure) - Striking enemy forces located within structures, Mauler AS is a combat-proven shoulder-launched, fully disposable munition that can be fired from an enclosure. It is multi-purpose and specially adapted for Military Operations in Urban Terrain.
  • MAULER60 AS (Light Individual Assault Munition) – a lighter version of MAULER90 AS, weighing only 6.8kg (15lbs) with a range of 300m. Fully meets the requirements of the IAM (Individual Assault Munition) future program in the US. 
  • STUNNER – Advanced multi-mission interceptor against a variety of asymmetric short-range tactical ballistic missiles, inexpensive large caliber rockets, cruise missiles and unmanned aerial systems.
  • IRON DOME - Combat-Proven active defense system against Short Range Artillery Rockets, with more than 1500 combat interceptions.

In addition, Rafael is also showcasing its Sensor-to-Shooter capabilities in time-critical battle environments. Time-critical targets in open terrain or in urban areas are elusive and present a very limited window of opportunity for engagement. In such cases, time is crucial, and success is determined by precision, connectivity and munition versatility. The process needed to acquire, track and neutralize time-critical targets demands fast and effective closure of the sensor-to-shooter cycle. Otherwise - the target is missed. To achieve success in such scenarios, forces require a synergetic system that integrates sensors, Communication and networking, Intelligence and shooters, for real-time fast, accurate and efficient closure of the sensor-to-shooter cycle.  

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