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26 March 2014

FIDAE 2014: Roketsan Sees Great Potential in the Latin American Market

At FIDAE 2014, Roketsan's Market Development and PR Director, Dr. Hüdai Özdamar, in an exclusive statement to MILITARY TECHNOLOGY, explained that Latin America is a very important market for the company. Roketsan's portfolio contains products that fit the requirements in Latin America, including artillery systems and precision guided missiles,  i.e. the CİRİT 2,75” Laser Guided Missile.

The CİRİT 2,75” Laser Guided Missile at FIDAE 2014. (Photo: DPM)

CİRİT was designed for the purpose of filling the gap between inexpensive, unguided rockets with low precision and the high cost, guided anti – tank missiles. CİRİT can be fired from standard CİRİT POD developed by Roketsan and from the Smart Pod. The missile, by means of its aerodynamic shape and composite solid propellant rocket motor, has a long range of 8km, and offers options, such as multi purpose warhead (Armor Piercing Anti-personnel and Incendiary) and a High Explosive warhead. CİRİT is defined as the official missile system of the Turkish National Attack Helicopter (T-129) under development and can be also integrated to various platforms (Helicopter, UAV, Land Vehicle, Light Assault Aircraft, Naval platform).

The CİRİT 2,75” Laser Guided Missile’s 4-Pack pod. (Photo: DPM)

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