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25 March 2014

FIDAE 2014: SENER Provides Excellence

The engineering and technology group SENER participates for the first time in FIDAE, presenting both the group's Engineering and Construction area, represented by SENER Ingeniería y Sistemas, and the Aeronautical area, represented by ITP In Service Support (ITP ISS) on stand No. B53, Island No. B29, Spanish pavilion.

AB212 helicopter's digital cabin (All photos: SENER)

SENER is currently a reputed global player in the aerospace field. Its Engineering and Construction division exhibits its main projects in the fields of aeronautics and vehicles, and defence and space. For over 47 years, SENER has supplied equipment to these three markets, as well as systems integration and engineering services, and has succeeded in achieving a progressive increase in the level of responsibility in all these areas, thus today dealing with more and more complex systems and being awarded contracts of increasingly greater value.

For its part, ITP In Service Support provides MRO (maintenance, repair & overhaul) services and service support solutions for a wide range of aeronautical engines (PW100/200, CT7/T700, TFE731, RR250, ATAR, TPE331, PT6T-3, PW100, CF700, EJ200, LM2500 and F404). In addition, it continues to expand and improve its range of services adapting itself to the particular needs of each of its customers, both military and civilian. ITP has an extensive list of service centres (Ajalvir and Albacete in Spain; ITP York and ITP Repair UK; Aeromaritime in Malta; and Mesa, AZ/USA), sales offices in Colombia and in Hyderabad (India), as well as an extensive customer portfolio. In addition to all usual ITP ISS' services, one can also get acquainted with the new repair capability for the PW100 series.

SENER team at SEOSAT qualification campaign

Likewise, SENER’s Engineering and Construction division showcases aeronautical projects such as the modernisation programme of the Augusta Bell 212 (AB212) helicopters for the Spanish Navy, which will extend its operating life for at least 15 years. The project, carried out by SENER, includes the integration of new avionics and communication equipment, the update of the flight and navigation systems to current standards and the incorporation of new applications for maritime surveillance.

In the field of vehicles, SENER showcases the HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) project, an efficient and powerful climate control system for ground combat vehicles that can operate in desert environments and ensures a better on-board performance of the equipment, as well as better conditions for staff in the cockpit.

SENER also presents engineering and production projects of Control and Actuation Systems (CAS) for missile applications, an activity in which SENER is a benchmark in Europe and a leading company in Spain, as well as ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) applications and Integrated Systems. Among the system integration programmes that will be shown at the company’s booth are TAURUS KEPD 350, IRIS-T in both its versions, air-to-air (AA) and ground-to-air (SL), NG, METEOR, NSM (Naval Strike Missile), as well as ISR applications such as the work carried out by SENER as the supplier delivering the optical instrument of SEOSAT/INGENIO, the Spanish Earth observation satellite.

SENER, prime contractor to the Spanish Air Force in the TAURUS KEPD 350 

Finally, in Space, SENER presents its capabilities in precision mechanisms, such as GAIA’s deployable sunshield and the M2M positioning mechanism of this satellite, which was successfully launched into Space in December 2013, or the pointing mechanism of CURIOSITY rover’s high-gain antenna, which is currently in use on Mars as part of the Mars Science Laboratory mission. Also in this field, the company shows its latest developments in attitude and orbit control systems (AOCS) of the Herschel and Planck projects, in which SENER acts as prime contractor.

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