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27 March 2014

FIDAE 2014: Seen and Heard on Day Three

Vectronix is exhibiting its GONIOLIGHT digital obervation station, a high precision targeting and locating system, at the show. The GONIOLIGHT acts as the human-machine interface and communicates with the payloads and peripheral devices and command and control systems. It can include the handheld VECTOR rangefinder binoculars and the JIM LR to give maximum flexibility to the user. So far 20 countries are using 2,200 systems, among them Germany, Norway, Sweden, and the UAE.


Br├╝ggemann, together with Airtec, are showcasing the new 35T-R SLS (Static Line System) CYPRES 2 (Cybernetic Parachite Release System) mounted in a chest device. The system is 7.6kg can is able to carry 180kg. The system has been sold to a first international NATO customer, and is creating interest worldwide.


Miccavionics are showcasing their Situational Mission Awareness Software (SIMAS), which includes an advanced geographical information system able to process various formats, data, and geo-referenced pictures; a flight management system that creates and manages detailed flight plans; an integrated vertical terrain profile, providing information before and during a flight; and standart search patterns, giving the user the ability to adapt patterns to concrete searches. Data bases, checklists and the such are all part of SIMAS, making


Russian Helicopters, a subsidiary of Oboronprom, part of State Corporation Rostec, showcases new models including the Mi-171A2 and Ka-32A11BC at stand D70. In collaboration with Rosobornexport, Russian Helicopters also presents the multirole Mi-35M military transport helicopter.


SIBAT, the International Defence Cooperation Division of the Israel Ministry of Defense (MoD), based on previous years’ success, is promoting selected cutting-edge technologies from Israel's defence industry at the Israel National Pavilion, Hall D. This year, the Israel National Pavilion includes 13 companies presenting a wide range of solutions - evidence of Latin America's growth trend and the need for and recognition of security and defence solutions in the region.

Beth-El Industries is a worldwide leading manufacturer and designer of CBRN Air Filtration Systems for Vehicles, Mobile Shelters, Ships, Tents, and Bomb Shelters. Alongside the NBC line of products, Beth-El manufactures Blast Protection Valves and unique Medical Isolation products for pandemic protection - as well as vehicle subsystems such as Fuel Pumps and Engine Air Filters for military tanks and heavy duty trucks. Years of experience within real conflict scenarios, harsh terrains, rigorous testing, and a customer base of more than 60 armies and civilian authorities from around the world, has given Beth-El Industries vast knowledge in the fields of CBRN, blast protection and air filtration. Beth-El Industries’ in-house engineering ensures individualised and sophisticated solutions to today’s security threats.

Camero is a world leader and pioneer in the development and marketing of radar-based Through-Wall Imaging systems used by numerous Armies, Special Forces and law enforcement agencies worldwide. Camero’s solutions provide real time information enabling fast and critical lifesaving decisions at any urban combat scenarios. The company will showcase its XAVER Net - a wireless command and control platform designed specifically to support the deployment of the XAVER 400 and XAVER 100 systems, and includes a ruggedised PDA that can quickly connect with the deployed Xaver systems. The XAVER Net PDA supports viewing and control of multiple XAVER systems with an intuitive interface. This capability adds a new dimension of situational awareness to the operator by providing through-wall detection and imaging information from multiple XAVER systems at a remote distance.

CI Systems, a leader in E-O testing, measurement, and simulation solutions, develops, manufactures, sells and services sophisticated electro-optical test and measurement systems for the defence, industrial, and scientific markets. CI provides test and development equipment for CCD, night vision goggles , FLIR cameras, LRF, Laser Designators, weapon targeting systems, and heat-seeking missiles, and supplies field and depot level maintenance staff with test and support equipment to ensure maximum operational readiness. CI recently supplied an advanced Missile Warning System tester and simulator for DIRCM aircraft missile defense systems. It also provided an electro-optical tester for the LEOPARD Tank fire control system, which can be performed on the tank without removing the components. The company has also delivered an electro-optical test bench for testing long range observation surveillance camera systems combined with laser range finder and laser pointer, which is deployed in South America.

Elbit Systems presents a range of next-generation systems and solutions, demonstrating leadership in all of its business areas. Advanced C4I systems include Command, Control and Computers, Digital Army Program (DAP) and Multi-Sensor Concepts, Cyber Security Simulator and Wise Intelligence Technology system. Future Soldier solutions include DOMINATOR IICS (Integrated Infantry Combat System) and DOMINATOR-Light Dismounted. Electro-optic systems displayed are Long View CR for very long-range observation and the CORAL-CR, Mini ATLAS and Mini CORAL hand-held thermal imaging systems. In the unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) field, the company emphasises  the HERMES 900 Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE). Electronic Warfare and Electro-optics for Airborne Platforms displayed are Mini-MUSIC, PAWS, Unified Self Protection Suite for Helicopters & Transport Aircraft, Unified Self-Protection Suite for Fighter Aircraft, Airborne COMINT/DF System and COMJAM for Airborne Platforms. Among the Avionic Products showcased are Aircraft Upgrades including F-5 modernisations, CockpitNG and TARGO Helmet Mounted Avionics (HMA), as well as Embedded Virtual Avionics(EVA).

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) presents its advanced defence solutions, a model of its high-resolution imaging satellite – a  highly advanced yet compact Opsat3000 high resolution imaging satellite platform. At a loaded weight of only 385kg this satellite packs the performance that other satellites could deliver at four, or even eight times its weight. IAI also presents a model of its C295 Airborne Early Warning and Control (AEW&C) -  one of the most advanced airspace surveillance capabilities over land and sea, in addition to surface search and track and radar imaging over land. IAI's C295 represents one of the world’s first 4th Generation AEW&C aircraft. IAI's Tac4G – military 4G broadband, secure, cellular tactical network is also presented. This innovative mobile solution for the fast deployment of military and security forces provides an advanced answer to their connectivity and communications needs, while allowing user access to multiple applications from a single device.

ImageSat International is the owner and operator of the EROS family of very high resolution imaging satellites. Its global customer base includes governments, international agencies and civilian companies that utilise EROS satellites imagery for National Defense, Homeland Security, Environmental Protection, Emergency Services, National Development and many other civilian applications. ImageSat offers a variety of  services, from an Exclusive Pass on Demand (EPOD) program to a unique (SOP) Program that allows the customer to have its own autonomous regional control over the satellite camera and enjoy direct real-time reception of imagery within a footprint, thus having its own National Satellite at a fraction of the cost of launching an independent space program. Other services include Imagery Analysis, Imagery Analysis Training, building of Visual Intelligence Units,  GIS products such as geo-referenced Orthophoto and more.

IMI features its latest products and capabilities at FIDAE, including air-to-ground weapon systems and munitions, advanced IR spectral flares, and artillery rocket systems. Showcased solutions include: MARS rocket-powered, long-range, air-to-surface precision-strike weapon for aerial salvo attacks; MPR 500 multi-purpose rigid bomb with MK-84 effectiveness and MK-82 dimensions, guaranteeing straight penetration, approved by Boeing for JDAM; Coastal & Islands Defense System (CIDS) for the protection of critical infrastructure and key assets in sea and coastal areas; Fastlight 30/100 small-size droppable bomb - which has successfully completed field tests - is part of the family of gliding bombs designed to provide Close Air Support (CAS) precision-strike capability against stationary targets, 24/7, in all weather conditions; GMM120, currently under qualification by the IDF, is a highly accurate GPS Guided Mortar Bomb, providing effective pocket artillery for tactical combat units, Special Forces and other units against infantry troops, Light Armored Vehicles and other targets.  It offers first bomb fire-for-effect, minimizes collateral damage, reduces the number of munitions needed, and enables engagement of enemy forces out of the line of sight.

Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) has been a leader in the production of combat-proven small arms for governments, armies, and law enforcement agencies around the world for the past 80 years. IWI’s best-known products include the TAVOR, X95 (Micro TAVOR), and GALIL ACE families of Assault Rifles, the NEGEV Light Machine Gun, the legendary UZI SMG (Mini Micro and UZI PRO) and the JERICHO family of pistols - all considered weapons of choice by military units and top law enforcement agencies around the world. The company showcases its ACE N Assault Rifle, based on the GALIL's mechanism and incorporating enhanced human engineering and ergonomics for the modern battlefield. IWI's firearms are developed in close collaboration with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), with all weapons in compliance with the most stringent military (MIL-STD) and ISO 9000 standards.

Meprolight is a leading manufacturer of uncooled thermal and electro-optical (EO) sights and devices, LRF, fire control systems, and night vision solutions for military, law enforcement, and civil applications. The company showcase its MEPRO NOA NYX , MEPRO NOA 4X, MEPRO NOA Dual-Field X3 & X7 and MEPRO NOA X7 . The MEPRO NOA family of un-cooled sights , enabling observation and precision target engagement under harsh environmental conditions, at distances from 300 to 1000+ meters. Meproight will also boast for the first time at FIDAE its MEPRO MESLAS - a fire controlled sniper's riflescope 10x40 system.

Netline, a leading producer of high-end electronic warfare and spectrum dominance systems for defense forces , homeland security agencies and prisons, showcases a range of interception, jamming and detection equipment. The Hawk AI ManPack performs real-time 2G-3G cellular interception, with area mobile phones registering to its fake base station. C-Guard Slider Portable and C-Guard Slider Vehicular, based on open architecture in which each module is a self-contained single band jammer, enable extreme EW adaptability in VIP/convoy protection, anti-RCIED and comm jamming. The C-Guard VHP ECM Vehicle Mounted IED Jamming System is a multi-channel jammer used in complex scenarios where large jamming coverage is required. The C-Guard RJ ManPack reactive jammer achieves full coverage in a single device carried by one fighter, coping with all threat bands up to 6GHz. The NetSense wireless communication sensor scans the wireless spectrum and generates an up-to-date image of RF activity in its proximity. The C-Guard HHJ handheld cellular and RF jamming system is a small, lightweight, low power jammer used as a carry forward solution for EOD and combat personnel. The NetSense wireless intrusion detection system approaches TSCM in an innovative way by continuously monitoring the wireless spectrum in sensitive facilities to prevent information leakage.

Rafael presents complete Air and Land Systems in Hardware or Multimedia Presentation. Among its advanced Air Defence systems, Rafael will display Integrated Air and Missile Defence Systems including IRON DOME-combat-proven active defence system against Short Range Artillery Rockets;  SPYDER SR/MR-Family of Short and Medium Range Air Defense systems; PYTHON-5-Full sphere air-to-air IR missile and air defence missile; DERBY-Beyond visual range air-to-air missile and air defense missile; and, SPICE-1000-Autonomous Precision Guidance Kit. Also showcased are Multi-Purpose, Tactical, Guided Missile Systems, including the SPIKE Family- Electro-Optic, Tactical, Precision-Guided Missile Systems+ Helicopter Simulator. A multi-media presentation of Rafael's land systems, and the company's advanced combat-proven land and naval systems for survivability, lethality and maneuverability are highlighted. Among the EO and communications systems on display are the RECCELITE-Real-time ISR system and the LITENING-Airborne Targeting and Navigation Pod.

Verint Communications and Cyber Intelligence Solutions help Law Enforcement, National Security, Defence Forces, and other government agencies neutralise terror and crime, facilitate communication service provider compliance with lawful interception mandates, and assist public sector organizations in detecting and thwarting cyber attacks. In addition, the Off-Air Intelligence Solutions portfolio offers field intelligence and special operation units a single source for virtually all their tactical intelligence needs. Built on Verint expertise in deployments around the globe, these solutions efficiently collect, monitor, and analyse big data from virtually any communication network or data source. Verint Systems Inc. is a global leader in Actionable Intelligence solutions and value-added services. Today, more than 10,000 organisations in over 150 countries count on Verint solutions to improve enterprise performance and make the world a safer place. Verint has offices worldwide and an extensive global partner network.

VisionMap is a leading provider of digital aerial automatic mapping systems that leverage the company's unique multidisciplinary expertise in mapping, photogrammetry, electro-optics and computer vision to create innovative image acquisition and data processing systems. The company spotlights MIST, one of the first airborne mapping & reconnaissance systems to bring commercial-level geospatial data to military applications. MIST - with a compact size of 11kg - combines wide-area coverage with extremely high resolution, making the smallest objects visible. Ideal for use on manned or unmanned aircraft, the system collects complementary daytime and nighttime imagery, providing a complete area picture with unique analysis capabilities. VisionMap’s systems have been successfully deployed and are fully operational.

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