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26 March 2014

FIDAE 2014: RUAG Defence's LEOPARD Midlife Upgrade Programme

The Chilean Army’s LEOPARD fleet is in urgent need of modernisation. RUAG Defence, at FIDAE 2014, is marketing its midlife upgrade programme (MLU), where RUAG and partners can offer modularity and upgradeability, fulfilling the military- and also the political demands of a weapon system of the future.

(Photo: DPM)

Featuring an electrical turret drive with digital controllers assures further upgradeability, increasing the safety of the crew and reducing maintenance work. By retrofitting the existing commander's periscope, night vision can be optimised. The chosen technical solution allows the periscope to remain in the same place. All control and command (C2) functions are centralised on the commander's new control panel. The new self-contained observation and weapon station (ABWS) on the roof of the tank and the upgradeable, modular protection concept with roof protection, front and side protection together with the mine protection assures the adaptability of the LEOPARD 2 to the changing demands.

Central to RUAG’s success in winning partnerships is its ability as one of the only suppliers able to offer the complete range of MLU services through one company and at one site. Although through a network of local partners RUAG is able to offer some services locally to its customers, a full service for every part of the LEOPARD, be it mechanical, electronic, hydraulic or optic can be performed with short turnaround times by skilled RUAG professionals based in Switzerland.

As the centre of excellence for all tracked systems of the Swiss Armed Forces, RUAG has in depth knowledge of all life cycle phases covering not only MRO but also production phases, mid-life upgrades and ultimately disposal.

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