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25 March 2014

FIDAE 2014 EXCLUSIVE: Export Launch Customer for Rheinmetall’s HEROLD

Rheinmetall's HEROLD, an electro-optical (EO) surveillance and fire-control system, which assures continuous 360° surveillance, detection, alerting and simultaneous tracking of more than 256 moving ground/surface and airborne objects, has found a export launch customer. A first few systems, as part of a larger contract, were provided to the yet undisclosed launch customer for testing and evaluation.

The key capability of Rheinmetall's HEROLD enables the operator to constantly generate and maintain the optimum situational awareness.

HEROLD encompasses two sensor systems:

  • Covering the complete angular range in azimuth, the iFAST InfraRed (IR) Search and Track (FIRST) surveillance sensor offers outstanding performance, assuring simultaneous detection and display of multiple ground/surface and airborne targets within a complete real-time panoramic thermal video stream featuring an adjustable elevation beam from -21° up to +33°. 
  • A wide choice of E/O sensor systems for target verification, tracking and fire control, all of which feature a thermal imager, an eye-safe laser rangefinder and daylight camera, provide a long-range target detection and identification capability. All these stabilised platforms can be installed on almost any moving platform on land or at sea.

FIRST and the dedicated target verifier come with a sophisticated video image processing capability for automatic target detection and automatic tracking with continuous calculation of 3-D target characteristics (latitude and longitude coordinates, speed, course, altitude), which are displayed on a dedicated map for improved situational awareness.

An additional multi-mode multi-target tracker assures robust tracking capabilities and offers various search parameter settings for automatic target reconnaissance (ATR) to reduce false alarms, as well the workload of the operator during extended missions.

HEROLD provides dynamic, high-precision, reliable surveillance capabilities in a wide array of operational scenarios: Airspace observation, ground/surface and coastal surveillance, border control, observation of harbour, airfield/airport installations, forward operating base protection or air, ground and surface defence applications for various gun and missile systems.

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