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07 February 2014

DEFEXPO 2014: Controp is Announcing the Breakthrough Development of Gyro-Stabilized Micro Dual Sensor Day/Night Stabilised Minature Payload for Small UAVs

Controp, a company specialising in the field of EO/IR defence and homeland security solutions, is exhibiting in the Israel Pavilion, Hall 11, Booth 11.25C. Controp is amongst the world leaders in Electro-Optical Day/Night stabilised camera systems for air, land and sea surveillance, defence and homeland security applications.

CONTROP's STAMP applications for SUAVs and VTOLs (Photos: Controp)

Controp is displaying an operating MEOS system at DEFEXPO – for the first time ever at a show.  This long-range EO/IR day/night system provides 24/7 automatic intruder detection and recognition with or without gyro-stabilisation and is proven worldwide in operational applications for homeland security border, coastal and perimeter surveillance. The CONTROP automatic intruder detection systems are used worldwide for security of coastlines, seaports and harbours in protecting from intruders by detecting swimmers, small boats and more. The systems provide a “virtual fence” over the water or land as they automatically detect intruders – also swimmers, before they reach the defined boundary. CONTROP officials say that these systems are "ideal for protections of India's borders and coastlines, as they are doing the same in numerous Asian countries and worldwide".  The company is also introducing the new MEOS-U, a very cost effective system with a long-range uncooled thermal camera, for observation requirements.

In addition, Controp is displaying an operating M-STAMP – a gyro stabilised Multi Sensor Payload for Small UAVs (SUAVs) and small aircraft. The M-STAMP has a CCD with Continuous Zoom Lens, Uncooled IR Camera with Dual FOV Continuous Zoom Lens and Laser Pointer. CONTROP's STAMP STAbilized Miniature Payloads were selected by the Israeli Ministry of Defense (MOD) as the Sole Supplier – the only EO/IR payloads for the Israeli tactical SKY RIDER SUAV Programme. The STAMP payloads are operational in Israel and worldwide onboard a large variety of different SUAVs and VTOLs and were also recently procured by another European country for a large scale SUAV program. CONTROP has provided more than 1200 STAMP camera systems world-wide, a true testimony for the proven quality and reliability of these unique for SUAV cameras.

CONTROP Coastal and Border security solutions (Photos: Controp)

And now at DEFEXPO 2014, for the first time ever, Controp is announcing the breakthrough development of a new state-of-the art Micro STAMP with low weight from a mere 250grams – one of the most advanced gyro-stabilised Micro Dual Sensor Day/Night Stabilized Miniature Payloads for Small UAVs, now in final stages of development.

When Homeland Security is the highest priority, no shortcuts should be taken to find the ultimate system to meet the task. There are a myriad of systems on the market but not all of them can provide a comprehensive long range day / night observation and security package for so many air, land and sea homeland security and defence applications, as do the wide range of Controp EO/IR products.

Controp Precision Technologies is a privately held company in Israel. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems has partial shareholder ownership of Controp. Controp has over 25 years of experience in providing complete defence, homeland security and intruder detection systems to meet even the strictest surveillance requirements. The Controp systems are in daily operational use in military, law enforcement and civilian applications worldwide. 

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