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11 February 2014

Singapore Airshow: Diehl´s Guided Missile-, Ammunition- and Protection Technology Expertise

At Singapore Airshow, Diehl Defence is showcasing modern guided missile and ammunition technology for Air Forces and Navies.

(All Photos: Diehl Defence)

Worldwide, both the European IRIS-T air-to-air guided missile and the AIM-9L/I-1 SIDEWINDER missile belong to the standard armament of modern combat aircraft. The German-Swedish RBS15 Mk3 anti-ship missile serves as the principal armament of the German Navy´s new K130 corvette, as well as the Polish Navy´s ORKAN-class fast patrol vessels. Moreover, Diehl Defence is exhibiting tailored system solutions for ground-based air defence.

IRIS-T air-to-air guided missile


With the anti-ship missile RBS15 Mk3, Diehl Defence delivers the main weapon for the German Navy's new K130 corvette and other customers. A special feature of the German-Swedish missile is its ability to precisely engage land targets as well. The RBS15 Mk3 version jointly developed by Diehl BGT Defence and Saab Dynamics is based on RBS15 Mk2 which has proved its worth with the Swedish and other Navies.

Apart from Counter-IED HPEM (High-Power-Electro-Magnetics)-technology, the presentation includes the 76 mm naval ammunition, operative in 20 Navies worldwide.

HPEM (High-Power-Electro-Magnetics) effectors offer the possibility of directing impulses against different electronic systems with the objective of causing malfunction. Products on the basis of HPEM technology provide the opportunity to protect Armed Forces against Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), to stop getaway vehicles in moving traffic without employing physical force and permanently damaging vehicle electronics and to prevent unauthorized access to critical security areas. HPEM effectors pose no health hazard to users and uninvolved individuals.

For the Navy gun OTO Melara 76mm L/62, Diehl Defence has developed the 76mm ammunition family. Variants available are training ammunition, spotting-charge, high-explosive and blast/fragmentation ammunition. All cartridge variants are characterized by a uniform flight path whose external ballistics meet NATO standards as well as NATO environmental and safety requirements.

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