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06 February 2014

DEFEXPO 2014: Seen and Heard on Day One

At DEFEXPO 2014, Diehl Defence is not only presenting a cross-section of advanced guided missiles for combat aircraft, naval vessels and submarines, but also exhibiting innovative system solutions setting new standards for ground-based air defence.

Precision ammunition for infantry and artillery as well as a non-lethal effector based on High Power Electro Magnetics technology, which proved its counter-IED performance in crisis regions, are also part of the display.

Moreover, Diehl Defence is presenting modern tracks for military vehicles worldwide. The so-called Vehicle Upgrade Demonstrator is a reproduction of the front part of an armoured tracked vehicle showing solutions for re-motorization, modification and retrofitting.

The subsidiary JUNGHANS microtec, market leader for fuzes, is exhibiting its key components for medium- and large caliber ammunition.


The US Pavillion includes the following companies: Honeywell International, Airborne Systems - North America, ATK, Avon Protection, Boeing, Colt Defense, Exelis Night Vision & Communications Solutions, FLIR, General Atomics, Rockwell Collins, Sekai Electronics, TenCate Protective Fabrics, Textron Systems, American Technologies Network, KVH Industries, Sikorsky Aircraft, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, General Dynamics Land Systems, Barrett Firearms, GE Marine, and Raytheon.


Argon Electronics is showcasing its PlumeSIM and other simulations. Argon recently received a major order from India for a broad-range suite of chemical detectors and Argon Managing Director Steven Pike expressed a commitment to further enhance relationships with India to help improve CBRNe preparedness globally.

We’re delighted to be exhibiting again in India at Defexpo,” Pike said. “Having worked with the Indian military recently we’re looking to maintain and build productive relationships in the region. For us, it’s vital to develop the dialogue about CBRNe preparedness on a global scale, and we regard India as an important forward thinking customer that takes CBRN training extremely seriously.”

The PlumeSIM software can connect with other chemical and radiological detection simulation equipment from Argon and can be interconnected through dispersal plumes and hot spots for diverse and flexible CBRN response training.


The Tula Instrument Design Bureau is exhibiting the BEREZHOK fighting unit, the KORNET-EM missile system, and the ARMOR-S1 anti-aircraft missile and weapons system.

The BEREZHOK fighting unit is presented as a full-scale, working model, which is rare. The BEREZHOK’s main modernisation comes in the form of the BMP-2 combat vehicle. BEREZHOK also has an automatic fire control system and KORNET guided weapons.

The ARMOR-S1 anti-aircraft missile and weapons system are presented as models. This system, which includes 12 missiles and 1,400 artillery rounds, has enough ammunition to destroy more than 20 targets.


JSC Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant Kupol (Izhevsk, Russia), being a part of Air Defence Concern Almaz-Antey, displays a unique exhibit in Pavilion 12 A, stands 12, 36: A full-scale specimen of modular SAMS TOR-M2KM on a TATA motor chassis. A video film showing the process of the combat use of SAMS Tor-M2KM on motor chassis TATA in the day and night time and video frames of group tests of SAMS on special motor running roads are also demonstrated. Furthermore an independent training simulator for a commander and operator of combat vehicle is shown.

SAMS TOR-M2KM with modular version of combat and technical facilities is the latest development of JSC Almaz-Antey Air Defence Concern and JSC Izhevsk Electromechanical Plant Kupol. It provides high reliability and effectiveness against active manoeuvring air targets, gliding and guided aerial bombs, cruise, guided and antiradar missiles, unmanned aerial vehicles, aircrafts and helicopters. This system is equipped with computer facilities and modern radio stations that allow to detect and process up to 48 targets, simultaneously track up to 10 targets with the highest level of threat and provide simultaneous engagement of four targets. There is possibility to mount the ICM on roofs of buildings and constructions, on difficult to access areas, on trailers and semitrailers, on railway platforms and even on low-tonnage vessels, which can carry a load of more than 20 tonnes. Design of the module makes possible the transportation on external load of an helicopter and its analogs.

The independent training simulator for a commander and operator is intended for training and exercising of the CV’s crew teaching them how to detect, lock-on, track and hit the targets under jamming and non-jamming conditions and for supervision of the crew’s operation. The simulator can be mounted on motor chassis, semitrailer of the appropriate carrying capacity or it can be immobile.

Models of SAMS TOR-M2E, SAMS Osa-AKM and independent combat module of SAMS TOR-M2KM are also presented on the exhibition.


The Airborne Systems team is demonstrating the latest technology in personnel parachute systems, GPS-guided cargo delivery systems and features Military ram-air technology (INTRUDER/RA-1, SOLR 3000psi oxygen assembly, PHATS), guided precision aerial delivery systems (MICROFLY, FIREFLY and 1T FF), at booth 14.14.3 in Hall 14, USA Pavilion.


As in the past, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is participating at DEFEXPO. At the exhibition, IAI is presenting a wide range of strategic systems, including a range of mission aircraft, various UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), advanced radar systems, L/MRSAM air defence systems, command and control (C2) systems for different levels of warfare including cyber and communication systems.

In the field of Homeland Security (HLS) and protection of maritime economic exclusion zones (EEZ), IAI is presenting integrated maritime systems including UAVs, sensors, radars, and C2 systems. In addition, IAI is presenting an unmanned surface vessel (USV), which supports a wide range of applications for HLS and EEZ protection, including harbor security, patrol of coastal and territorial waters, surface security, electronic warfare, coastal and offshore platform, and infrastructure protection (including oil rigs and pipelines). IAI is also displaying its BMS, an advanced technology battle-management system for ground forces.

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