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26 February 2014


Despite the budgetary crises of various developed and developing nations worldwide, national defence and security remain a concern.  From critical infrastructures protection and natural and food resource preservation to counter-terror and border security, the term “Defence” has an elastic meaning that differs from country-to-country, region-to-region, and situation-to-situation.

Many nations have defined and undefined strategies to deal with a myriad of threats to their own stability and possibilities for prosperity.  Others, still, also have a clear aptitude for developing innovations and solutions to meet these challenges, all the while fostering specialist dialogue for achieving lasting results in this realm.   Belarus is one of these nations that fulfil these attributes.

The 7th International Exhibition of Arms and Military Machinery “MILEX-2014” – together with the 6th International Scientific Conference on Military and Technical Cooperation in the Field of Defence and Security – will be held in Minsk 9-12 July, 2014 at the MCSC “Minsk-Arena” (Minsk, Pobediteley Avenue 111, Belarus, www.milex.belexpo.by).
MILEX-2014 is organised exclusively by the State Military and Industrial Committee, the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Belarus, and the National Exhibition Centre “Belexpo” under the auspices of the Republic of Belarus’ Presidential Property Management Directorate.

Building on the success of the previous “MILEX,” the 7th International Exhibition is expected to surpass expectations for several reasons, including the availability of world-class technologies and truly progressive innovations at prices and costs in close alignment with shrinking defence budgets worldwide.

In 2011, 149 companies, design offices, scientific research institutions, etc. as well as 14 accredited foreign missions took part in this exceptional event, the world’s Military-Industrial Complexes are assured the 2014 event will be at least as compelling conference and exposition as in 2011 - when there was an excess of 25.000 visitors, including 11.000 of defence specialists, and more than 40 official foreign delegations participating at MILEX. Nearly 135 scientific reports presented at the concurrent conference to an international audience of renowned experts and professionals.

“MILEX-2014” focus includes:
•Armoured machinery
•Missile, artillery and shooting arms
•Short- and medium-range air defence systems
•Hi-tech equipment and systems
•Ammunition, special chemistry, ground measuring equipment
•Optic-electronic equipment and systems
•Safety methods and security facilities (radiation and chemical protection, biological shielding)
•Technical means and systems provided for armies
•Information systems and systems for information protection
•Transport means: automobiles and tractors
•Aviation, rocket and extra-terrestrial complexes Aerospace technologies
•Aircraft navigation complexes and automatic control systems
•Technologies and technical equipment of double application
•Road, building, loading means and mechanisms
•Modernization and repair of military machinery and arms
•Equipment and technologies for utilisation of armament, military machinery and ammunition
•Military establishments of higher education and military training establishments
•Equipment for salvage operations in the conditions of natural calamities and emergency situations, fire-extinguishing equipment and means
•Military research basis
•Military medicine
•Ammunition, clothes and special accessories
•Individual armour / PPE
According to the organisers the exposition’s success rests on the: broad presentation of a wide national production range from Belarus’ defence industry; knowledge of the latest developments in high technologies; demonstration of companies’ unique capacities; leading the way in military equipment upgrades and  repairs; and, providing a host of reliable, quality services to the Armed Forces at an exceedingly fair price.  Visit www.milex.belexpo.by and contact Anastasia who will work with you to find the best opportunities for your business.

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