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06 February 2014

DEFEXPO 2014: Saab Believes in Partnerships and Close Relationships with India

Saab is participating in full strength with a strong global team at DEFEXPO 2014. After a scintillating display at DEFEXPO 2012, the company once again presents a series of products covering the land, naval, air and civil security domains in Hall No. 14. Saab CEO Hakan Buskhe, the Heads of Saab's Business Areas and the Head of Market Area Lars-Olof Lindgen and the Marketing Directors are all present at the show.

The Saab stand displays, among others, the RBS 70 NG VSHORAD, BAMSE SRSAM, RBS15 Mk3, AUV 62, SOTACS, Soft Armour, CARL GUSTAF, SAVIT, IDAS, 9Airborne MMS, and LEDS among others.

Lars-Olof Lindgren, Head of Market Area, explained “Defexpo 2014 is an opportunity to meet Indian stakeholders from government, defence forces, homeland security, research, technology and industry. The main theme for Saab for this DEFEXPO is Teaming up with India. Saab believes in partnerships - a combination of smart ideas, local knowledge and close relationships with Indian companies forms the basis of Saab's thinking edge, and opens the door for innovation and new technologies. Through industrial cooperation, we will together with Indian companies achieve the long-term goal of creating an indigenous, self-sufficient defence industry for the global market. This, combined with our willingness to transfer cutting-edge technology, will result in mutually beneficial partnerships. There are already a number of Saab partnerships with Indian companies, including those with Tech Mahindra, Pipavav, HAL, QuEST, among others. DefExpo 2014 offers the opportunity to reinforce the message.”

Land Domain 

On land, Saab offers the RBS 70 NG, a versatile, unjammable and man-portable missile system developed for all combat situations; the BAMSE SRSAM System a unique unjammable, all-weather Automatic Command to Line-of-Sight missile system; and the CARL GUSTAF M3 Weapon System. Apart from these, the Land Domain portfolio also includes the AT4 CS Anti Structure Weapon, Land Electronic Defence System, GIRAFFE AMB Radar, BT46, SAVIT, TACTICALL and CBRN systems.

Naval Domain 

Saab works in partnership with the Indian naval industry, providing technology transfer and industrial cooperation agreements. Saab applies their thinking edge to develop a world-leading, indigenous maritime defence force. Saab's naval portfolio covers the air, surface and underwater domains, thereby facilitating a total freedom to use the sea. At this DEFEXPO, Saab is displaying the AUV 62 MR, an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, designed for autonomous long term missions and RBS 15 Mk3 and UME/SME 200.

Air Domain 

Saab in the air contains a range of surveillance aircraft. For DEFEXPO, Saab brought 9Airborne MMS and IDAS.

Distribution Agreement 

Saab has signed a distribution agreement with the Indian company Indianeye Security Pvt Ltd for marketing and distribution of Agile Tactical Engagement Simulation (ATES) equipment to Indian Armed Forces, Paramilitary, Special Forces and Police.

Saab’s ATES equipment system will enable Indian Armed Forces to practice the Tactics, Techniques and Procedures of warfare in an instrumented ‘Force on Force’ training environment. The accompanying Gamer MANPACK can record all player positions, firing and event data for use during or after action review. Army officers conducting training can use Saab’s ATES to create a complete real time Situational Awareness of the event as it unfolds. ATES equipment system combines Saab’s dedicated service with the latest technology and longstanding experiences in training systems.

Lars Olof Lindgren, Head Market Area, Saab India said, “We are very happy to announce our distribution agreement with Indianeye Security for Saab’s ATES. This further strengthens our current relationship as Indianeye Security uses a Saab platform to impart state-of-art training to Indian police forces and industry. Their knowledge and use of our systems will enable them to be effective advocates and distribution partners for Saab’s ATES.”

Saab’s strategy for the Indian market involves partnership and co-operation with Indian companies for all defence and security programmes it will participate and compete in. The agreement with Indianeye Security Pvt Ltd will facilitate marketing of Saab’s Agile Tactical Engagement Simulation (ATES) equipment to Indian Armed Forces, Paramilitary, Special Forces and Police.

Equipment covered under the agreement for distribution include BT47 Personnel Dection Device (Helmet Halos), Small Arms Transmitter, Urban Operations TES equipment, Grenade & booby trap simulators and Gamer MANPACK - Exercise Control Console.

In the coming years Saab aims to grow its revenues in the defence and security market through new and existing businesses. A key strategy is to co-partner strong Indian companies and extend Saab’s marketing and distribution reach.

Indianeye Security Pvt Ltd. currently provides training to police officers, industry and individuals at their state-of-art training academy, Belgundi. They will be also using the BT47 platform to demonstrate the system’s capabilities to Indian Armed Forces, Paramilitaries, Police and Industry.

According to Mr Harry Dhaul, Chief Knowledge Officer – “Our aim is to provide world class training facility and equiment to all the personnel involved in the Homeland Security space. The training imparted by us would make them competent and qualified to provide security of a global standard worldwide.”


Saab Grintek Defence (SGD) has received orders from Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) for serial production of an integrated electronic warfare self-protection system, which will be developed and produced at Saabs South Africa’s headquarters, in Centurion.

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