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08 February 2014

Rafael TROPHY Situational Awareness and Active Protection Systems

The TROPHY is a situational awareness and active protection hard kill system that operates in three major stages: Threat detection and threat tracking followed by hard kill countermeasure (Multiple Explosive Formed Penetrators – MEFP) activation and threat neutralisation. The neutralisation process takes place only if the threat is about to hit the platform.

TROPHY (Photo: Rafael)


The TROPHY was declared operational by the IDF in August 2009 and is currently in full production. MERKAVA 4 tanks integrated with TROPHY active protection systems are presently being deployed in combat areas along Israel's borders.

Exceptional Capabilities

  • 360┬║protection, while permitting sectors of the vehicle-mounted system to be rendered inactive when necessary for the protection of troops on the ground
  • 360┬║ situational awareness by detecting all incoming threats and identifying their launch position
  • Extremely high elevation protection
  • Neutralizes threats fired from very short range
  • Neutralizes simultaneous threats arriving from one or more directions
  • Minimum collateral damage
  • Suitable for multiple platforms
  • High kill probability while static or on the move
  • Reduces platform weight

The TROPHY system is adaptable to any combat platform. Once a platform is chosen, a short trade study is completed to work out any integration issues that may arise. Numerous elements are taken into consideration for each vehicle variant or type. For vehicles with relatively basic or light armour, e.g. the STRYKER, the TROPHY provides full protection against all types of RPG (as well as other threats) due to the fact that the TROPHY destroys these types of threats without detonation.

Currently, the full TROPHY HV system weighs 800 kilogrammes. Since space and weight will continue to be major issues on combat platforms, not only for current forces, but also for new vehicle programs, i.e. FCS / FRES, great efforts to miniaturise the electronics of the TROPHY have been made. The result is additional systems for lighter vehicles.


The TROPHY-MV offers the same hard kill capabilities as the TROPHY-HV and includes built-in soft kill capabilities as well. The TROPHY-MV (previously TROPHY II) is at TRL 7 and the first prototype is currently undergoing enhanced field testing.


This active protection hard kill system for light armoured vehicles utilises the same superior operating principles as the TROPHY-HV and TROPHY-MV at a fraction of the weight. TROPHY-LV’s high kill probability against advanced threats, including the most sophisticated shoulder-launched AT rocket propelled grenades, makes it a significant force-multiplier at shorter ranges on the modern battlefield. The TROPHY-LV’s dimensions are specially designed for easy integration and installation onto smaller platforms without impairing system performance. This ensures 360┬║ protection including the vehicle’s windows and doors with minimal risk of collateral damage. The TROPHY-LV is an all-round efficient, affordable, and cost-effective solution that is currently undergoing field testing in a variety of operational scenarios.

Operational Concept

  1. Radar identifies and tracks incoming threat/s and delivers the exact threat launching point to a battle management system or weapon station.
  2. The computer identifies the threat, determines whether it will hit the vehicle, and if so:
  3. A ballistic cover opens.
  4. A countermeasure head slews to the proper location.
  5. The computer continues to track, acquire, and plot the best intercept solution.
  6. The countermeasure is launched and neutralizes the threat.

The TROPHY systems have a very high kill probability and testing has shown them to be successful against all known CE threats (RPG, ATGM, tank-fired CE, etc.) The systems’ average collateral damage is estimated at a <1% chance of a dismounted soldier being injured by Trophy or an incoming threat.

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