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03 December 2015

I/ITSEC 2015: 3D perception's Visual Display Technologies

3D perception (3DP) is demonstrating its visual display technologies with visual content provided by AECOM/URS X-IG Image Generator. URS TSET′s image generator systems are a choice for the visualisation of simulation training systems. For over twelve years, URS TSET has been providing rendering performance through advanced software algorithms and optimisations.

URS TSET′s X–IG image generator is a Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) product for PC–based visual simulations. X–IG is specifically designed around industry standard OpenGL, a high performance graphics Application Programming Interface (API), and OpenFlight, the 3D standard format for the visual simulation industry. (Screenshot URS)

Northstar is 3DP's simulation display solution, and is the fusion of several live-linked sub-systems, all managed under a unified user-interface, nControl. The Northstar display at I/ITSEC features nBox, 3DP's 4th generation, zero frame latency, multi-projector display processor, and Northstar's core technology. nBox warps, blends and colour corrects content, and seamlessly displays imagery across any screen shape. nBox 4K is also now available for demanding 4K multi-projection applications.

At the heart of 3D perception’s Northstar ecosystem is nBox, a next-generation, all-in-one display processor that warps, blends and color corrects raw IG content. nBox outputs to multiple projectors at resolutions of up to 4K and seamlessly displays imagery across spherical, cylindrical, conical, and flat screens. (Photo: 3DP)

Furthermore on show at I/ITSEC are: Aurora, 3DP's patented screen concept, integrating onf of the industry’s fastest and most accurate automatic calibration systems in a highly modular spherical screen concept; CompactView WQ50, ideal for simulation applications, applications such as multi-channel seamless visualisation walls, domes, and high resolution imaging; and Dynamic Optical Blenders, 3DP's solution for providing precision edge blending, optimizing the image for any time of day with servo-controlled blends that can gradually take effect during day-to-night transitions.

3D perception provides and integrates a variety of professional projectors from several manufacturers, offering options for one or three-chip DLP and LCoS technologies, UHP and LED illumination, along with a wide range of lenses, modules, mounts, and accessories. 3DP customise projection solutions based on application needs. (Photo: 3DP)

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