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01 December 2015

I/ITSEC 2015: The Future of Rheinmetall Live Simulation: Tough – Independent - Smart

By bringing its LEGATUS live simulation hardware to I/ITSEC 2015, Rheinmetall (showcasing it on booth 2601) is highlighting it is one of the global leaders in the field of simulation and training. LEGATUS technology typifies the Group’s approach to developing and supplying live simulation technology that is tough (because the technology has proven effective even in the harshest weather conditions), independent (because the mobile simulation and training solutions do not depend on infrastructure or training facilities), and smart (because Rheinmetall combines intelligent simulation solutions for effective, extremely realistic training with state-of-the-art technology).

The Rheinmetall LEGATUS family of Live Simulation Equipment in total comprises of LEGATUS portable, LEGATUS mobile, LEGATUS fixed installation and LEGATUS Urban. The LEGATUS Live simulation system bridges the gap between virtual reality and the real world, supplying training solutions that prepare personnel for their next mission. The LEGATUS system is a family of modular live training systems and is Rheinmetall’s approach to satisfying all customer requirements in the field of live training. The system encompasses personal equipment, weapon equipment, vehicle equipment, urban equipment, exercise control, support equipment, and training area communications equipment

The core elements of the LEGATUS system include state-of-the-art communications technology and laser engagement simulators. Every participant in live training operations - from individual soldiers to main battle tanks - is equipped with laser sensors, transmitters and compact data transmission device. This device features a GPS satellite receiver that constantly transmits information concerning the position and status of each participant to the exercise control centre.

With military systems becoming increasingly complex, customers expect cost-effective training solutions during the entire product lifecycle,” Ulrich Sasse, Managing Director of Rheinmetall Defence Electronics, President, Simulation and Training Division, explained to MT. “Rheinmetall offers customised solutions ranging from basic e-learning and part-task training right through to sophisticated simulators and complex training centres. This enables the Group to adapt flexibly to customer budgets while maintaining the high quality standards associated with the words ‘Made in Germany’.”

When training for military operations in urban terrain (MOUT), special sensors track the position of soldiers even when they are inside buildings. The effects of heavy weapons fire on buildings and the troops inside them can also be simulated.

Moreover, mobile video teams accompany the participating units, transmitting imagery back to headquarters in real time. There, the complete array of data from an exercise flows together, including all voice transmissions. The position and status of all exercise participants are then depicted on workstation computer monitors and large screens on a 2D/3D situation map, including video recording in real time. All events taking place during major exercises are electronically recorded and processed for subsequent after-action review (they can be presented to exercise participants in a fixed-position auditorium or in mobile facilities in the major training area).

Rheinmetall’s simulation technology can be customised to any specific customer requirements including applications for highly mobile and deployable combat training centres. Rheinmetall offers a complete range of equipment and simulation technology which is easily deployable. Sensors, indoor location systems and other devices for MOUT trainings can easily be installed in buildings. Container-based, vehicle-based or even portable exercise control stations are available as well. Thus, Rheinmetall mobile live simulation technology can easily be used to transform any location into an exercise area.

In order to offer further mobile capabilities for monitoring, controlling and evaluating small-scale exercises with features from combat or urban operation training centres, Rheinmetall has developed the LEGATUS Platoon Master. This system comprises a carefully selected set of components that can be added to all LEGATUS harnesses, vehicle equipment sets and weapon simulators, and supports live simulation exercises at platoon and company level. The Platoon Master consists of a radio master harness featuring a lightweight radio base station. Furthermore, the Platoon Master control and monitoring tablet provides a digitised map or satellite image with NATO symbol overlays that display the position and status of the exercise participants in near real time.

For higher-level exercises LEGATUS provides mobile containerised solutions tailored to meet the requirements for area coverage and number of exercise control personnel and equipment.

Rheinmetall also provides significant operational and technical support services for facilities including the German Army’s Combat Training Centre (GÜZ) at the Altmark training area in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, as well as for a combat training centre of similar size for customers in the MENA region, together with mobile and MOUT training facilities. Just a few months ago the German Army contracted with Rheinmetall to continue to supply support services for the GÜZ through to 2018.

For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #12/2015, available at the show on booth #453; and frequently check back for more NEWS FROM THE FLOOR.

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