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01 December 2015

I/ITSEC 2015: Argon Electronics Showcasing PlumeSIM, Showcasing JCAD-SIM AP4C-SIM with Saab

Argon Electronics, a provider of simulators for chemical and radiological detectors, is showcasing the latest iteration of its PlumeSIM training system for CBRN response at booth 451, and also has its the JCAD-SIM (known internationally as the LCD 3.2e) and AP4C-SIM on display at the Saab booth 1939.

Argon’s portable PlumeSIM training system for CBRN response enables remote instructor management of a variety of different CBRN detector/meter simulators and multiple personnel under a fully-configurable "virtual plume" in real time and over user-selected mapping. PlumeSIM is in use with the UK, US and Canadian Armed Forces. The company says there is interest growing in countries such as the Netherlands, Sweden, India and Australia. Furthermore, Argon is looking to expand its reach via cooperation. All of Argon's survey simulators are compatible with PlumeSIM.

Argon is demonstrating its RDS100/AN-VDR-2/PDR-77-SIM, its simulation probe set for use with a family of Canberra radiation detectors. The simulation probes can be used for training in survey, reconnaissance, surveillance and mapping, and assessing levels of contamination or to teach decontamination. The RDS100-SIM comes with three additional external probes (as does the real detector) for detection of Alpha, Beta and Beta/Gamma radiation. This simulation probes are also compatible with the Canberra AN/PDR-77 system survey meter, and the Beta Gamma simulator probe that’s compatible with the AN/VDR-2.

Argon is also featuring the M4 JCAD simulator version of the Smiths Detection Chemical Warfare Agents (CWA) and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TIC) detector that can be hand-held, clipped to a harness or mounted on a fixed platform. The system can simulate wind direction and temperature changes, as well as levels of contamination, decontamination and persistency of toxic substances. In monitor mode, the JCAD-SIM can simulate traces of nerve, blister, choking or blood agents. And in survey mode, it can be used to simulate the checking of cargo, equipment and facilities.

On the Saab booth, Argon features the JCAD-SIM and the AP4C-SIM that simulates the French Proengin handheld chemical detector. The AP4C-SIM replicates the detection of vapor, aerosols and liquid chemical agents. It can simulate contamination, decontamination and persistency of substances such as phosphorus, sulphur and ammonia – and it can mimic the detector's ability to help differentiate false positives when used with different detector technologies. The device comes with a remote control for the instructor, who then has the ability to control levels of contamination during an exercise or simulate wind, temperature or the battery depletion of the detector. The remote control also allows the instructor to simulate depletion of the hydrogen consumable and changeover process. Argon patented after action review (AAR) ensures student performance is effectively monitored and maintained. Both products can be integrated with the Saab Manpack 300 and Gamer live training system.

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