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01 December 2015

I/ITSEC 2015: Next-Generation Training Systems for Multiple Customers

Cubic Global Defense (CGD) has won two contracts in recent months. A $1.3 million contract from the US Army Reserve to deliver an additional Engagement Skills Training (EST) 3000 virtual training system, simulated weapons and services, in order to combining Cubic’s EST 3000 system and VBS3 laptop trainers into a Mission Leader Trainer (MLT) containerised configuration, and leveraging the modified MLT containers to support three core training functions: EST 3000 for marksmanship; VBS3 laptop trainers; and tactical operations or leadership training.

And delivering its specialised training systems to the Ukrainian Army worth $1.7 million. The equipment is interoperable with their existing Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement Simulation (MILES) and Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC) training systems allowing the Ukranian Army to train at the brigade level.

The delivery includes the US Army’s versions of Instrumented-MILES (I-MILES IWS) and Combat Vehicle Adapter Kits, which integrate with their current Tactical Vehicle System (I-MILES TVS) to enable simulation of combat vehicles and crew-served weapon simulators. PEO STRI awarded the contract to Cubic for the delivery, training and sustainment of the I-MILES equipment in support of the Ukrainian Army.

For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #12/2015, available at the show on booth #453; and frequently check back for more NEWS FROM THE FLOOR.

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