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01 December 2015

I/ITSEC 2015: MetaVR Selected by CUTS Team as IG Provider for UAE Joint Fires Training Programme

MetaVR 3D real-time visuals, virtual terrain, and 3D content will be used on multiple desktop and curved display devices in the new multiple Joint Fires classroom simulation systems for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Presidential Guard Institute.

In early 2015, under the innovative "Strategic Alliance for Excellence" charter on which STRAFE Services, Inc. (STRAFE) was formed, Immersive Display Solutions Inc. (IDSI) and STRAFE launched a dedicated development toward securing a major strategic effort in the Middle East using the philosophy described above. IDSI, MetaVR, and Battlespace Simulations, Inc. (BSI), companies with a long-term successful history of working together on JTAC training programs, joined with STRAFE to form the initial Alliance for this particular effort. As founding members of the Alliance, the companies overlapped their core capabilities to create a complete solution offering to the "Joint" community in a way that focused on the end-user's success, not on each individual company's profit performance.

In a short amount of time this effort has started a trend within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region of the Middle East for standardised Joint Fires Training Systems and Course Curriculum Support.

In July of 2015, IDSI, as the lead company for this effort, signed a contract for multiple Joint Fires classroom simulation systems with the UAE Presidential Guard Institute. The key components of the contract are the first commercially-sold QuantaDyn Advanced JTAC Training System (AJTS) to the international market as well as the integrated mortar fire control systems. The combination of CUTS systems will be used to train and maintain readiness for the UAE's Joint Fires Observers (JFO's) within the Presidential Guard, as well as the Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) students formerly operating under the Air Warfare Center (AWC) of the UAE Air Force.

IDSI, a well-known leader in Simulation & Training visual system design, manufacturing and integration, will lead the delivery as the manufacturer and exporter of the Collective Unit Training Solutions product line co-developed with STRAFE. IDSI will deliver CUTS to the UAE during early 2016 with STRAFE continuing to service the contract with direct in-country customer support for a period of several years.

Under the contract IDSI will deliver multiple CUTS classroom environments including 1x16 and 1x4 configurations with multiple displays and emulated military equipment providing key training versatility, an AJTS 5m dome system (delivered as a module of the CUTS product family), a desktop dome system (based on IDSI's VisionStation 2 product line), and a Mission Briefing/After Action Review and Commanders Training System. IDSI and STRAFE have partnered with International Golden Group (IGG) of Abu Dhabi, UAE to deliver the complete programme to the customer, known as the UAE Presidential Guard Joint Fires Training System Phase I.

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