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03 December 2015

I/ITSEC 2015: Leidos Demonstrates Advanced Simulation and Training Solutions

Leidos demonstrates advanced training and simulation solutions via experienced thought leaders and technology experts at booth 2411. These include:

  • CyberNEXS is a real-world platform designed to assess an organisation’s cybersecurity readiness by providing realistic, live training on systems that emulate an operational environment without compromising the organisation’s network.
  • Cloud Simulation Infrastructure (CSI) makes cloud technologies useful to distributed simulation centres enabling virtual technologies, resources, and expertise from other locations and delivering simulation services to the warfighter’s point of need. Through auto-initiation, CSI simplifies the use of simulation systems, significantly reducing sustainment costs.
  • One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF) is a US Government open-source, common constructive simulation platform for the Army, joint, and non-military communities to manage the entire simulation life cycle, from scenario development through after-action review.
  • Live training solutions align and support product development using common standards and interfaces, ensuring reduced complexity and operational costs for maximise soldier training effectiveness. These solutions offer increased technical agility at a reduced sustainment and development cost.
  • The Synthetic Environment Core (SE Core) Common Virtual Environment (CVE) programme provides simulations with the ability to fully integrate and operate within live, virtual, constructive and gaming training domains to ensure the “fair fight.”
  • Common Driver Trainer (CDT) — A diverse product line of reconfigurable and mobile vehicle driving simulators capable of training both individual and full combat crews.
  • Non-Rated Crew Member Manned Module (NCM3) enables the realistic collective training of helicopter crews – gunners, and hoist and sling-load operators – for tactical operations, aerial gunnery support and defence.
  • LAKOTA UH-72A Synthetic Flight Training System (SFTS) provides a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Level 6 UH-72A flight training system housed in a self-contained and fully deployable platform. The pilot and co-pilot are fully immersed in a Night Vision Goggle compatible synthetic environment including a seamless, partial domed-out-the-window display and motion seats.

Leidos is a science and technology solutions leader working to address some of the world's toughest challenges in national security, health, and engineering. The company's 19,000 employees support vital missions for government and the commercial sector, develop innovative solutions to drive better outcomes, and defend digital and physical infrastructure from 'new world' threats.

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