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01 December 2015

I/ITSEC 2015: CAE Highlights Simulation-Based Solutions, Capabilities and Technologies

CAE’s vision is to be recognised as a global training partner of choice in helping their customers enhance safety, improve efficiency, and maintain readiness. CAE is a world-class training systems integrator that offers comprehensive training centres, training services, and simulation products across the air, land, sea, public safety and healthcare domains.

At I/ITSEC, CAE’s exhibit highlights simulation-based solutions, capabilities and technologies that address these market segments. In addition, CAE features prominently in the “Operation Blended Warrior” (OBW) live-virtual-constructive (LVC) event that take place throughout the show.

Demonstrations at the CAE booth include:

  • MQ-9 REAPER unmanned aerial system (UAS) mission trainer, which also takes part in the OBW LVC event;
  • Aeromedical Evacuation Training System, which features a C-130 fuselage trainer, CAE Healthcare human patient simulators, and also take part in the OBW LVC event;
  • Naval Tactical Mission Trainer;
  • GlobalSim constructive simulation for joint training and wargaming; and
  • Common Database (CDB) 3.2

CAE’s MQ-9 REAPER UAS mission trainer is used to provide intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), as well as strike capabilities during the OBW LVC mission. This UAS simulator comes complete with an immersive synthetic environment that provides capabilities for ab-initio training, pilot training, and sensor operator training. The REAPER UAS mission trainer features aircraft-specific operational scenarios tailored to customers’ training needs; high-fidelity, accurate sensor simulation; Common Database (CDB); physics-based computer generated forces (CGF); and support for distributed mission operations (DMO) and training.

CAE also showcases an Aeromedical Evacuation Training System that also is featured during the OBW LVC aeromedical evacuation scenario. CAE’s demonstration includes a C-130 fuselage trainer outfitted for the aeromedical evacuation mission. This particular C-130 fuselage trainer will be delivered to the US Air Force and used at Dobbins Air Force Reserve Command immediately following I/ITSEC. Inside the C-130 fuselage trainer will be human patient simulators developed by
CAE Healthcare. The medical manikins from CAE Healthcare demonstrated include:

  • iStan, an advanced wireless patient simulator certified for inflight use aboard major military aircraft;
  • Caesar, a patient simulator built for trauma, disaster response and combat casualty care;
  • Lucina, a childbirth simulator developed to prepare teams for normal deliveries as well as
  • childbirth complications and obstetrical emergencies;
  • CAE Replay, a streamlined audiovisual solution for intelligent recording and easy debrief.

CAE Caesar, a patient simulator built for trauma, disaster response and combat casualty care. (Photo: CAE)

In early 2016, CAE will deliver a Naval Warfare Training System (NWTS) to the Swedish Navy. At I/ITSEC, CAE demonstrates its Naval Tactical Mission Trainer (TMT), which will be part of the NWTS delivered to Sweden. The Naval TMT console demonstrated at I/ITSEC includes the simulation software and instructor operator station that will be used to provide training for sensor operations; command, control, communications and computers (C4), and weapon systems. The Naval TMT can be used to train and rehearse for operations in anti-air warfare (AAW), anti-surface warfare (ASuW), anti-submarine warfare (ASW), mine warfare (MW) and search and rescue (SAR). This demonstration highlights CAE’s training systems integration capabilities for helping train sailors and officers in naval tactics, procedures and doctrine.

GlobalSim is a comprehensive constructive simulation solution for joint training and wargaming that helps commanders and all levels of staff prepare for a range of operational scenarios. The solution combines Rolands & Associates Joint Theater-Level Simulation (JTLS) with CAE’s GESI constructive simulation system as a federation called GlobalSim. JTLS is an interactive, wargaming system that models air, tactical aviation support, ground combined arms and naval operations activities. JTLS is a mature and proven constructive simulation that is optimized for use at the strategic and operational levels. CAE’s GESI constructive simulation system is designed to run complex and comprehensive exercises from the company level up to division level. The CAE GESI system is used to represent a virtual battlefield, including weapons, vehicles, aircrafts, ground forces and more. Combining JTLS and GESI brings together operational and tactical level constructive simulations to prepare commanders and staff to make timely, informed and intelligent decisions across the full spectrum of operations, including conventional combat, disaster relief, and operations other than war.

The Common Database (CDB) is an open and standard database architecture that defines a single synthetic representation of the world. CAE considers an open, non-proprietary database architecture such as the CDB as the foundation for enabling live-virtual-constructive (LVC) and distributed mission operations training. CAE continues to develop technologies and capabilities that enhance the terrain accuracy and image quality of the synthetic environment based on the CDB architecture, and at I/ITSEC demonstrates some of the latest enhancements that take advantage of the latest CDB 3.2 release. In one demonstration, CAE shows how CDB 3.2 improves terrain accuracy with a reduced triangle count in addition to highlighting features such as irregular meshes, constraints, and geometrical 2D layers. In another demonstration, CAE showcases the CAE Medallion-6000 image generator and highlight how CDB 3.2 improves the integration of 3D features within high-fidelity terrain.

For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #12/2015, available at the show on booth #453; and frequently check back for more NEWS FROM THE FLOOR.

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