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02 December 2015

I/ITSEC 2015: Alelo Showcases its Latest Advances in Competency-Based Training

Alelo showcases its latest advances in competency-based training and education at this year’s I/ITSEC.

The challenge of all training is to ensure that every learner quickly achieves the target level of competency and retains it over time. Live coaching can be very effective but its high cost typically limits it to executive training. Self-paced courses based on software, videos and websites are less expensive than live instruction, but not very effective, and often boring and not engaging.

Alelo closes the gap between the superior results of live coaching and the low cost per learner of self-paced instruction with computer-based courses that immerse workers in personalized, life-like situations that use interactive role-playing scenarios to teach effective communication and collaboration across cultures, generations, mindsets and organizational levels. Pre-training assessments measure the learner's mastery of the target competency, enabling personalized instruction that addresses the skill gaps. All Alelo solutions are grounded in multidisciplinary research in computer simulations, artificial intelligence, distance and mobile learning, pedagogy, and social science.

Alelo demonstrates at I/ITSEC the latest versions of its VCAT courses, which teach critically important cultural awareness and language skills that military personnel need to conduct their missions successfully and safely in 86 countries around the world. Alelo was recently awarded contracts to develop new VCATs for Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Pakistan, covering the Modern Standard Arabic, Urdu, Pashtu and Dari languages.

Alelo's Virtual Role-Play (VRP) simulations augment existing training environments with the capabilities to train and rehearse non-lethal missions. Learners communicate with the VRP simulations using spoken language for greater realism. The VRP architecture breaks down the boundaries between live, virtual, and constructive (LVC) training by integrating across platforms like Web browsers, multi-player games, mixed-reality environments, and lifelike robots.

NATO's booth at I/ITSEC shows how they are using VRP simulations in Poland for pre-deployment training.

The Alelo Workplace Coach is an employee-development breakthrough that allows organisations to provide all their workers with highly effective, affordable workplace readiness and competency training. The system teaches interpersonal skills of critical interest to civilian employers and military organisations. For example, it helps Millennials integrate into the organisation, improving productivity and retention.

Visitors to Alelo’s I/ITSEC booth can enjoy learning some Chinese language with RALL-E, Alelo's life-like robot that helps schoolchildren learn to speak and understand Chinese. RALL-E illustrates how integrating Alelo's VRP simulations with emerging robotic technologies can make education highly engaging and effective.

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