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01 December 2015

I/ITSEC 2015: Clear-Com Brings New Communication Solutions

Clear-Com, a leader in real-time communication and connectivity solutions, introduces the new Clear-Com Gateway radio interoperability solution, the FreeSpeak II wireless intercom, the Agent-IC mobile app, and LQ-R four/eight-port IP interface devices at I/ITSEC 2015 on booth 1258.

Agent-IC iPad + iPhone 6. (Photo: Clear-Com)

Clear-Com intercom systems facilitate coordinated communications between many people with the same or different responsibilities in order to achieve a common project goal,” said Jennifer Cassidy, Sales Manager for the Military, Aerospace, and Government division at Clear-Com. “Our range of high quality full-duplex intercom and reliable connectivity systems enable users to stay in constant communication, allowing voice exchanges to occur in real time effectively and efficiently across different communications systems and geographies, which makes it ideal in simulation and training situations.”

At this year’s I/ITSEC event, Clear-Com is showcasing the new interoperability solution, Clear-Com Gateway, ideal for immediate on-site communication across different radio frequencies. It combines advanced radio interface technology for analog and digital radios with a suite of programmable features. Gateway does this by bridging radio channels across different radio platforms – be it port-to-port, port-to-multi-port or Radio-over-IP (RoIP) – which enables cross-communication between different frequencies.

Clear-Com is also introducing its new 2.4GHz band FreeSpeak II digital wireless intercom solution, complementing the 1.9GHz version that was released over a year ago. Both versions can be used as a standalone wireless intercom supporting 20 wireless beltpacks or integrated with Clear-Com’s Eclipse HX (EHX) matrix system as a wireless intercom solution that can support up to 50 wireless beltpacks at a time. With the distributed active transceiver network, FreeSpeak II can be deployed across a wide campus area in outdoors and indoors environments. The beltpacks and transceivers have been proven to work under harsh conditions as they are IP65-rated for water proofing and dust resistance and have high temperature tolerance.

Mindful of how many iPhones and iPads are online today, Clear-Com has developed the new Agent-IC mobile app that allows iOS users to remotely connect to the Eclipse HX Matrix intercom systems over 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi/IP networks. Agent-IC provides capabilities similar to an intercom control panel for connecting commanders and teams in remote locations, or crews spread across diverse environments.

Clear-Com’s LQ-R four or eight-port IP interface devices, which come in a 1RU form factor, are the latest additions to the LQ Series family. These devices can simply and cost-effectively extend or link any industry-standard 2-wire or 4-wire intercom and audio systems over LAN, WAN or IP networks. The new LQ-R devices can provide either four or eight ports per rack unit, while the compact LQ throw-down devices offer two ports of connectivity. All have the option of either eight 4-wire connections, four 2-wire connections, or four 2-wire and four 4-wire connections in a single unit. The 2-wire option is both Clear-Com and RTS TW compatible. 

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