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16 April 2012

BAE Systems' Presence in Malaysia

BAE Systems aims to further strengthen its presence in Malaysia and the Asean region with its participation at DSA 2012. In a statement earlier this month, BAE's group Business Development Director, Alan Garwood, said as a company with a long history in Malaysia, BAE Systems’ strategy would continue to forge strong and sustainable relationships with the Malaysian defence, security and aerospace industries, which were positioned to be key engines of growth, employment and innovation.

"Malaysia is a capable, prosperous and flexible market in which to operate, and a prominent player in the Asean region. In line with our strategy, we believe we offer the best solution in technology transfer, capability and industry for Malaysia for its multi-role combat aircraft (MRCA) programme," he said.

Closely following LIMA last year, a key focus for BAE Systems at DSA is industrial participation, specifically technology and innovation; demonstrating broad capability across both defence and security and offering Eurofighter TYPHOON as a candidate for Malaysia’s MRCA programme.

Meanwhile, Managing Director of BAE Systems Southeast Asia, John Brosnan, said the company believed Malaysia would gain significant economic benefits if it were to select Eurofighter TYPHOON for the MRCA programme.
"BAE Systems has a proven track record in the delivery of offset obligations in Malaysia and we will do so again. The TYPHOON is more than just the world’s most advanced multi-role combat aircraft -- it represents an opportunity for Malaysia to build upon its strong and diverse political, military and industrial ties with the EU in a spirit of reciprocal cooperation," he said.

(Photo: BAE Systems)

Having participated every DSA since inception, BAE Systems is showcasing an impressive array of capabilities this year. 

The focus of the BAE Systems’ stand is on its land capability with products including the M777 lightweight field howitzer, ARCHER artillery system, BvS10 and RG series armoured vehicles being displayed.
On the maritime front, BAE Systems Sweden, a trusted supplier to Malaysia for decades, is showcasing its latest weapons system, the Bofors 40 Mk4 and the 57 Mk3 naval guns.

 Bofors 40 Mk4 (Photo: BAE Systems)

BAE Systems has had a presence in Malaysia for over 20 years with an established South-East Asia regional headquarters.
The company is looking to play a significant role in Malaysia’s economic, technology and capacity development via partnerships with innovative SMEs, government agencies and key academic institutions.

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