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16 April 2012

DSA 2012 - MRCA Programme Heating up...or just Re-Warmed?

At DSA 2012, the Royal Malaysian Air Force’s (RMAF) multi-role combat aircraft (MRCA) programme competition is heating up.
Dassault Aviation is set to open an office in Kuala Lumpur, signalling its intention to offer the RAFALE, which has just recently been made upped in the Indian MMRCA programme.
BAE Systems' office in Kuala Lumpur is not being expanded but the British has upped the ante by offering soon to be retired from the RAF Tranche 1 TYPHOONs, together with a number of Tranche 3 aircraft.
The other contestants are obviously Saab's GRIPEN and Boeing's Super HORNETs. The latter has, last summer, signed MOUs with three Malaysian companies, outlining plans to explore business opportunities for manufacturing specialized components and equipment.

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